Kitty Kapers: 40+ Funny Cats That Rule The Internet With Their Antics

By Aileen D

This article was originally published on funcatz

Welcome to the world of Snapchat, where disappearing messages and silly filters reign supreme! With its quirky features and playful interface, this platform has captured the hearts of millions of users worldwide. It is the perfect platform for anyone looking to add a little fun to their social media experience.

Today we feature a compilation of cat pictures floating around Snapchat. Whether it’s a hilarious meme, a cute kitten video, or a snapshot of your feline friend, these furry creatures have taken over the app. But why are we so obsessed with sharing cat pictures and videos? Perhaps it’s their funny antics or undeniable cuteness that keeps us coming back for more.

From pictures of felines summoning the devil from the depths or simply exercising their dominance in the animal kingdom, we’re sure these pics will have you coughing up furballs in no time!

Have Mercy, Mister, Please

A tiny mouse found itself staring at the furry face of a big, menacing cat. It trembled and pleaded, “Oh, dear cat, have mercy on me! I promise I won’t raid that cupboard again. See, I was hungry, but now I promise to forage for food elsewhere.”

Image courtesy of perry_james / Reddit

The cat snickered. “Oh, I’m sure you can manage something. And if not, well, I suppose I’ll just have to eat you.” The mouse had no choice but to comply. She put on her bravest face and began to bow down. The cat watched, secretly chuckling at the sight.

You Were Right

While most cats were content to lounge around all day, Whiskers had taken on the role of the house’s official kitchen watchman. Day and night, she patrolled the kitchen, ensuring the food was always secure. She took her job very seriously, even going so far as to stand guard here.

Image courtesy of meowkersins / Reddit

This Redditor’s soul nearly left her body as he saw what it was that had brought on that uneasy feeling. She suggested locking the cat out of the kitchen altogether, but her husband thought it might be best to call the exorcist.

Let’s Do That One More Time

Professor Mittens had taken an interest in the laws of physics. He had been studying for weeks, reading books and watching videos, determined to understand the intricacies of the physical world. He wanted desperately to comprehend the law of physics and the physiology of bruising.

Image courteys fo allergictokittycats / Reddit

One quiet afternoon, he saw his chance to conduct an experiment. He had read about the concept of momentum and wanted to see it at work. The Professor padded and gave the wooden block a shove, watching as it landed on his human’s head. “Oops!”

Appeal to Emotion

In a quiet suburban neighborhood, there lived a mischievous little cat named Muffin. She always seemed to cause chaos wherever she went. That was why she was ousted from her home and forced to wander the streets for nearly two cat years.

Image courtesy of johnhart989 / Reddit

Muffin then stumbled upon a kind-hearted human named Sarah and saw an opportunity. She purred and rubbed against her leg, sneaking a pleading look at her. Sarah couldn’t resist the little furball’s charm and decided to take her in. And that kids, is how she met her mother!

Mine. All Mine.

In a bustling household of five dogs, there lived a small but mighty cat named Cleo. Despite his petite size, he was the undisputed ruler of the home, and the dogs knew it. Just look at King Cleo claiming the kingdom.

Image courtesy of asillyfrog / Reddit

He made sure everyone knew that he called the shots. He swatted at the dogs when they got too close and hissed at them when they tried to steal her food. And the dogs, being the submissive creatures they were, let him have his way.

Secret’s Out

It was a typical Tuesday evening when Rachel came home from work, ready to relax after a long day at the office. But as she made her way to the bathroom, she was hit with a foul smell that made her gag.

Image courtesy of blupaisly / Reddit

She peered into the toilet bowl and was horrified to see it was filled with unflushed cat poo. Rachel was livid. But now she knows who to blame. Looks like she’ll have to teach that cat how to flush without falling into the bowl. Sounds easier said than done.

It Isn’t What It Looks Like

As this Redditor flicked the bathroom lights, she was met with a baffling discovery. For several months, she had always wondered who had been stealing the sink drain in the dead of the night. There had been no trace, and she had zero leads.

Image courtesy of DevilSweet / Reddit

Her eyes fell on her two mischievous cats. She watched in disbelief as they excitedly pawed at the sink drain until they spotted her looking at them disapprovingly. Now that their secret was out, they purred, “it’s not what it looks like.”

A Catnip for A Dance

This Redditor stumbled upon something she never expected to see. He saw his cat using her scratch post as a dancing pole! “So that’s where you’ve been getting the money to buy yourself all that catnip.” He looked away, revulsed at the sight before him.

Image courtesy of ashinsc / Reddit

“You could have just asked,” he cried, seemingly ashamed that he had intruded upon the cat. “Haven’t I given you enough?” As quickly as a snap, she leaped beside her human’s feet and rubbed her body against his leg. “Ew, stop it!”

What Are You Lookin’ At

In this particular country, it was rare for you to chance upon a cat wandering aimlessly down the street. But it was even rarer to find one covered in dirt, grime, and what appears to be soot, looking like it had been through the wringer.

Image courtesy of saint_david / Reddit

One thing is for sure, this feline looked like an alcoholic catworker, putting in the long hours so he could buy himself redemption with a pint of beer. Just make sure not to meet its gaze, or you might go home ridden with scratches.

It’s Mineral Water, Promise

In one swift motion, this cat pushed his friend’s head down the toilet bowl, laughing as the other kitty yowled in surprise and indignation. It was clear that this bully was feeling particularly feisty that morning. “It’s mineral water, promise!”

Image courtesy of unknown / reddit

Of course, he had wished for nothing more than to flush his friend down the bowl. Though he knew that couldn’t happen, it wouldn’t hurt to do an experiment. If only he could push this guy’s head further down the hole!

Hey, Sexy

This Redditor couldn’t hold her laugh any longer. It was just hilarious to see her overweight cat posing like one of “Jack’s” French girls. “Do you need me to paint a painting of you?” She then thumbed for her phone and then took a picture.

Image courtesy of sisinmaru / Reddit

But it didn’t stop there. After seeing his human take pictures of him, he began to pose in earnest, his plump body contorting into all sorts of dramatic poses. He even threw a come-hither look over his shoulder, just like the famous painting.

Premium Tuna, Please

Meet Oscar, the cat with the widest, most beguiling eyes in the world. Oscar knew that his eyes were his greatest weapon – with just one look, he could melt the heart of even the most hardened tuna skeptic. Reader beware. Look away now!

Image courtesy of ZenohSama_Playz / Reddit

You just couldn’t resist! So when he found himself in need of some premium cat-grade tuna, he knew just what to do. He hopped up onto the kitchen counter and fixed his owner with a wide-eyed stare that could only mean one thing – he wanted tuna, and he wanted it now.

If Y’all Are Wondering What Happened to Its Fur

Mr. Wrinkles was known for his unique appearance – he was completely bald, with wrinkled skin that made him look like an old man. This sphynx cat belongs to the moth family, and in case you’re wondering how he achieved this odd appearance, you’re definitely not alone.

Image courtesy of yolatingy / Reddit

Mr. Wrinkles had decided that he was in desperate need of a bath. But instead of taking a traditional one by grooming himself like a normal cat, he had a different idea. He would take a spin in the washing machine and see what all the fuss was about!

I’ll Get Away With It

This cat may be blind, but he is known in certain circles for giving the best food reviews. His latest exotic cuisine? A carton box! He takes a big bite of the box before him and then starts. “The box is quite tasty despite my secret suspicions.”

Image courtesy of fulfillment4141 / Reddit

“Surprisingly, the carton box has a lot of flavor. It has a nice, earthy taste that really complements the soil I had for breakfast. The texture is a bit rough, but it goes well with the rest of the side dishes.” And just like that, carton boxes became a sought-after delicacy in the cat world!


This Redditor lived with his cat, a finicky feline. Whenever he came home to a living room with paper strewn all over it, he would think of the good old days when he didn’t have a cat. But then he wouldn’t have someone to head-boop him.

Image courtesy of PM_ME_GUITAR_PICKS / Reddit

He spent every waking moment seeking out Mr. Whiskers’ affection, offering up his forehead for boops at every opportunity. He even started a blog about his newfound privilege, sharing tips and tricks for how to get head boops from your kitty.

You Done?

This Redditor had to get her afternoon naps; otherwise, she would be too cranky. But this was the first time she had discovered what her cat did while she was asleep. She was startled to see the prankster lying on her.

Image courtesy of DeniSnake / Reddit

The cat stuck out a tongue and then said, “You done?” That woke this fur parent up, rubbing her eyes. She could have almost sworn that it cared about her. As quick as a bat, it leaped off its owner’s legs and left her staring in wonder and a bit of disappointment.

I Said Let Me In!

It’s funny to see this cat regretting going outside of the house. He clings to the wall with his sharp claws and scrambles up to the second-floor window. Just look at him demanding to be let in. “Why won’t they listen to me?!”

Image courtesy of Handro / Reddit

On the flip side, he also hisses at his fur parents when he wants the house to himself. He makes quite a scene around the neighborhood, screaming to the cops that he hasn’t been fed for days just so he can get the humans out of the house!

Try Me

Not only does this cat choose which food he wants to eat, but he also demands to be fed at all hours of the day and night. You wouldn’t know what a voracious appetite he has with that lithe body.

Image courtesy of gDisasters / Reddit

But after his human refused to feed him after nightfall, he decided to take matters into his own paws. He stoically set himself atop the desk and glowered at the human who lay peacefully sleeping. Should he rouse her up with his nails?


This kitty was so fascinated by the artificial lights around the house that she would spend hours staring at them. Every night, as soon as the sun went down, she would make her way to the living room and sit in front of the TV, gazing up at the flashing, colorful lights.

Image courtesy of Klorhy / Reddit

Every now and then, she would try to swat at the darting lights, never fully understanding that her human was responsible for them. It might simply be the predator in her that refuses to leave without catching a ray of light!

Quick, Get On Top

These animals stopped, dead in their tracks, as the human walked inside the living room. It felt like they had been ambushed, doing something best left private. “Promise, it isn’t what it looks like,” said the mouse, who was covered by the predatory cat…

Image courtesy of tekmol / Reddit

who was also pinned down by the restless dog. This Redditor didn’t know whether to put his cup down and pin all the animals down, in order of prey to predator, or just leave them be. Eventually, she had to concede and accept that there are things she’ll never understand.

Told You Not To

The artist set up his canvas, surrounded by curious onlookers. His muse sat patiently on a stool, watching as more and more passersby stopped by to see the magic. The artist began sketching, exaggerating this furball’s features to create a cartoonish version of the already adorable cat.

Image courtesy of beckydreistadt / Reddit

As the painting took shape, Puss couldn’t help but feel a little bit vain. He preened and stretched. The artist saw this and decided to incorporate it somehow. He exaggerated the cat’s ego, drawing him with a top hat and monocle like a sophisticated gentleman. Looks like he wasn’t pleased, though.


This cat has a bit of a strange habit borne from her constant inability to feel sated. Whenever she saw a tape measure, she couldn’t help but start slurping on it like a piece of spaghetti. “Yum. Tastes like Bolognese”

Image courtesy of Violettaisbetta1217 / Reddit

While these folks were measuring a piece of furniture, they left the tape measure lying on the floor. Without a second thought, the cat started slurping away, her tongue darting in and out as if weaving a snake inside her belly.

Aren’t You Forgetting Something

Felix has a bit of a diva complex. One day, his owner was running late for work and forgot to give him his breakfast before leaving the house. You bet that made him shoot his owner a murderous stare. “Aren’t you forgetting something?

Image courtesy of Resieh / Reddit

He was quickly losing his patience. So he unsheathed his claw and raised it high. He would have made a deep scratch on the windshield, but fortunately, his human got the message, unlocked the door, darted to the house, and then prepped his dish.

Shame Does That To You

Like many of the cats here, this one has the same snacking problem. He loved to sneak food whenever he could, especially cold cuts. On this day, he had managed to flip one from the shelf when it landed on his butt.

Image courtesy of NSFW_PORN_ONLY / Reddit

The other problem was he couldn’t bend over backward to eat the slice. He was so ashamed that he crawled into the corner and stared at the wall, refusing to come out when his human called him for a snack.

Nothing to See There

There’s no stopping this fella when it comes to getting food. He has no shred of respect, going so far as sneaking into the bathroom to disturb his human, who was seated on the throne. “What? It’s not like there’s anything to see there!”

Image courtesy of WullieBlake / Reddit

“Now, get off your ass, and give me some food!” He stared at his human after he wedged his head into a little hole in his human’s boxers. As every cat owner will tell you, these little rascals always get what they want when they want.

Blame Yourself

This pet owner loved his cats more than anything in the world. He spoiled them rotten, giving them the best food, toys, and beds money could buy. Because he couldn’t bear the thought of losing them, he built this mesh playground.

Image courtesy of eggsterminate / Reddit

No, buddy. It’s highly likely that your cats seem spoiled because you raised them that way. Instead of letting these furballs play in your backyard, you even put up a mesh tunnel playground to keep them from scampering away. Talk about trust issues.

Catnip or Else!

This cat loved catnip more than anything in the world. He loved it more than his shadow, his reflection in the mirror, and even his self-grooming. The little guy would go to great lengths just to get some, even if it meant holding the TV hostage.

Image courtesy of FutonSpecialOps / Reddit

“Give me a bowl in five minutes or else. And don’t even think of giving me that store-bought catnip. It’s absolutely dreadful. Bring me a freshly cut serving, and I’ll leave this TV unscathed. Your time starts now!” Little did he know that his little tantrum had just created the most hysterical photo that day!

Your Kind…

This undercover agent knew better than to show his upper hand. Instead, he pretended to depend on these dear humans for everything, especially food, and shelter. He only took off the mask when he was alone in the bedroom at night.

Image courtesy of bnnyblncofromdabronx / Reddit

His owners were completely unaware of his sinister tendencies until one night when this man chanced upon him, sending an encrypted message to the enemy. From that night on, Mr. Fluffy’s true colors were revealed. In return, he always made sure that the humans knew they were an inferior race.

There’s More Where That Came From

This cat was proud to have seven lives left. She had survived some close calls in the past, including a daring escape from a pack of dogs and a near-fatal fall from a high shelf. But one fateful night, she lost one of her precious lives in the most unexpected way – in her sleep.

Image courtesy of thisisdark / Reddit

It happened so suddenly that he didn’t even realize what had happened until she woke up the next morning feeling groggy and disoriented. She looked around, confused, and realized that one of her lives was missing. “Darned it. I was really hoping to use that for a trip to Giza!”

Why’d You Have to Wake Me Up

This disheveled cat loved nothing more than sleeping in. That meant she could chase mice all day without expending energy and lap up on milk by the fountain in her sleep. But today, her human decided to wake her up at the crack of dawn.

Image courtesy of mossyfoxxy / Reddit

“Why did you wake me up so early?” she meowed. You could almost feel sorry for her. “I thought you might want to watch the sunrise with me,” her human said. “Forget it! There aren’t any sunrises where I dream of.”

Hey, Stranger

This cat had gotten so attached to her human that she didn’t want her to leave her for work. She had tried every trick in the book, and some mornings, she even succeeded at getting her human to call in sick. Just how does she do it?

Image courtesy of uplordsungilot / Reddit

Well, she climbs up onto the bathroom sink and lies down, showing off her bare bottom for all to see. Luna then looks up at him with a determined expression on her face. “Stay, please, stay. You can rub my belly the whole afternoon if you like.”

Here to Wreck Some Lives

This heroine cat has bright blue eyes that sparkle with mischief and misadventure. Her coat of soft fur that falls perfectly in place makes her look like the most adorable kitty. But don’t let her appearance fool you; she’s a master at making a wreck out of people’s lives.

Image courtesy of democraticbunny / Reddit

She loves exploring. By that, we mean she sneaks into people’s homes and knocks over vases, shreds curtains, and leaves paw prints on the walls. People would then come home to find their homes in disarray and curse the day they asked this heroine for help.


This human had to scold one of his kittens for sneaking into the kitchen and stealing a snack. He caught her savoring a taste of the chicken, the end of the drumstick peeking from her mouth. After the scolding, this kitten ran to find refuge.

Image courtesy of GiveMeCheesecake

Of course, this cat snitched on her human. She played the victim and justified that she had only been hungry. What was so wrong about helping herself to a second (and possibly a third) piece of chicken? Unlike other snitches, this cat wouldn’t get any stitches.

Can’t Tell Where It Ends

It’s a scientific breakthrough! The brightest minds have now been able to create a genetically modified cat engineered to be completely white. This cat’s fur is so pristine it can blind you! Oh, and he’s designed to be extremely long too.

Image courtesy of A_SushiRol / Reddit

But as with any new experimental product, this cat’s molecular makeup was still unstable. Within an hour of being placed on the couch, this stunning feline started melting. He was confident, however, that the brightest minds would scoop him up and put him in the freezer.


This human hadn’t had the time to wash the dishes that week. And tonight was the only time he could afford to scour those grimy pans. Just before he turned on the faucet, he made sure to pick his cat up from the kitchen floor.

Image courtesy of Pondis / Reddit

There was no way he could get anything done without this cat perched on his shoulder. Whether she wanted to learn good housekeeping or was just needy, he couldn’t care less. All he wanted was those few minutes of peace and quiet while he cleaned the dishes.

The Face of Regret

You would think that cats would learn. But this furball never seems to. After hissing at his humans, she got her wish. She stepped out into the subzero temperatures, and her fur fluffed up to keep her warm. From this picture, you can tell she regretted her decision.

Image courtesy of soupy_scoopy / Reddit

She began to realize just how frigid it was outside. Her whiskers froze solid, and her breath came out in frosty puffs. A few seconds later, her paws went numb, and her nose started to run. She knew she had to get back in, or else she’d end up as a snowcat.

Summoned from the Pits

This cat stumbled upon an odd symbol in his owner’s study. It was a circle with strange markings. After browsing the symbol in his books, he soon discovered that he could invite a demon from the pits of hell, which strangely excited him!

Image courtesy of mankeyturd / Reddit

Of course, partly to blame is the human who bought the artificial light fixture online. He ought to have known that bright lights beguile and mesmerize cats. Well, there’s no undoing the devilry that’s about to happen in this house!

See What A Mess You Made

It was this fluffball and her human against the world. That was the way things had been for many years until the owner grew tired of her old cat’s company. She then decided to adopt the stray cat she found wandering by the side of the road.

Image courtesy ofthatdamnvegann/ Reddit

From the moment the kitten arrived, this cat glared at it with disdain. It seemed to make a mess of everything in the household. You can bet this old cat glared at her human too. What did she have to be happy about? Absolutely nothing!

Leave Me Be

This cat would devour her food with gusto, licking her mouth and purring contentedly. As expected, she had unlimited access to all her treats when her parents were away. She would break and enter the cupboards above the kitchen sink.

Image courtesy of KayJayPea / Reddit

The humans chanced upon her, bearing the evidence of the crime – a full belly. But it’s not like they could do anything about it. Consider it an advance on food! Plus, it’s not like those treats were made for human consumption.

Yellow Submarine

Most cats hate getting wet, but not this one. He loved nothing more than a good soak in the tub. One day, his owner filled up the tub for a relaxing bubble bath. But as soon as she turned her back, this bad boi leaped in.

Image courtesy of ted1158 / reddit

The owner turned around, surprised to see her furry friend swimming around like a little submarine. His head was sticking out of the water, and his whiskers twitched with excitement. “How long until we fire the shot?” the cat’s eyes narrowed as he engaged all the defense protocols.

From A Different Mother

Despite the fact that they’re from different species, these two look surprisingly alike. They could almost pass for twins! Turns out that they share the same father, a lovable mutt named Charlie. But while the dog’s mother was a German Shepherd, the feline’s mother was a fluffy Persian cat.

Image courtes of fletherandopal / Reddit

The two didn’t seem to mind their unique family situation, though. In fact, they were the best of friends and loved to play together. They would chase each other around the yard, the cat chasing her brother’s tail as he bounded around.

Busy At Work

This fluffball loves to sleep in the most unusual places. You will see him napping in laundry baskets, bookshelves, and even the war chest. His human has no problem with it most of the time. If only he could find the kitty in time for dinner.

Image courtesy of terpsiterpsi / Reddit

This time, he found his cat on the wok pan. He went ahead and cut the ingredients for his meal, carefully maneuvered around the cat’s makeshift bed, then gently scooped the fella out of the pan when it was time to stir-fry.

Save Me

With a lot of time on their hands, cats put it to good use by exploring the wilderness – the great outback (yard). They might even scurry to the roofs sometime, where they often find themselves stuck. It’s like they forget how they were able to scale the building in the first place.

Image courtesy of annielope / Reddit

Archie is one of many cats that meow pitifully, hoping that a fireman will come to his rescue. He has done this one too many times, so he is confident that they will be here in less than five minutes.

Your Mark on the World

This fluffball is quite a stunner considering her white coat. Not only is it heavenly and soft, but it’s also memory fur! What did that mean? Well, every time Whiskers rubs up against something, his fur takes on the texture and pattern of that object.

Image courtesy of pleple28 / Reddit

If he brushes up against a tree, his fur suddenly becomes bark-like. If he snuggles up against a wool sweater, his fur turns woolly. If a human touches him, you can bet he’ll proudly display that human’s prints! How amazing is that!

Wait ‘Til You Turn the Water On

Goblin was a peculiar cat. His big eyes were slanted and beady, and his fur was midnight black. Those beady eyes would stare at you from the curve of the sink, waiting for the perfect time to play a trick.

Image courtesy of West Texas Oilman / Reddit

Sometimes, this little goblin will remain in his sink fortress for days, refusing to come out for food or even water. He’s got a constant supply of mice scurrying beneath the sink and water just above him. What else would he need?


This fluffball is a cute little thing with soft fur and big, round eyes. But she’s got something that sets her apart from all the other felines: she roars like a fierce lion. The ferocious sound she lets out could even put the bravest lions to shame.

Image courtesy of uplordsungilot / Reddit

Whenever she does it, the other kittens scatter and the humans stare at her in disbelief. She has even made headlines because of that ear-shrieking roar, despite her petite size. We can only imagine how she’ll sound when she’s fully grown.

Got My Eye On You

This cat does nothing but cause mayhem in her human’s relationships. She wants the man all to herself, so whenever he has a girl around, this cat begs to be cradled. The smart side chicks get the message loud and clear.

Image courtesy of freshman421 / Reddit

Her human never resists. He scoops her up into his arms and starts rocking her back and forth, cooing sweet nothings in her ear. Mittens then purrs contentedly, basking in the attention, while the girlfriend looks on with a mixture of disgust and jealousy.

Queen of the Andals and the First Felines

Ruby, the Queen of the Andals, found herself in a rather precarious position. She made her way into the Red Keep and climbed up onto the Iron Throne. And there she was, sound asleep, snoring like a dragon, with her head tilted back and her mouth wide open.

Image courtesy of supderpbro / Reddit

The Iron Throne is not exactly the comfiest of seats. It’s made out of thousands of sharp, pointy swords. Sit on it for too long, and your back will end up skewered like a roast boar. But Ruby lay snuggled up on it like it was a feather bed.