Payback Time: 40 Funny Revenge Missions That Made People Think Twice About Offending Others

By Jo A

Sometimes, it’s okay if some people are taught to do better, especially those who deliberately do inconsiderate things. No doubt, everyone makes mistakes at one point or another. However, certain actions show a lack of regard for the feelings and rights of others which makes it hard to classify them as mistakes.

If your response to settling an argument or wrongdoing is getting even, then it’s best you’re intentional and calculated about it. This article comprises several creative and hilarious scenarios where people have taught others how to be more mindful of their actions.

So, if you are considering getting payback for a wrong done to you, this interesting compilation could give you ideas on how to go about it. We’re sure you’ll love it.

Caught in the Act

Relationship experts have likened cheating to taking the prized possessions of another (in this case, their love and devotion) and treating them with disdain. For some offended partners, rather than get weighed down with sadness or other negative emotions, they choose to get even.

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The partner who cheated here definitely regretted his actions. With his precious belongings “thoughtfully” kept in random public places, we bet he wasn’t able to get to all of them before someone with sticky fingers took them. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Don’t Mess with This Person

This guy must have bitten into this sandwich, thinking everything was all good. What an ingenious way to teach a disrespectful fella not to steal your food again. We can’t help but tip our hats to the creator of this revenge strategy.

Image Courtesy Of

You can bet there was a bit of argument right here. The most hilarious part is that “Not Sorry” is written boldly on the note. So make sure you double-check your sandwich next time you’re served, especially if you’ve offended someone.

You Don’t Own the Road

It’s hard not to get miffed at thoughtless vehicle owners who take up multiple parking slots when they park. They limit the spaces available to others. Payback for these violators often comes from other car owners, and they’re mostly something to improve mindfulness next time.

Image Courtesy of

This is a creative “two against one” parking lesson. The white car in the middle is clearly stuck, all because it is wrongly parked. Hopefully, the car’s owner will be more careful next time, seeing how things played out here.

Dave Don’t Snore

As much as you may feel for Dave here, you can’t hide the fact that his wife won this one. Many people snore while sleeping, but Dave’s style seems unique. With his eccentric crescendos and unnerving stoppages, he became an overnight celebrity thanks to his wife, who capitalized on the opportunity.

Image Courtesy Of DaveApnea/Twitter

When Dave’s wife got fed up with his constant snoring, she recorded Dave’s sleep time rumblings and joked about uploading the audio to Spotify. But then she actually did it, and the recording went viral. The snore even has an instrumental!

Friskies For Revenge

Cats love Friskies, and that’s an indisputable fact! Not sure if humans love Friskies, but this person certainly learned a lesson after consuming this feline delicacy. They had been shamelessly stealing our protagonist’s lunch at work even after being warned not to do so.

Image Courtesy of Dooppy

To get back at the unrepentant lunch thief, our genius hero added a generous amount of this “top secret ingredient” into her food. Hopefully, the co-worker turned over a new leaf after eating that. If you have a habit of stealing people’s food, do yourself a favor and learn from this.

Invisible Revenge

The caption in this photo says it all. Friendship is a beautiful thing, especially if you are friends with someone that understands you well. Unfortunately, even the best friendship can turn sour for any number of reasons, with destructive consequences.

Image Courtesy of Diply

We agree with this lady. There are some pictures you just can’t do away with because you really admire how you look in them. Some basic photoshop skills can therefore be of great help in eliminating an unwanted presence from your life or, at least, a photo.

Returning the Trash to the Rightful Owner

Anyone who thinks throwing trash in the wrong place is a good idea is likely not the sharpest tool in the shed. This driver carried several bags of waste in the boot of the car and dumped them in the middle of nowhere, but they were seen by a concerned citizen.

Image Courtesy of

This good samaritan executed the perfect revenge by returning the garbage to its rightful owner. To add a touch of drama, it was neatly displayed in front of the perpetrator’s house. Sometimes when teaching someone a lesson, being subtle is not as much fun.

The Musician’s Name Is Slash

Again, mindful parking is something every driver should practice. Even if you’re unsure where to park your car when you go to a new environment, you can always ask people around the neighborhood. The photo below is an example of what can happen to someone who doesn’t know the rules.

Image Courtesy of Vidmid

A man didn’t park his car correctly. Little did he know that a neighbor had plans for the tires. The guy was nice enough to leave him a note informing him about his transgression. The vigilante also added a bit of humor with a picture of Slash, the famous British-American guitarist.

His Apology Letter Got an Average Score

This is one of the funniest things you will come across on the internet today. When this couple broke up, the guy didn’t want the relationship to end just yet. So, he wrote an apology letter to his erstwhile lover.

Image Courtesy Of Onedio

The woman, unfortunately, didn’t think the letter was enough to bring them back together. However, she still responded by correcting the grammatical errors in the letter. In the end, he got quite the average score of 61/100. Kinda reminds us of “Rachel’s” 18-page letter to “Ross” on Friends!

Learn to be Polite

The nice little things you do for people can go a long way in making both you and them happy. Everyone deserves to be treated with love and respect. But, sadly, a few people never seem to wake up on the right side of the bed.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/spokendamsel

Sometimes, people just can’t stand rude behavior from others. In such a scenario, for example, only a good dose of revenge will suffice. Ms. Lennox was pushed over the edge by the actions of a customer waiting behind her in the queue, so she made sure to get payback.

There You Go

No matter what time of day it is, you never know when you might get a lesson in mindful parking. Rather than following the well-drawn demarcations, this driver disregarded the layout and chose instead to park in a disorderly position.

Image Courtesy of Vidmid

Someone saw this and “helpfully” highlighted the parking position of the violating car with chalk just in case the driver wasn’t aware of their mistake. This inconsiderate violator should be thankful he was corrected with chalk and not slashed tires.

Mustard-infused Doughnut

Sometimes, an intense snack craving manifests while you’re working. Often, people store food in a safe place in their office fridge or pantry for situations like these. The problem is that some co-workers don’t mind helping themselves to food that isn’t theirs.

Image Courtesy Of lufcdannyboy/Twitter

This man had gotten tired of people eating his doughnuts in the office. He came up with a creative countermeasure to infuse the doughnuts with mustard. Next time, maybe don’t steal from someone who has a syringe at the ready.

A Lesson To Be Learnt

Living with a difficult partner is a nightmare, to put it mildly. You have to be careful with your words, actions, and thoughts to avoid them being twisted and used against you. In this case, one person always left home without making the bed.

Image Courtesy Of LexeYb/Reddit

That meant the other person was always on bed duty. To teach the offending S.O. a crucial lesson, the frustrated partner made only their side and left the other side unmade. Seems like a great way to send a message without speaking.

Revenge With Braids

This gentleman sat down quietly on the bus one day without disturbing anybody. Nonetheless, someone else came and rudely invaded his space. The man took to social media to explain what happened between him and the offending woman in the photo.

Image Courtesy of izismile

The lady had walked past the guy and bumped into his leg. When he confronted her, she gave an unpleasant reply and didn’t bother apologizing. For revenge, he tied her long braids to her seat and took a picture of his handiwork. We’re wincing just thinking of the pain.

Ice Dog

Sadly, we can’t unsee this. The guests must be insufferable for someone to be compelled to do this. A hot dog is a sumptuous snack that serves as a tasty addition to certain dishes, but we prefer our water sans brat, please.

Image Courtesy Of rocketgeeks

Imagine boiling a few hot dog pieces and then pouring the water into an ice cube tray to freeze. As weird as it sounds, someone does it and serves the ice cubes to rude guests. We can only hope that hot dog-flavored ice doesn’t taste that bad. Also, kindness goes a long way.

Customized Checks

Love is a beautiful thing, and marriage is its biggest climax. For it to work, time, sacrifice, communication, and effort are required from both partners. Many people start their marriages with the hope of it lasting forever, but sadly, things don’t always go according to plan.

Image Courtesy Of Fontool/Twitter

This man, unfortunately, went through a divorce, but there’s something different about his process. Knowing he would have to pay alimony, he decided to make things interesting by customizing his cheques with photos of him and his partner when they were together.

Prank Wars

Having fun housemates is one of the best experiences ever. They are always there to cheer you up and make new memories every now and then. For some, there’s nothing like a prank war to create some truly legendary times together.

Image Courtesy Of

In the first photo, a college student decided to prank her housemate by filling her room with pink balloons. As revenge, the pranked friend retaliated by wrapping up literally everything in the room of the offending housemate in Christmas-themed paper, knowing she disliked the holiday.

These Dogs Didn’t Come to Play

Dogs are one of man’s favorite pets and are loved by many worldwide. Now, despite their friendliness, most people don’t know that these furry creatures can take revenge when wronged. A driver in China learned this the hard way in 2015.

Image Courtesy of virascoop

The man kicked a stray dog in a parking lot, so the assaulted dog returned with eight of his canine buddies to trash the man’s Toyota Corolla. Next time, this guy won’t need to be told about the importance of being nice to stray animals.

Serves You Right

This man had had enough of the indecisive answers he got from his girlfriend whenever they went out to eat. Choosing not to decide is still a decision, and this woman’s boyfriend was determined to find a way to prove that to her.

Image Courtesy Of Lee_Mbuhleigh/Twitter

One IDK salad comin’ right up! And look, he even added a fork to it so she could comfortably enjoy her meal. Maybe this special menu will help the lady become more decisive when the couple next visits a restaurant. Hopefully, she also has a great sense of humor.

Fidget Spinner That Won’t Spin

Back in the day, discipline was easy. If you did something wrong, mom could just unplug the T.V. cord, and boom! There goes your chance of watching your favorite show. In recent times, though, newer toys have forced parents to become more inventive with punishments. 

Image Courtesy of UniversityFox

Although fidget spinners aren’t exactly new, their popularity has significantly increased recently. One mother thought up an innovative way to discipline her child by attaching a padlock to her son’s fidget spinner. The boy surely learned that it’s probably not a good idea to disobey mom.

Absolutely Deserving

Why would someone steal another person’s water when they can easily go to the tap? If this isn’t the height of pettiness, then we don’t know what is. After all, it’s common knowledge that bottled water is not much different from the water we get from the tap.

Image Courtesy of UniversityFox

In this case, it seems the revenge was built-in. One popular health website lists the symptoms of high estrogen as mood swings, hair loss, panic attacks, and headaches. These are just a few things this water bottle thief might have to deal with due to their transgression.

“I’m the Boss,” Says the Cat

Cats are masters unto themselves, and no one tells them what to do. They can be great companions, just as long as you remember that: a) the cat doesn’t care about what you want, and b) the cat’s the boss.

Image Courtesy of

Ask yourself how patient you are with certain maddening situations like this. The owners of this stern-looking fur ball locked it in the bathroom to give them time to clean up without her getting in the way. Hence, their cat taught them a crucial lesson on how to respect a feline family member.

A Hairy Way to Pass the Message

Most people would be annoyed by housemates consistently failing to clean up these hairs after using the bathroom. The strands not only clog the drain but also make for a disgusting mess. The person in the photo below took “unclogging the drain” to another level.

Image Courtesy of Buzzfeed

To show the careless bathroom users why they need to remove and properly dispose of all the strands they shed in the bath, his helpful cleaner cleared the blocked drain and turned all the retrieved hair into a message for the future.

Why You Shouldn’t Cheat

Some cheating victims avoid playing the blame game. Instead, they tactfully devise memorable consequences to punish their unfaithful partners for their evil deeds. For this girl from Adelaide, Australia, the revenge she exacted on her disloyal boyfriend, though controversial, was sweeter than honey.

Image Courtesy Of

Generally, couples don’t really get matching tattoos, and for a good reason. But this woman convinced her unsuspecting cheating boyfriend to get one with her. Her boyfriend was the first one on the artist’s chair, so after it was done, she took a picture of it and left.

Want to Play A Game?

Discovering that you’re out of toilet paper can be a traumatic experience. What’s even more disturbing is when you see a note like this on the toilet paper holder. Looks like someone is fed up with always being the one to restock.

Image Courtesy of Monagiza

The intended prankee may not find this “game” so funny. Hopefully, they are the type of person who always makes sure to carry a few pieces of toilet paper in their bags in case of emergency. Or, you know, they could just buy more toilet paper.

Yes, It’s Her

In quite a number of families, including this one, the matriarch is the most important person. Grandma here is ready to live many more years. How long, you ask? As long as it takes for her to prove her point. Such a queen!

Image Courtesy of pupperish

It’s not a crime that she’s spending her money. The woman clearly knows how to deal with greedy relatives causing her stress. If you’re in the same shoes as Bernie here, you can try handling things like her. Family should love you for you, not for your money!

Improve Your Parking Skills

Parking violators are at it again. As before, we have dug up a brilliant way to keep these people in line from the internet. We have seen countless times that some people need to acquire parking skills. Maybe it’s high time someone shows them exactly how to do that.

Image Courtesy of Buzzfeed

When you closely read the text in the photo, you’ll discover that it’s not just about coloring the turtle illustration. If you’ve been looking for a way to correct someone who keeps having trouble parking right, this just might be what you need!

Saran Wrap On This One

The proverbial quote, “don’t get mad, get even,” applies to many things, including ways to get back at a cheating spouse. Following this example, it’s no use wasting your energy on anger when you can make it extra difficult for them to access their car when they have an important appointment.

Image Courtesy Of Taringa

This lady got even by wrapping up her unfaithful husband’s car in saran wrap and finally attaching the plastic to a pole in the parking lot. At the time, we’re sure she didn’t mind buying the store’s entire supply of plastic wrap.

Don’t Touch His Ice Cream

This man may look slightly elderly and laidback, but he has an eagle-like instinct when it comes to protecting his favorite frosty treats. A thieving seagull with the intent of stealing the man’s ice cream met a worthy adversary one fateful afternoon.

Image Courtesy of

The bird swooped in to snatch the man’s ice cream from his table. Fortunately, his primal instinctS kicked in, and he did what he had to do to protect his snack. We are sure the aggressive bird will learn to pick his victims with more care in the future.

No, You Are Not Doing it Right

While some people understand better by reading or listening, others may require clear imagery before they get the message. When you’ve explained something to someone repeatedly, and they seem not to be getting it, why not change tactics and use simple illustrations to communicate your instructions?

Image Courtesy of FunnyJunk

Someone thought it was nice to assist other restroom users in remembering how to properly hang the toilet paper by attaching a clear visual illustration on the wall. However, it looks like someone else took offense and decided to come up with their own style. People need to chill!

Swift Breakup

Taylor Swift is an amazing singer who stirs the hearts of many worldwide. What isn’t so amazing is the trauma she’s undergone, thanks to being cheated on. Luckily, she knows how to get payback. After all, for every Love Story, there’s usually a sprinkle of Bad Blood.

Image Courtesy of Diply

A married man got served with divorce papers when he wouldn’t stop likening his wife to Taylor Swift. The wife got fed up with the constant comparisons and gave him a swift breakup. We can’t help but applaud the witty breakup note.

An Unusual Way to Tip

Well, unless you can dry those bills, that’s money wasted. If you can, props to you! But not everybody is an expert at it. It makes us wonder what went wrong from the bartender’s end. Maybe there were too many tricks and not enough service.

Image Courtesy of izismile

You can’t tell if it’s the customer’s or the waiter’s fault. Either way, no one wants to encounter such a sight, especially a waiter. No matter how many dollar bills are in there, the major focus at this point is to dry everything up.

Adding The Perfect Glow

Siblings are awesome because they bring so much joy to our lives. If you have a sibling, you know that loneliness isn’t really a problem for you. One downside, though, is the unending competition and pranks that occur almost daily.

Image Courtesy Of Obaldenno

This boy used his sister’s toothbrush to clean his shoes. If he thought she wouldn’t get back at him, he thought wrong. Her response was to add a little glow to his shoes. Honestly, we think that the facial expression here tells the story all on its own.

What Do You Call This?

Though it doesn’t apply to every situation, you may have heard that the middle child in any family is more likely to end up a sociopath. In this case, we’re inclined to believe it’s true. Here, the middle child appears to be jealous of her siblings.

Image Courtesy of Buzzfeed

We can only assume that the family issues this girl had to deal with were intense. Scribbling over faces in family photos is definitely not something that should be taken lightly. The smile on her face in the images adds a layer of creepiness to the whole thing.

The Coffee Creamer

Giving birth to a child is hard. The nurturing and caring part is even harder since it never stops. Sadly, some mothers have to go to the bathroom to pump milk for their children when they’re at work. One working mum realized that she could also store her milk in the fridge at the office.

Image Courtesy Of WellThatSucks/Reddit

Oh, so that’s why the coffee has been so creamy lately. At least the coffee creamer thief can rest assured knowing that they haven’t been pumping themselves full of chemicals and extra sugar. Only the good stuff will suffice for this co-worker.

Just Stay In There

Cats are hard to understand sometimes. Sometimes, they will do anything to get your attention, but other times, they can’t be bothered about anything. One family adopted a new cat, but the new addition didn’t sit well with their old cat.

Image Courtesy of UniversityFox

The old cat tried everything to make the family change their mind. To avoid further complications, they simply kept the new cat in a box. We don’t think the old cat thought this through because it isn’t going to increase her popularity.

Quite A Suspense There

You can refer to this as sweet revenge if you want to. It can be really satisfying to dive into a Netflix binge. If you really love the show, you can even forget everything when you’re in the zone. That’s how amazing that feeling is.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/heyQueenRegina

The lady used that to her own advantage. Turns out that her ex was using her Netflix password even after their separation. That does sound kind of weird, so, as you can see, she devised a genius and perfectly petty plan to leave her ex hanging.

Duct Taped Gift 

It looks like Santa Klaus has come to town, and he’s not alone. As usual, he comes with gifts for as many people as possible. It’s rather unusual that this person received a card that was wrapped in duct tape. Let’s just start from there. 

Image Courtesy of

As you can see, it’s a concrete gift box and a simple hammer alongside three flat pieces of duct-taped frames. Who knows, the person might have wished for this, and Santa Klaus was just fulfilling a wish. This Mat guy has a great sense of humor.

Side by Side

Apparently, these mobile toilets are portable for a reason. Those dual engines are there to help the toilet move around effortlessly and to enable the crane to pass through. Yet, there’s likely little or no work going on here.

Image Courtesy of Global News

The guy operating the crane is the one with power at this point. You can only hope he’s not depleting this working area of their only existing toilet. In the same vein, we hope that no one is in that toilet because they’re about to have a really bad day.

Shoe in A Snake House

Leaving your shoes carelessly lying around is not only a house hazard but also makes for an untidy home. When you’ve warned a housemate repeatedly about keeping their personal belongings in the rightful place, and they choose not to listen, it is only fitting that they are punished for it.

Image Courtesy of Belok.Net

In this scenario, a lady threw one of her partner’s slippers into their pet snake den since he wouldn’t stop carelessly leaving them around the house. Luckily for the snake, the slipper was quite soft, and the slithery pet got a comfy place to snooze.