45 Adorably Mischievous Pets That Were Caught In The Act

By Larissa C

This article was originally published on FunCatz

If you have pets at home, there is no point in us telling you how adorable they are. Sure thing, pets keep us company, but the truth is that they do so much more than just that. Pets are little angels, and they can even help people with anxiety! The only thing that pet owners don’t talk about often is that, even though pets may be the most adorable creatures on the planet — they sure know how to test our patience! But even still, they somehow manage to do wrong things in the cutest way possible. In case your pet has gotten in trouble recently, you’re going to love this article. We’ve compiled photos of 45 adorably mischievous animals that were caught in the act. Check it out!

You better take me with you next time!

When we say that our pets are a part of the family just like humans are, this means that we’re technically willing to include them in our plans. We used the word ‘technically’ because sometimes it’s just not possible to do that, like when we’re going to travel.

Image courtesy of @whipp.it.lucy.real.good/Instagram

Bringing a pet along for the holidays can be quite expensive, and some people prefer to check them in pet hotels — where they will be treated like royalty, may we add. But some dogs don’t understand that, and they may retaliate. Like this dog that ate his human mother’s passport just because she wouldn’t bring him along!

I was just trying to play a game with you!

Talking about pets immediately makes us think of animals such as dogs and cats. However, there are lots of people who have different animals as pets. For instance, some people have pet snakes, while others have pet rodents. And the truth is that they’re just as cute as canines and felines!

Image courtesy of fchrzan/Reddit

Well, they’re just as cute and just as naughty! Ruby, this adorable ferret you see in the picture, was probably feeling bored when she decided to loot her humans’ laundry and steal every dirty sock. And if that wasn’t enough, she scattered them all over the apartment so the humans wouldn’t find them!

Sorry I couldn’t help myself!

If you stop to think about it, dogs and children share quite a few similarities in their personalities. For instance, both love playing games, both are innocent and adorable — and both children and pets tend to get in trouble!

Image courtesy of @rantandraeve/Instagram

And just like with kids, the one not getting in trouble can’t help but watch and laugh, like this cat who just watched the dog eat raw bread rolls. While he wasn’t caught in the act, the poor dog threw up, and the owners found out what he’d done on a trip to the vet’s office!

Isn’t that what it was for?

Having a large dog at home takes quite a lot of courage, especially if they’re energetic. Bigger breeds require more space and they’re bound to do things that you won’t be too happy with — such as destroying things around the house with their clumsiness.

Image courtesy of @gsdzelda/Instagram

This dog could be described in two adjectives: unwieldy and tireless. And when you add these two things in one big guy like this one, it’s pretty obvious that crazy things are going to happen. We have to admit that we love the human’s description, “like the Kool-Aid Man.”

She didn’t want to play with me.

Dogs, much like children, don’t always understand that they can’t do some things. And no matter how hard you try to get it through their heads that they can’t be pulling some stunts, chances are that they’re still going to do it.

Image courtesy of @shibagram__inari_kitsune/Instagram

Despite having been told several times that he shouldn’t play anywhere near Alexa, this adorable Shiba Inu ignored all warnings. The result? He destroyed the power connection cable and ultimately destroyed his humans’ Alexa. At least he looks like he regrets what he did, right?

Didn’t mean to scare you, dad!

This next dog didn’t do something messy like the other animals in this article. He did something that scared his dad, and for that, he’s making it to this list. Dogs are just like humans, in the sense that both species fart.

Image courtesy of @codylab/Instagram

And this dog chose the worst time to let out a loud one. While his owner watched a horror movie, the dog farted and made such a terrible sound that the dog’s dad had a jump scare! But look at his face: does he really deserve to be on this list when he’s this adorable?!

I’m a puzzling dog.

For lots of people, solving puzzles is the perfect hobby. It takes quite a lot of time and dedication to complete puzzles, especially if they have hundreds (or even thousands) of pieces. Now, imagine being a piece away from solving a puzzle only to find that the last piece is missing!

Image courtesy of @cjenglishauthor/Instagram

Let us tell you upfront: that feeling is awful. And this person went through this horrible experience more often than one would like to. Why is that? Because while her hobby is solving puzzles, her dog’s hobby is eating puzzle pieces!

Guess who’s the naughty one here?

If you have two or more kids, you know how each of them has a unique personality. Some kids are quiet and gentle, while other kids are too energetic for their own good sometimes. And who said that dogs are any different?

Image courtesy of @hugoandursula/Instagram

This human adopted two dogs from the same litter of puppies, Hugo and Huxley. While the former is an absolute angel, Huxley is quite the troublemaker. He’s always doing things he shouldn’t, and his human spends a lot of her time calling his name to get him to stop being naughty!

I didn’t know I was supposed to share it.

Most people love celebrating their birthday. This is the perfect occasion to get together with our beloved friends and family members. It is also the day that we get pampered the most by those around us. Except for our pets — sometimes they don’t really care it’s our special day!

Image courtesy of dogshaming.com

Like this adorable dog, for instance. Instead of being the good girl she always was, Tula decided to jump on the kitchen counter and eat the birthday cake that was meant for her human! We hope it wasn’t chocolate, or Linda would have ended her party with a trip to the vet.

I have lots of tricks up my sleeve!

Dogs do plenty of silly things, like going through the trash or eating things they’re not supposed to. Cats, on the other hand, are not that ridiculous. Sure, cats do things they shouldn’t be doing, but they have more complex skills.

Image courtesy of @leia709/Instagram

For instance, does your dog know how to lock the door? Probably not. But your cat? We wouldn’t put it past him/her. If they’re anything like the cat in the picture, they can probably learn how to lock you outside your own house and not look guilty about it!

Well, I had to know what would happen.

Do you know how we just said that dogs do plenty of silly stuff, like eating things that aren’t edible? Well, this next picture will do nothing but prove our point. When left alone, this dog ate glittery ornaments, and the result was hilarious.

Image courtesy of @cshel718/Instagram

Fabulous disco poo? That sounds hilarious. We’re pretty thankful that this dog’s owner didn’t post a picture of this shimmery poo — and we hope that the dog was okay after eating that stuff. Judging by the regretful look on his face, it seems like he won’t be doing that again.

Is this a reenactment of Home Alone?

Most of us watched the Home Alone movies when we were kids. You probably remember how Kevin McCallister was ingenious enough to create insane traps all over his house in order to catch thieves. And maybe this cat was inspired by him:

Image courtesy of CreatrixAnima/Reddit

Well, he didn’t necessarily catch a thief, but his “trap” did catch his mom. His mom had no idea he went to the bathroom outside his litterbox, and ended up slipping and getting covered in cat pee. Safe to say she wasn’t too happy about it!

Did you really think you’d get rid of me, human?

As we said before, cats do complex things. These animals are incredibly intelligent and they’ll do things that surprise both humans and other animals. After hearing the news that his mother would be going away to a rodeo, this cat decided that he wouldn’t be left behind.

Image courtesy of @darrelthebarncat/Instagram

While all humans were busy getting their bags ready for the road trip, this beautiful cat snuck into the horse trailer and hid from everyone for the next three hours. Imagine his mother’s surprise when she got to her destination and found Darrell looking at her like this!

Bet you never thought we’d do this, right?

Animals do unbelievable stuff sometimes. If you have a pet, you know exactly what we are talking about. But we are pretty sure that you have never seen animals do what these two little guys did to their human parents.

Image courtesy of idahocowgirl5/Reddit

After leaving his phone unlocked, this human noticed that some things were off about it. He immediately checked what had happened with his phone and found out that one of his pets accidentally bought a new phone on Amazon! And his accomplice made things harder for their human by turning off the internet!

I was hungry, Judy!

When we said that having a big dog at home requires a lot of things, we truly meant it. These big guys (and gals) are not easy to handle — but they also bring a lot of joy to our lives. Even if sometimes they do things like this:

Image courtesy of Aspyr99/Reddit

Yes, you read that right. This adorably guilty dog jumped into someone else’s car and stole a hamburger! It sounds like something straight out of a movie, but we suppose that this is one of the things that are bound to happen when you have a big and energetic dog like this!

He asked for it!

Dogs are adorable and will certainly help make our days brighter. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t get stressed out because of them sometimes. There are times that dogs do things that make us fear for their safety like this adorable dog did:

Image courtesy of dogshaming.com

When you look at this beautiful face, it’s kind of hard to imagine that this dog would do anything to make his mother worried. But the truth is that he got stuck into a groundhog hole (twice) and almost made his mom have a heart attack!

I just love children!

Dogs may love their human parents, but do you know who they love even more? Children! If you have a dog and kids under the same roof, you know that this is true. Kids and dogs get along really well because they’re equally adorable and innocent.

Image courtesy of @gnoc.gus.mav/Instagram

With that in mind, can you really blame this dog for jumping into a stranger’s van just because he wanted to say to their kids? We certainly can’t! We mean, look at that face; it’s like the dog doesn’t even know what was wrong with what he did!

This is what you get, mommy!

Cats are extremely intelligent and classy creatures, but they can also be very petty. If you do something that displeases your cat, they will let you know just how they feel. And believe us when we say that you probably won’t like their ideas for revenge!

Image courtesy of ellieconclavi/Reddit

We don’t know exactly what went down between this cat and his human mother, but she must have done something really annoying. And he didn’t just pee, as the sign says; he made sure to also stare right into her eyes as he did it!

I can’t help it if I like to keep things simple.

Okay, we may have exaggerated when we said that all cats are intelligent and classy. Maybe not all of them are the same, and this next is going to prove it. As smart as they are, cats can get easily distracted by some things.

Image courtesy of @samantha_wa11ace/Instagram

If your cat also gets distracted by window blinds, you know how the person who took this picture feels. It’s almost as if felines love ruining anything that dangles! After spending money to buy the things they destroy, owners simply give up and accept that they can’t have nice things!

Can you believe I did that?

Sometimes, it’s hard for parents to believe that their children were able to do something. And when you have a pet at home, sometimes you feel the same way. Pets do crazy things without even realizing how insane they are!

Image courtesy of @ambrosefamilypets/Instagram

While this owner wasn’t scared of her gassy cat, like the horror movie fan, it didn’t make it any more pleasant. And it’s kind of hard to believe that he had no idea that what he did was wrong, especially because he ran away like he knew he’d get in trouble!

So this is not what I was supposed to do, huh.

Just like cats and dogs have an everlasting rivalry, so do cats and mice. These two species don’t get along at all, and cats are well known for hunting mice. But what happens when a cat actually has nothing against rodents?

Image courtesy of @kimbrleyb/Instagram

This human found out the answer in an adorable way. While she was away, some mice broke into her house. Instead of being chased away by the house’s fearless cat, the human was surprised to find out that her shared his food with them rather than making them his meal!

Sorry to scare you all!

Some dogs are really quiet and polite, but even the nice ones are mischievous puppies. Puppies are still trying to figure out what’s going on in the world around them and what they can and cannot do. And it seems like this puppy still has quite a few things to learn:

Image courtesy of Shibaru-in-a-Subaru/Reddit

For instance, it still has to learn that having some poo stuck to his but is not the end of the world. Imagine how scared his family must have been when the dog suddenly started screaming and running around desperate for help!

I panicked, mom!

This next picture is yet another piece of evidence that not all cats are classy and nonchalant. They sometimes panic and do disgusting things, just like every other animal. Puddy, the adorable cat in the picture below, panicked when he saw what he had done.

Image courtesy of @norwegianpuddycat/Instagram

Instead of leaving his poo alone and going about his day, Puddy made things so much worse for himself and for his humans. The more you read this plaque, the worse his story gets. And the best part is that he looks so adorable; we doubt his humans were upset at him for long!

If you didn’t give me one, I made one myself.

In case you just got your first pet, we have a very useful piece of advice for you: make sure to give them the things they want. We don’t mean that you have to give them everything they ask for but do give them the things they need. Like a doggie door.

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

This lovely baby’s parents didn’t give her a doggie door, so she took matters into her own hands and made her own. As you can see, her parents would’ve saved more money if only they had given her the door she wanted in the first place!

Are you shaming me publicly, mother?

This post is a compilation of pet parents that decided to “shame” their pets online. We assure you that they didn’t do it to actually make their pets feel bad about it. Or did they? It’s kind of hard to tell with this next one:

Image courtesy of baquea/Reddit

The truth is that publicly shaming their gluttonous cat is a hilarious way of showing that this family cares about their pet. This sign they taped to a lamp post is basically a call for help. Hopefully, Pan won’t be fooling any more strangers from now on!

Oh, so I was meant to do the opposite?

As we said before, cats and mice are considered to be rivals in the animal kingdom. It is only natural for cats to hunt mice, and lots of people count on their cats to get rid of these unwelcome visitors.

Image courtesy of @countvonmeatball/Instagram

But what if the cat gets the message wrong? Instead of chasing away the mice, this cat actually brought a mouse into his house! He released it in his mother’s bedroom of all places, and it’s safe to say she didn’t like the unwanted present.

I just didn’t want you guys to leave!

We’ve only been showing cats, dogs, and rodents so far in this post — but the truth is that other animals can also be very mischievous. And birds might just be some of the most devious of them all, as you’ll see below!

Image courtesy of @theperfectparrot/Instagram

This toucan may look innocent but he got everyone stuck inside after he hid the keys. Looking at the seed-filled cage, we understand why it took a half-hour to find the keys. In his defense, the adorable toucan just wanted people to keep him company for a while longer!

Why aren’t these considered gifts?

Some pets are mischievous by nature. No matter how hard their parents may try to educate them, they just seem to never learn. And it seems that this adorable dog is one of these naturally tricky animals, even though he looks as innocent as they come!

Image courtesy of @disablednotdefeated/Instagram

We’ve heard of dogs that eat their humans’ underwear and socks, but this is the first time we heard of one giving them as presents to guests. Judging by his confused expression, we can tell that this dog has no idea how embarrassing that must be for his human!

What the heck?!

Remember that cat that would bring live mice into his human’s bedroom? If you think that it couldn’t get any worse than that, just wait until you learn what this tricky kitty brought into the house! He must have been out of mice and decided to find another “friend” instead…

Image courtesy of @ellenbarford/Instagram

If you have a cat, you know how they usually bring dead stuff into the house. In their minds, that’s a gift for their humans. But have you ever seen a cat that brings live snakes into the house? We can only hope that he returned him outdoors afterward.

Dad, how did you not realize it?

Smaller dogs have an easier time jumping onto beds, chairs, and tables unnoticed. And this simple fact makes them a menace to every house! Even if you train your dogs to not jump onto the furniture, they may still “forget” the rules sometimes.

Image courtesy of Amanda Turner/dogshaming.com

If jumping on the table wasn’t bad enough, this adorable dog took things one step further by eating his dad’s food. The worst part is that the dad didn’t realize and ate it after the dog had already smeared the food with his saliva!

She had to wake up early anyway.

When we have pets, there is not a doubt in the world that they love us with all their hearts. Even cats, who get a bad rap and are often considered cold and nonchalant, have their own way of showing their love for their owners.

Image courtesy of Chels40/Reddit

Depending on how you look at it, this cat may have done his mom a favor by making a mess at 5 AM. If she forgot to set her alarm clock for an early shift at work, the cat may have done her a favor!

 Nothing can stop me!

Dogs are angelic creatures — until you leave them alone at home. Maybe it’s the boredom that makes them do crazy things, but canines (and most other pets, honestly) are likely to surprise you once you come home from a hard day’s work.

Image courtesy of @tiffer007/Instagram

This doggo was clearly fascinated by their owner’s trash that they needed to buy a dog-proof garbage can. Apparently, it didn’t work as advertised because they found this mess waiting for them! We have to admit that we’re a little impressed; that’s one determined dog.

Maybe you can glue the pieces back together?

Unfortunately, not everyone earns enough money to live on each month. And sometimes, we only have little money after paying all the bills and we need to save as much as we can. But there are times when things don’t work our way.

Image courtesy of guelma13/Reddit

For instance, this woman was saving whatever was left of her paycheck. She never imagined that her dog would decide that eating part of the money was a good idea! Maybe this experience will make her buy a dog-proof wallet or hide her money in a better spot?

I ate the family!

In the digital age, family memories are kept on CDs, flash drives, and hard drives. You can fit more pictures into a smaller space, meaning you can save even more memories! Now, imagine that you have a CD where you’re saving over 600 photos of your ancestors — and your dog grabs a hold of it!

Image courtesy of dogshaming/Twitter

This dog may be tiny and adorable, but he is a menace to any family! It probably took him less than 10 minutes to destroy the CD and all the memories stored in it. We hope that this person has a backup.

It’s my way of showing love.

As we said before, pets have their own ways of showing that they love their owners. Some are gentle and will melt their owner’s heart in the cutest ways. But there are some pets that have a peculiar manner of showing their love and appreciation for their parents.

Image courtesy of @inki.finnish.lapphund/Instagram

This dog, for instance, likes to show his love by sitting on his humans. There is nothing wrong with that, right? Well, except when the dog just pooped and decided to sit on your face. We hate to say it, but he earned his public shaming post for that one.

I just wanted to have a snack later.

There is some reasoning behind every single thing that our pets do. We may not always understand them or even agree with the method used, but we have to admit that our dogs and cats are incredibly smart creatures that have a plan when they cause trouble.

Image courtesy of @aoifeshibawhippetandme/Instagram

For instance, this dog wanted to have a snack later in the day. Like us humans, he decided to save some raw chicken feet for later. The only problem with his plan is that he chose to hide them on his human’s bed!

Can I lick your face now?

If your pets are feeling bored, you better keep an eye on their whereabouts. Bored pets will pull the craziest stunts you can think of. Like the cat below, who thought it was a good idea to chew on the toilet brush!

Image courtesy of @monkandbean/Instagram

He had nothing better to do, so he probably thought ‘why not?’ before chewing on the toilet brush. We don’t even need to elaborate on how anti-hygienic his action was, right? Let’s hope that his owners didn’t let Bean lick their faces after that!

I was just trying to clean the house!

Raising different pets is not an easy task. Cats and dogs don’t always get along, but if you raise them together from an early age, they’ll easily get used to being around each other. Sometimes, they’ll even work together as a team.

Image courtesy of kingcow1006/Reddit

After the cat threw up, the dog took it upon himself to clean the house for his humans. Of course, without opposable thumbs, dogs have only one tool at their disposal for cleaning: their tongue! In this poor dog’s defense, he was just trying to be helpful!

You needed a haircut, Janice!

Whoever said that pets live in our houses rent-free could not be more wrong. Some pets can be quite helpful and use their talents to assist their owners in the daily tasks of a house. Don’t believe us? Check out this cat:

Image courtesy of @ashley.the.adventurous/Instagram

When he noticed that his mother was in dire need of a new haircut, this cat decided to give her a haircut himself. While she was asleep, he chewed on her hair until he got a piece of her ponytail off. He’s clearly a hard worker!

If you wanted help, you should’ve said so.

Lots of humans keep pets around the house to help them with things they can’t do alone. For instance, some people keep dogs to help protect the house. And other keep cats so they can chase unwanted animals like mice.

Image courtesy of LynnMarie0789/Reddit

The only problem is that, sometimes, pets seem to forget to get the memo. This cat, for instance, didn’t chase a mouse — it simply watched his human run around the house after the mouse and didn’t lift a finger to help her!

Don’t listen to her!

Pets can be quite deceitful when they want. If they want to have things their way and have people do things for them, they won’t think twice before manipulating humans. And the cat in the next picture is certainly one who has mastered the art of trickery!

Image courtesy of @plant_doctor/Instagram

This is a lesson for humans who share the responsibility for taking care of a pet to communicate with each other. When he got hungry, this kitty got vocal about it. And, not knowing someone already fed him, another human filled his bowl.

Working from home be like…

With everything that has been going on around the world, most people started working from home. While the idea of getting to stay home and still make money seemed great at first, it doesn’t mean that this activity doesn’t have its own challenges as well.

Image courtesy of @rera_pops/Instagram

For instance, being in Zoom meetings gives our pets the opportunity to embarrass us in front of our co-workers. This cat certainly didn’t think twice before showing his butt on the camera while his mother was distracted. And if that wasn’t enough, he also bit her!

I was trying to protect this family.

It seems like dogs love glittery things. Remember that dog that ate Christmas ornaments and had glittery poo afterward? Well, this next dog is likely related to that one — because it also made it his mission to eat glittery items!

Image courtesy of @delilah_and_luna/Instagram

When this dog saw a can of glitter all by itself, he couldn’t miss the opportunity to grab it and destroy it. His poo is probably going to be as glittery as that other dog’s, but he took things one step further when he decided to scatter the glitter all over his bed!

I’m just being playful!

While most pet owners choose to have cats and/or dogs as pets, some people like to grow other animals. Hedgehogs are quite popular, especially because they’re low-maintenance animals. But does that mean they won’t be as naughty as cats or dogs?

Image courtesy of Beccers/Imgur

This tiny guy may look innocent but he’s a big-time prankster. Whenever he can, this cute hedgehog poops inside his humans’ slippers and sneaks away. Imagine how the humans must feel, getting hedgehog poop on their toes all the time!

Oops, my bad!

Do you want to know what’s funny about naughty dogs? It’s the fact that, when they’re caught in the act, they feel bad about it. While they can’t verbally express the way they feel, we can tell when dogs feel guilty just by the look on their faces.

Image courtesy of eaclem/Reddit

When this dog saw his dad’s fake teeth on the table, he didn’t think twice before running away with them. He destroyed the teeth, effectively making his dad stay at home for a few days while he waited for new teeth. Look at that face — he’s totally feeling bad about what he’s done!