40+ Times The Internet Warned Us That There Was A Liar In The Vicinity

By Ridwan S

As humans, our intuition has a way of sieving out the truth from whatever we hear or read about. Although this sounds unbelievable, our subconscious is often right. In a way, it could be said that our intuitiveness is our human superpower. In this age of technology, it’s all too easy to mistake fiction as fact. The internet has now become a home of deception, where fake information is flying everywhere. It is sad how being fake has penetrated so deeply into our society, undermining the truth that tries to persevere. The individuals mentioned below are examples of such infiltrators. They cooked up different lies to deceive the world. However, fortunately, there is a “caught” in each case. While it may not be nice to take pleasure in the humiliation of others, it is satisfying to know that the truth will eventually come out.

Best seat in the house

Many Americans would give anything to watch the American Super Bowl live. This sporting event is the championship of American football that happens annually in February. And Americans’ excitement, it practically deserves its own holiday. So, we understand Jake’s desire to be there in person.

Image Credits: 9gag.com

Jake thought he took the perfect picture to deceive his audience, but sadly we can see that he posed in front of a TV. Thankfully, February is here. If it is not too late, we could all crowdfund Jake’s desire. It will be nice to get Jake to the Super Bowl and make his dreams come true.

Imaginary pen, imaginary A

Here is a Tweet that cracked us up so easily. It is no news that high schools are notable for honing their athletes’ sport-skills more than education. As often depicted on TV, jocks bully other students into doing their assignments are, with the athletes simply pretending to do the work.

Image Credits: bleacherreport.com

Look at our star student! He’s clearly hard at work earning his way onto the dean’s list. Words can’t fully describe the level of deception in this picture. We know they are aware the photographer took this picture, but they should at least get an actual pen.

There’s room for you, too

The generational conflicts taking place nowadays are more than rivalry, and it’s been around for too long. Take a stroll around town as a youngster, and you might get an old mister complaining about everything you do. They would be quick to point out what they think is wrong with the world today.

Image Credits: silent_kni8/Reddit

For example, take a look at this attention-seeking older woman picking on these young ladies. She aimed at gaining the support of her fellow nagging member to raise the heat on the younger generation. Unfortunately for her, someone noticed an extra seat and questioned the integrity of her claims.

Good boy, bad human

Check out this picture. If you jump to conclusions too quickly, you will probably blame the dog for the mess and call him “destructive.” When in actuality, the dog isn’t responsible for this havoc. The owner took this picture and framed the dog as the culprit.

Image Credits: ifunny.co

The owner has some effrontery — such a bad owner. They staged this picture and posted it online, dog-shaming their companion. Unfortunately, this innocent dog can’t use the internet and defend himself. Luckily one user came to the dog’s rescue and pointed out the human culprit. They deserve the dog’s companionship, not the cruel owner!

It’s all about perspective

We have always admired Hafþór Björnsson’s stature in the series Games of Thrones. However, it is surprising that he isn’t as tall as we thought. As we see him stand between these guys, he looks almost petite. In this picture, he doesn’t look quite like the beast we remember him as.

Image Credits: JDevloper/Reddit

The two pictures below remind us that perspective plays a role in everything. The picture on the left shows him as the tall man we think of him as, while the one on the right makes him look average, at best.

Cool story, bro

Funny story, so this guy planned to get the attention of his audience on the internet with an eye-catching encounter. He cooked up a believable lie and cast a random celebrity for his tale. Unfortunately for him, it also caught the attention of said celebrity; Harry immediately told the world it was all fake.

Image Credits: @HarryStyles/Twitter

He must have thought the story would never get to the celebrity. After all, what are the odds of Harry seeing his Tweet? The singer denied his claims but acknowledged his creativity in scripting this deceptive story. That must have been a surprise for the liar.

Pretty little lies

We can all agree that movies, no matter how believable, are just made-up stories. They are not real, but with a good cast and crew, we hope that it won’t be so obvious and we can get lost in the lies. Unlike this scene…

Image Credits: keepcalmnstfu/Reddit

It seems like Lucy Hale, the actress in this scene, made a mistake that even the script supervisor missed. The Pretty Little Liars actress was so focused on her dialogue that she missed where the speaker is on her phone. This phone call is the real liar.

Working out

When people talk about the joys of parenthood, they often neglect the stress and exhaustion that it comes with. It is almost impossible to take time for yourself and your health as a responsible parent. There are always responsibilities you need to cater to.

Image Credits: brentf2000/Reddit

Poor daddy! He tried to find time to exercise despite his busy schedule but failed. The toys around him tell us that he still has toddlers to look after. It’s no surprise why he dozed off. Not only was he caught, but his older child took this picture to document the moment.

Open road

Sometimes our posts on the internet get acknowledged immediately, and it might encourage us to post more of the same. But, whatever you share, make sure it is true; don’t be like this guy. He lied in his post, saying he was in traffic to get the attention and sympathy of his audience.

Image Credits: @jallbate/Twitter

However, Marvin wasn’t having any of it. He instantly pointed out undeniable evidence against the “traffic” claim. The sunglasses’ reflection shows an open road, the exact opposite of the traffic the user claimed they were in. Next time, concentrate on driving instead of taking pictures for some easy likes.

Bad guys don’t get the girl

The basis for many jokes is to say something hilarious that is, in reality, far from the truth. It is usually funny…until the person you teased sends in their reply. Our man here was hoping to entertain his audience. Instead, he got rejected by a girl he’s never met.

Image Credits: somecards.com and Tinseltown/Shutterstock

The girl he claimed liked him had a few words to say. The guy has refused to answer her question. Although it was rhetorical, her swift reply must have scared him away. The initial joke may have been intended to be funny, we find her rejection and his inability to reply even funnier.

Betrayed by location tag

Technology’s portability allows us to post from anywhere around the world. As with everything that has advantages, these technological devices have their disadvantages. Just like in this case, the phone betrayed its owner, giving them into the hands of the internet savages.

Image Credits: cheezburger.com

We’re not sure if the user genuinely wanted to brag about their looks, or if they were just looking for cheap fame. Either way, they forgot to run their plans by their device, which has exposed the lie the second it was published. Next time, we advise that you check your phone’s settings, or at least tread carefully online.

Not your art

In art, imitation is allowed, but only if you add changes that make the artwork unique to you. Well, Rebecca wanted the praise for being an incredible artist, so she presented this piece as hers. We wonder if she knows that this is theft and not just imitation.

Image Credits: rearfront.com

Unfortunately for Becky, someone took it upon themselves to prove her wrong. They searched for the original image and revealed the true artist, cutting short Rebecca’s euphoria from any praise she may have received. We hope this is the last time she tries to pass off someone else’s work as her own.

A lie within a lie

Lies don’t last forever. People will eventually get caught in the web of lies they themselves spun. The hilarious thing about liars is that they often reveal their own secrets without knowing. Take this lady, for example, who ended up tangled in more than one lie.

Image Credits: thesun.com

She was invited for dinner by a friend but had given work as the excuse for her absence. Meanwhile, she forgot about her little lie when she posted online…where her friend could see it. But one lie wasn’t enough; her boss denied her claims that they needed someone to cover for them at all.

Bed head

Some women look absolutely stunning after a full night’s rest and, we are admittedly jealous. However, not many of us are lucky enough to wake up pretty. Like this girl, who wished she could be fortunate enough to be this pretty after sleeping, but that’s no excuse for lying about it.

Image Credits: @Stanley49943858/Twitter

Before taking a picture, she put on makeup to make herself look perfect upon waking. Yet it is this same makeup that revealed the truth. We doubt she could have slept with her makeup on and woke up this way. If you sleep with eyeliner, you will wake up looking like a raccoon.

No work workout

Someone needs to find out what this guy wants to achieve with the fake six-pack he posted. He must have admired the attention people with abs get and wanted that as well. He got attention, alright, but not the kind he hoped for.

Image Credits: The_DHC/Reddit

He forgot that, to achieve this kind of result, he has to work out consistently. He decided to find an easy route to getting abs instead of going to the gym. It appears that his Photoshop skills need a workout, too.

Vegan…starting tomorrow

Veganism always looks very easy until you decide to skip meat and dairy yourself. With the ethical deliberations and carbon footprint that comes from eating animal products, we have also considered becoming vegan. While we support this lifestyle, eating meals without meat isn’t for everyone.

Image Credits: ThoughtCatalog.com

As with starting any new path in life, this user wanted to document every step on their journey towards being vegan. But before you start bragging about your new lifestyle, make sure you’re living it. And avoid sneaking out to eat one or two morsels of meat, because someone might see you.

FAQ to the rescue

Time for a pronunciation quiz; pronounce “nut.” Now move a step further; pronounce “Nutella.” Although Americans pronounce things differently than the rest of the world (i.e., aluminum), it doesn’t mean that they’re always wrong. Don’t make assumptions, like this guy who made a careless joke about Nutella and got roasted for making such baseless assumptions.

Image Credits: SeriesOfAdjectives/Reddit

Thanks to this guy, you now have a “did you know?” fact to share with your friends. Michele Ferrero, the brain behind Nutella, was an Italian baker. This explains why the first syllable is not pronounced like it’s spelled. The more you know, right?

Pity party of one

Those who lie for sympathy are, to put it bluntly, pathetic. This user hit a new low by lying about the death of their nephew. All for what? Some cheap attention and compassion from strangers on the internet? We don’t think we would ever understand their reasoning.

Image Credits: quityourbullsh*t/Reddit

If the person who replied didn’t come with proof, we might have believed the original poster over them. On second thought, we do believe something about them: they are a serial liar. Why else would someone have needed to check the list of victims to confirm their story?

Copy and paste

We agree that there are times that we have seen tweets that express our thoughts perfectly. The coincidence might be so shocking that it begins to feel like our mind snitched on us. Even then, it is improper to take someone’s work and claim it as yours.

Image Credits: @antijokeapple/Twitter

This Twitter user saw a tweet they agreed with but didn’t think it necessary to acknowledge the original poster. So, they decided to copy the tweet blindly. What is funny is that they even copied the number of likes and retweets from the original post.

Don’t mess with Mark Hamill

The marketing team didn’t think this one through. The Heroic Hollywood wanted to sell a story so bad, so they involved a celebrity in their advertisement piece. It probably would have worked, if it wasn’t a lie. The publishing agency didn’t think Mark would see or reply to the post.

Image Credits: Funny Movies meme/Pinterest and DFree/Shutterstock

Surprisingly, the celebrity saw the post and immediately replied to them. Guess what? He didn’t play along. Instead, he gave a short reply that revealed that they were lying. We wonder what this reply will do to their brand. People might find it hard to trust them again after this lie.

Time flies

The beauty of posting on a space like Twitter is your audience can check your previous tweets. Clearly, the owner of this post forgot that when then posted this tweet. Miraculously, they managed to age 20 years in only a month’s time between their two posts.

Image Credits: ifunny.co

The 29-year-old high school dropout turned 49-years-old in only 38 days. There is nothing wrong with getting your education later in life, but the most pathetic thing about this is the inconsistency in their story. Hopefully, they obey their follower’s instructions and pay close attention to their own stories next time.

Supernatural liar

Even celebrities are not immune to making up stories in order to get attention and sympathy from their audience. We only hope that, when they do, the truth is revealed sooner rather than later. This lie lasted only 2 hours before the audience was clued in.

Image Credits: @jarpad/Twitter

This one seems to have been done in good spirits, with the two on-set brothers posing for both of the photos. It’s hard to be mad at Jensen Ackles for lying to us when it looks like Jared Padalecki was having fun at the expense of his co-worker.

Call for help?

Let’s be honest, if someone is trying to break into our apartment, we would be too frightened to post online. The first and right thing to do is call the cops in such a situation. But, this internet user has a different approach to the incident.

Image Credits: twentytwowords.com

They came to report the situation on the internet first instead of calling the police. The post went from funny to ridiculously hilarious when the user claimed they couldn’t get to their phone to call the police. Meanwhile, the post clearly states “via mobile.” Busted!

Eye of the beholder

In this age of online dating sites, you have to look nice in your profile to get a good chance. For this reason, some people edit their pictures to make sure they look perfect. This explains why most people are different from their profiles.

Image Credits: Tinder.com

The guy in the above picture clearly did not think it through before posting his poorly edited picture. We don’t know why he chose this eye color but, we are not sorry to say, it doesn’t fit him. Also, we hope he will choose a better-looking hairstyle.

Oh hi, Mark

Clap backs are quite the thing now on social media. And Starbucks, the most loved coffee chain, is not left out in the game. They have clearly mastered how to give the best clap backs. Thankfully, unlike many clap back, their replies aren’t abusive.

Image Credits: botmatrix_/Reddit

A Twitter user took it upon himself to advise Starbucks on their employment pattern. However, Starbucks gave a swift response showing that his information was incorrect. Even though the Tweet was from a verified account, they have devised a perfect way to handle internet users looking for drama.

Imaginary bullies

Beauty is such a controversial topic; what you will consider beautiful might not be appealing to someone else. It is why they say, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” So, even if you think you just look ordinary, there will be someone who thinks you look exceptional.

Image Credits: PolarLight/Reddit

The internet user above hoped to trend during the “careful who you call ugly” challenge. However, she wasn’t prepared for the reply she got from her middle school classmate. We can’t help but be entertained with this event turn out, even if it is a bit humiliating for her.

Too slow

If you wish to receive praise for winning, make sure that you actually earn it. It’s okay to lose but it’s certainly not okay to pretend to win, like this guy did. He claimed he won the swimming race, only for the original winner to show up for their crown.

Image Credits: brightside.me

Claiming another person’s glory is wrong but, it’s downright embarrassing when the rightful owner shows up. Imagine seeking some cheap attention on Instagram only to end up with embarrassment instead. We pity this guy, but he shouldn’t have tried taking the glory that isn’t his to begin with.

Short hair don’t care

Nobody told us it is now a crime to get a smooth cut from the barber in this internet age. The internet user pictured changed her hairstyle and decided to show it to her audience out of excitement. However, she did not expect her photo to be used for a cancer campaign.

Image Credits: imgur.com

Spreading fake news is not something anyone should do, not even when it involves something as innocent as inspirational posts. Thankfully, Stefania was smart enough to have reported the page and asked her friends to do the same. If you must spread fake news, leave other people out of it.

Wild artwork

The internet is filled with deceptive articles. A common way to sell these lies is to attach them to a well-known historical event. They will pair a random image to a deceiving story and sell that to their innocent audience. Take this Instagram fact page as an example.

Image Credits: Laughtrac_/Reddit

Unfortunately for them, their audience isn’t buying the lie this time. Because the internet is global, followers from all over the world can chime in. A follower corrected their “mistake” and pointed out that it is an art piece in Belgium, not some wedding remnants. However, we commend the creativity behind this story.

Stolen jokes are no laughing matter

Humankind is full of gifted people. Some people are born singers, some dancers, some artists and, others are comedians. While some people can boast about these great talents, others don’t have them. In fact, this article is full of people claiming talents they don’t have.

Image Credits: sofihernandezbo/Pinterest

Having a good sense of humor is truly a gift, and you will easily spot someone without it. This guy thought he could get away with stealing an idea from a TV program with an average of 1.54 million viewers! As you can see, he got caught right on time and, we love that.

Throwing shade

Just as our interests as humans differ, so too do our academic interests. One may find something easier to understand than others. Your friend might be good at math while you are better at biology. However, some things are equally understood; call it general knowledge.

Image Credits: cringepics/Reddit

Unfortunately, this guy here doesn’t seem to understand what we would consider as common knowledge when posting this picture. If you go through his comment section, you’ll see what we mean. He must have missed the physics classes about light and shadows. The level of his naivety cracks us up.

Caught on camera

Online shopping is really convenient; it is easier to get whatever you want without stress. But if you’re buying second-hand, not directly from retailers, you need to consider that what you’re seeing isn’t exactly what you’re getting. You can’t blindly trust that the product description is completely accurate.

Image Credits: Axwe8/Reddit

The seller of these sunglasses thought he could easily deceive this potential buyer, but he got surprised. A friend quickly notified him that he wore the same sunglasses in his profile picture. With just one comment, the never-been-worn sunglasses were second-hand shades.

Information is power

Sometimes, it is okay to tell a “little white lie” to save you from stress. In situations such as partying with friends instead of resting, you can tell your friends you are busy. While it may be a lie, your health is just as important as your social life. Just don’t get caught in too many lies.

Image Credits: retropopcult/Tumblr

One thing that you should never lie about, however, is history. The author of this post must have thought that no one knows about the history of brand names and confidently posted this lie. There is no way this picture was taken in the ’70s, as they claimed. Next time they should fact-check before making stuff up.

Craving attention

We can all agree that sometimes we go the extra mile to satisfy our cravings. Zach was craving some Taco Bell, and he decided to put up some drama to get it. However, Taco Bell wasn’t interested, so they called him out.

Image Credits: @tacobell/Twitter

He created a fake promotion to get attention, and hopefully, free delivery to satisfy his cravings. Instead, he only got embarrassed. Next time, we hope he makes the trip himself instead of taking an embarrassing route to get there. It is not easy to get shamed over your cravings but, lying is also terrible.

Rotten job, Rotten Tomatoes

When you are putting out information on the internet, it’s important to check your facts first. You don’t want to pronounce someone alive as dead with your posts. In 2018, Rotten Tomatoes made a post suggesting that John Carpenter, a well-known director, was dead. However, the unbelievable happened.

Image Credits: @thehorrormaster/Twitter and CBS Sunday Morning/YouTube

John Carpenter, the supposedly dead filmmaker, rose up from the grave to reply to them. Scary, right? Well, we are not surprised by his funny reply, which is terrific like most of the movies he directs. We particularly love his subtle subtext about his age.

Record-breaking lies

Lovers of the Olympic Games or record-breaking sports moments will instantly see the lie in this post. Since we are not Olympics fans, we also fell for Rob’s deception until we saw the reply. You wouldn’t suspect anything if you took his profile picture at face value.

Image Credits: [unknown user]/Imgur

Thanks to Cal, we were rescued from the web of deception Rob got us into. The fastest runner is marked at 12 minutes for 5k and, Rob is just a big liar. If he isn’t lying, he should go register for the Olympics just to challenge the records.

Smooth move

Kar-Jenner of Keeping Up with the Kardashians is known for looking stunning no matter what. They can achieve this with the help of all the beauty staff around them. From the stylists to the makeup artists and hair experts, everyone works ’round the clock to achieve the best results.

Image Credits: imgix.com

Well, from the looks of things, the Kardashians also use the services of an editing team for flawless looks. Wondering how we found this out? Well, it’s no news that Chef Gordon Ramsey’s face is wrinkled with age, so one look at his youthful glow gave us the answers.

Reading is fundamental

What a hilarious situation we have here. This internet user posted about reading The Great Gatsby and how it is not an achievement. We don’t know what their aim was for putting up this post, but they claimed that it was just a joke.

Image Credits: @c0incelpr0/Twitter

It is wrong to make a mean post about a topic you know close to nothing about. The user made claims about the book mentioned above as if they had read it. However, we were shocked when another user exposed the truth, and it turned out that they haven’t read the book.

Evacuate the dancefloor

Here is a chat between two lovers, but we promise you, it is a hilarious read. After reading, you will agree that the girlfriend is such a drama queen. She knew the truth but played along with her lying boyfriend, giving him a chance to tell the truth before calling him out.

Image Credits: twentytwowords.com

We wonder if she trailed him to the club or she is there to party too. Whichever one it is, we all know the boyfriend will not be sleeping peacefully that night. Hopefully, he has prepared his apology speech because he is in for some serious questioning.

Watch out for reflections

We all have seen one or two pictures of a couple that makes us want whatever it is they share. Here is one such image…or so we thought. This guy tried to trick us that his girlfriend snapped this picture of him. But it turns out he’s the real photographer.

Image Credits: [unknown user]/Imgur

As we’ve seen in previous posts, reflections can reveal the truth, and that is what happened here, too — poor guy. Hopefully, when he finally gets his girlfriend, she finds time to take cute pictures of him. For his sake, we pray his schoolmates don’t find out about this embarrassing lie he told.

Wrong car

Honestly, we would do more than this when we finally get a new ride, even as an adult. Therefore, we would not blame any teenager for getting excited about their new car. They should be happy and grateful for such privilege of getting a car gift from their parent.

Image Credits: @Snoves/Twitter

However, something is confusing here. Do Porsche cars now use Volkswagen’s key? Well, you already know that the answer is no, and that’s why she is on our list of liars. The proposed show-off party has turned into an epic fail. Oh, what a shame!

A wonderful day

A member of this popular metal band was said to have had a panic attack or mental breakdown. Mental health is a sensitive issue and not something to jest or lie about. Not that lying about someone’s death is any better, but lying about their mental health is unacceptable.

Image Credits: readspike.com

Identity reveal is not something that should sadden anyone. So, contrary to the claims, the said member was rather happy about the development. It was a relief that he got a chance to live life freely now. We are glad the V-man denied the claims of this internet user immediately.

I’m here to stay

Okay, wait a minute, you mean what? We don’t know what issue this person has with the English word “am,” but trust us, whatever it is must be unforgivable. However, we hope this user will know that “am” is essential in English grammar.

Image Credits: quityourbullsh*t/Reddit

Middle school must have been tough for this internet without the word “am” in their vocabulary. Another hilarious thing worth noticing here is how prepared the reply was. They even added a supporting meme. Hopefully, the person who posted this will see the light.

Sleepy selfie

Find yourself a spouse who loves you enough to take cute pictures of you while you both are sleeping. Yes, you heard us right, “while you both are sleeping” is an important criterion. The only thing we aren’t sure of is if your own picture will look as cute as this.

Image Credits: OopsDidntMeanTo/Reddit

Although this picture looks nice, we wonder how they snapped it while sleeping peacefully. The person who replied was clearly thinking the same thing. Either they are lying, or there is a third party who takes pictures in this relationship. We won’t judge, so long as they’re being truthful.

Spoiled and ungrateful

It is wrong to make this kind of post about your parents, especially when it is all a lie. Even if this user wanted attention, we didn’t expect them to use something like this in order to do so. We’re not talking about health here, but about their parent’s financial situation.

Image Credits: LifeListener.com

No one is saying you can’t talk about your background, but all we ask is that, when you do, don’t tell lies. And if you can’t help it, at least make sure that you have success stories that will interest your audience. We can’t be the only ones who like how sarcastic the mother’s reply was.

Brave kid

Honestly, we agree that the imaginations of kids deserve cinema recognition. In fact, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has proven this with a segment where kids pitch a new movie or TV show. In this case, however, we think the user took a note from their sister and made up a fantastical story.

Image Credits: @Icetalon92/Twitter

Let’s face it, a five-year-old wouldn’t be bold enough to say such things in a situation like this. We believe this scenario is from one of the 5-year-old’s imaginations rather than reality. Although it is an inspiring story, it is not something we would buy into. After all, we are not kids.