40 Times People Brought Halloween To Life With Spook-tacular Decor

By Liezel L

This article was originally published on DocJournals

There are so many different reasons to love Halloween. There are the fun and fabulous costumes, the scary movie marathons, the justification to eat tonnes of candy, and, of course, the excuse to decorate the house! As you may be aware, there are some dedicated Halloween fans that go all-out every year. Even if they’re not welcoming trick-or-treaters, their houses are always the spookiest ones on the block and are surely the talk of the town.

While many people just string up some faux spiderwebs and layout styrofoam headstones, these dedicated dark souls add in a personal touch to really bring their lawns to life. From storefronts to buildings to suburban homes, here are 35+ creative Halloween decorations that are hard to beat.

Spooky Ring Around The Rosie

We think we can all agree that kids are some of the most terrifying creatures to exist. There’s a reason they always terrify the souls out of fully grown adults in horror movies. Now, imagine seeing a scene like this in your backyard.

image courtesy of MapleGlazedMoose/ Reddit

We’d hesitate to leave our houses and go out there. If there were no other choice, we’d pray for our souls first. We wonder if whoever did this put a pentagram in there. That would complete the entire ghost children’s cult aesthetic. 

Halloween on Abbey Road

Some Beatles fans might get a little upset over these since some members of the iconic band are still with us, and some are not. But it’s just a Halloween decoration, and if we’re honest, it’s a pretty brilliant one at that. 

image courtesy of JLamb56/ Reddit

It’s the perfect way to celebrate one’s love for both Halloween and the Beatles. Who knows? Maybe they even have some spookified Halloween versions of the Beatles’ songs to play outside to complete this set. And the original “Elenor Rigby” is spooky enough.

Welcome To Moe’s

This isn’t scary, except that it’s so well done it’s spooky. Anyone who watched The Simpsons would immediately recognize the bar. This is a real bar that dressed up for Halloween. We can only imagine the amazing costumes you would find inside.

image courtesy of u/creatureofchaos/ Reddit

Fans of the show also agree that their Halloween episodes are the absolute best, hands down. This bar did its due Halloween diligence, but we hope there were some classic Treehouse of Horror episode references to be found inside!

Ghosts On The Road

No matter the holiday, it’s nice when people add in a bit of care for the community to their decor. In this instance, the truck owners took advantage of Halloween to make an on-the-road PSA, and they’re pretty spot on.

image courtesy of dt_jenny/ Reddit

Seriously, we love that they care. But isn’t this going to be a little too distracting? If we were the driver behind them, we’d spend all our time admiring the heck out of that Halloween decor rather than keeping our eyes on the road. Just saying. It’s still pretty cool, though. 

The Lawn Of The Dead

With many people going all out on their Halloween decor, you need to be pretty clever to stay in the game. Sometimes though, going back to the spooky scary classics is still the best way to go. Just look at these things! 

image courtesy of Allypent/ Imgur

Thank heavens the pictures were taken in daylight, but imagine passing by these in the dead of night. They look too real, and they look so ready to reach out and take us to Horrorland. We can already imagine a few kids and even some parents hesitating to walk up to that. 

Headline: Adorable Monsters Take Over City

Who says corporate people don’t know how to celebrate Halloween? Just look at these things! We’re quite amazed at how they all agreed to go the adorable monster route, though. Did they have a meeting or something about it? Probably.

image courtesy of fatboyslick/ Reddit

These are all from the city of Manchester. It seems that an agreement has been struck that instead of providing more terror to their customers, they’re going to try and win some goodwill back with adorable monsters, and we must say, it might just work. 


Many people will disagree with this but, come on, it’s still kinda funny. Think of all the dirty laundry, all their annoying little habits, and, of course, the “ol’ ball and chain” metaphor. You have to live with those as long as you’re together, and well, that can be terrifying. 

image courtesy of Dougie Gray/ Facebook

No matter your stance on this one, this decor proves that reality is far scarier than anything we can come up with in our imagination. Ghosts can haunt and terrify you, but this person felt that marriage would suck the life out of them.

Who’s A Good Dragon?

Dragons never get old, and when they’re made this well and this big, there’s just no reason not to be amazed. Seriously, whoever made this has some mad skills. Disney should hire them to make their installments. Just look at that detail! 

image courtesy of schwandt/ Imgur

We’re wondering how they made it and got it on the roof? Also, what happens after Halloween? Does it just go into storage, and how would that work? We’re clearly losing the magic here, so we’ll go back to admiring this beautiful beast.

Sorry. Nope. Can’t. 

When we watched those movies when we were younger, these guys were, of course, evil. They were running around murdering people, after all. But then, as we get older, we get more and more irritated at those teens, and maybe we think, “Hold on, these teens aren’t exactly the goody two shoes we’d risk our lives to save.” 

image courtesy of Dilligaf_Bazinga/ Reddit

We’re not saying murder is right. We’re just saying that some of these guys had a sad backstory or valid reason. We’ve all seen movies about a murderer we’re rooting for. Kill Bill, anyone? If the perspective were switched, would we root for Freddy?

Any Job Openings? 

There are soulless companies that ignore Halloween and its glory altogether. And then there are heaven-sent companies who go all out for the season. We don’t need to spell out which team we’re on. This company below gets some applause from us.

image courtesy of steelerchief/ Imgur

Seriously, most company accounting departments or owners would faint if you’d ask for budgets that would cover this. How did this company’s planning committee get away with this? And the most crucial question: is there any chance this company is hiring? 

Nightmare Forest 

One of the best things about Halloween decorating is that you can transform your entire house by making everything look a little spooky or Halloween-y with a bit of creativity. Check out what this plant mom did to her plant babies. 

image courtesy of egzo/ Imgur

She created a real-life haunted forest right inside her house, complete with venomous looking and meat-eating plants. And here we thought they only existed in movies and mad scientists’ labs. Is there any chance she’s opening an exhibit? We’d pay to see that!

And Poor Old Billy Never Quit His Job

Have you ever experienced being behind the lady with a million coupons or complaints in the checkout line? It’s horrible, right? Well, imagine how the teller feels. We bet it’s pretty much something like this. They would rather be a plastic spider web-bedecked skeleton.

image courtesy of lemmeseeyourkitties/ Reddit

We must say, although Wal-Mart can be stingy towards their employees, their decorating team is made up of geniuses. They’re probably projecting their issues, but as we all know, the more you stick to reality, the more horror there is. 

Those Pumpkin Buns

People are getting more and more creative with their pumpkin decor, and we love every bit of it. Pumpkin art is a great way to express art skills. Some do intricate carvings of their fave celebrities, and others, well, they do something a little cheekier

image courtesy of WhatsRightWhatsLeft/ Reddit

We love how naughty this one is. We’re sure not everyone would appreciate its humor, though, and we bet whoever put this up got some Karen complaints. Anyhow, it’s still pretty cool, and we’d love to get a chance to slap those buns. 

Delivery From The Other Side

Honestly, we think delivery people get the brunt of a lot of Halloween decor pranks. They’re the most vulnerable victims, after all. This delivery woman either decided “not today,” or she is equally obsessed with Halloween and played along.

image courtesy of MrBrainwashed/ Reddit

This is a pretty cool way to get your delivery home. We can only imagine that this delivery person might have wanted to give a little more Halloween payback but settled on what she could do in the moment instead. 

Still A Little Too Soon

We think every Marvel fan out there would still feel the tiniest pang of pain hearing those words and seeing this perfectly recreated scene. That was one of the most painful moments in Marvel cinematic history, and no one could forget it. 

image courtesy of RobertDowneyJr/ Twitter

We think what makes this more painful is all the other scenes it triggers. Remember the scene with Loki and Thor or Wanda and Vision, or how about that other Tony Stark scene? Having any flashbacks yet? We are, and we might be tearing up over here.

Less Witch Brew Next Time

When people do witch decor, they usually go for the green and ugly terrifying kind. The more warts and the more children-hungry they look, the better. But then, there are the select few who come up with something so much better. 

image courtesy of hunterschmidt0455772/ Imgur

This witch looks like she had a little too much fun right before doing her Halloween duties. This classic Halloween decoration will always be a favorite of ours and never gets old. She kind of looks like those insects that go “Splat!!” on your windshield. 

Will?! Will Byers?!

Has anyone forgotten Winona Ryder’s iconic scene from Stranger Things calling out to her son in the Upside-Down? Because we have not. Nor have we forgotten the iconic creepy Christmas lights and wonky alphabet she used to communicate with him. 

image courtesy of darth_melodious/ Reddit

Stranger Things remains one of the best shows ever created on Netflix, and this Halloween decor is a perfect tribute to that. The best part about this decor is they can keep it for the Christmas season too. We call that efficient.

Zombie Horsey

Sure, we’ve seen the zombie deer from Train To Busan and the zombie tiger from Army Of The Dead, but we feel there is still a lack of representation for zombie animals on the big screen, so this is a pleasant surprise. 

image courtesy of Alexahadid/ Reddit

Think about it. If humans could be affected by some brain-eating virus, couldn’t other mammal species to some degree also be affected? And why limit zombification to humans? Zombie horses and zombie lions are pretty cool and gory too. 

Giant Spiders Will Never Get Old

Giant spiders and giant cobwebs will never fail to appear whenever Halloween comes around, and it never gets old. If we’re already afraid of the small version, how much more so if we encounter giant versions of insects and spiders?

image courtesy of amypearson_/ Instagram

Aside from their size, what if they feast on humans? That would be the thought running through our imaginations when we see this Halloween decor. That and a considerable amount of awe at the effort to throw all that web-like material around. 

Say A Hundred Hail Marys

We know that the superstitious “Bloody Mary” thing in front of the mirror three times is just a silly game, but that doesn’t mean it’s not terrifying to do it. Just the anticipation of seeing a mangled, bloody lady in the mirror can send hearts racing. 

image courtesy of Florixia/ Reddit

Why depend on a mirror, though, when you can make your own Bloody Mary and put it out in unsuspecting places for visitors to find? At least that’s what we hope this creative DIYer did with this cool Bloody Mary decor. 

Loungin’ Around

When decorating for Halloween, you can’t go wrong with giant versions of classic horrors. Spiders, dragons, skeletons – they are all more terrifying when they are larger than life. Someone created this amazing decoration for Dia de Los Muertos in Mexico.

image courtesy of apolion44/ Reddit

This surely stopped traffic on this road! And we absolutely love how this big-boned guy looks less scary and more like he’s lounging in his concrete bath. His hand looks to us like he’s saying, “Yes! I got the street all to myself at last!”

Wanna Float? 

If this doesn’t put a spike of fear in you even the tiniest bit, then you’ve got no soul. Of course, we’re just kidding (or maybe not), but who wouldn’t remember that kid-eating murderous alien clown monster with that infamous balloon? 

image courtesy of Legendary/ Reddit

If we were passing through that street, we’d stay well away from that balloon. We know we probably wouldn’t see a brilliant grinning smile down there, but we wouldn’t want to take the risk. Any glint or hint of any living thing down there would send us running. 


When some people imagine the coming of the dead to get us, they paint pictures of cracking grounds and fire-spewing forth from the bowels of hell. This homeowner had something maybe more realistic in mind and took advantage of a natural disaster. 

image courtesy of Whoshabooboo/ Reddit

Kudos to him for making the best out of a sad situation. That tree must have been beautiful and might have even created a beautiful and spooky Halloween backdrop in years past, but at least the homeowner didn’t let its suffering go to waste. 

Nom Nom Nom Nom

It is always fun when people break away from the norm with Halloween decorations. When they come up with something unique, it’s a lot more memorable. This one, for instance, gives off fun vibes rather than your spooky, creepy Halloween stuff. 

image courtesy of djeclipz/ Reddit

Now, imagine someone came along and knocked on the door dressed as a cookie. That would have been the perfect match made in Halloween heaven. We hope that the design lasted through all Halloween weather. We wonder how it looked at night.

The Monster Has Broken Loose

If anyone should be trying to one-up each other on decorations every Halloween, it is those commercial buildings. Not only do they have the budget, but when they really get into it, they can go all out. And the potential is endless!

image courtesy of totallymintlike/ Reddit

Instead of doing the usual inflatable thing or just putting some decorations by the entrance, this building in Sunderland, UK, went all out with Cthulhu breaking out, and it’s brilliant. That’s how you say you’re dedicated to your customers’ joy. 

Thomas And Friends: Zombie Edition

Have you ever wondered what would happen once Thomas and his friends died? Of course, it’s not a common thing to ponder, but clearly, this person spent some time thinking about it. We love how they fleshed out their vision with used plastic bottles as well. That’s upcycling!

image courtesy of adrianalemur/ Reddit

This is a pretty cool take on Thomas & Friends, although we think we all know that once those trains reach the end of their lifespan, they’re all going to the yard to become scraps and all that. Gruesome, right? That show is creepy enough without imagining them as zombie trains. Who agrees?

Lesson Learned

It’s nice that the days where house chores were seen as women’s jobs are now fading away. Everyone needs to know how to clean the house. And well, if you’re not going to fall in line, you might end up like this poor guy right here. 

image courtesy of intel_core_i5_2400/ Reddit

Hopefully, this will scare some lazy bones out there into doing the house chores and live like decent, equally contributing human beings. And it also matches perfectly with the “marriage is the real horror” decoration we saw above! They should be paired.

Jack Skellington’s Halloween Suit

Someone out there said, “What if Jack Skellington gave up the suit for the first time and went out in his full pumpkin king glory?” This is the result we got, and we are not complaining. He looks ready to terrify any humans in his special way. 

image courtesy of flimflamwhizbang/ Imgur

Kudos to whoever created this and to everyone else putting in so much effort in their Halloween decor. Their creativity and dedication are something. While the rest of us are out here just thinking about costumes and candy, they’re out there bringing spooky to life.

The House That Lived 

Anything inanimate coming to life is pretty darn terrifying because they are defying the rules of nature. Just imagine your toaster coming to life and chasing you around the house, or how about your phone having a mind of its own and putting your online social life in jeopardy?

image courtesy of chocolate_babies/ Reddit

Just the concept of it is terrifying. How about your house coming alive? Your home is supposed to be one of your safest spaces, not the beast that will eat you alive. Thankfully, this homeowner gave us a look at what that might look like in reality.

Going To Drive People Crazy

People drive dead bodies around all the time. Sometimes, it’s going to the morgue, sometimes it’s to the cemetery, and sometimes, it’s for something less legal. Nobody would want to be in that situation, and nobody would like to see that situation, making this Halloween decor a lot more terrifying. 

image courtesy of blahblahblah1992/ Reddit

It looks so realistic. You’re happily driving without a care, and suddenly, you see this flapping behind the car in front of you. We’d panic, we’d feel terrified, and we might probably forget about calling the police all together in terror. 

The Usual Circus Terror

There’s something about circuses at night, and clowns, that never stop being terrifying no matter how old we get. And this is ironic, seeing that they’re supposed to be places and people of joy in the daytime. Yet, there is something sinister about them.

image courtesy of ragingheadache/ Imgur

We don’t know if it’s because of all the movies or the general feeling of creepiness that night brings to these places. No matter what it is, this house perfectly captured it. They have the perfect setup to keep the scaredy cats away. 

When The Effort Is Just As Amazing As The Creations

We admire all these people who put so much effort, time, and creativity into Halloween. This person could have gone for the usual cloth ghosts, but no, they decided to make it look a bit more realistic, and they did!

image courtesy of PeekaBoo912/ Reddit

Those things are all completely made of tap,e and if we said we’re not amazed, we’d be big fat liars. The creator said it needs more lights, but we think they’re already perfect. Turn off the lights, and they look like ghouls coming out of the walls to steal our souls!

Dearly Beloved Edward Scissorhands

If you haven’t watched Edwards Scissorhands, then you’re missing out. That movie was and still is one of the best Halloween movies out there. The scene this figure is created from is giving us all the feels. Tim Burton is the master of spooky.

image courtesy of Blueb3/ Imgur

That scene is still one of the best; it brought a lot of us to tears so to whoever made this, thank you for bringing it to life. Also, exceptional figure-making skills! That likeness and that detail are just remarkable!

We See What You Did There

Did you ever have those nosy neighbors who always seemed to be in your business and who always seemed to know every single thing you did that day? Well, this might be a perfect Halloween for you to recreate if you still have them.

image courtesy of evinphotography/ Instagram

Ears would be a perfect addition. It would bring to life that “I see everything and I hear everything” motto of those nosy neighbors. When you suggest it to them, though, make sure to be ready to become their favorite subject if you aren’t already. 

Life On The Other Side

If the world turned upside down and the dead become the new living, and the living become the new dead, this is what it would look like in a typical suburban neighborhood. Instead of soccer moms with cute corgis, we’re just going to see naked skeletons walking giant spiders. 

image courtesy of yyooiinnkk/ Reddit

We can’t say that the concept doesn’t terrify us, but it also makes us wonder. What if the world turned upside down that way, Halloween style? Would it be something like the fun-filled Corpse Bride or something like those zombie films?

Castle Byers

We get why people love drawing inspiration from Stranger Things for their Halloween decor. There’s the iconic string lights, the Demogorgon, the Upside-Down, and, of course, this creepy little hut in the woods. There is a lot of inspiration in that show.

image courtesy of campbell976/ Reddit

It wasn’t that creepy in the series, but we love how this family updated it to make it a bit more intimidating. We’re having flashbacks of Will and that slimy creature. Hopefully, the kids won’t be spewing out any such things after this family’s Halloween. 

Lesson Learned: Take Down The Halloween Decor Fast

Halloween is one of the best seasons for decorating. You get to scare people, you get to unleash some level of nerdiness, you get to express your love for the spooky unashamedly, and again, you get to scare people. But it has to end at some point. 

image courtesy of MahatmaBlondhi/ Reddit

Take this person, for instance. It was just one fake body bag forgotten, but it brought six cops, a fire truck, and an ambulance to their doorstep. Who wouldn’t be concerned seeing something in the shape of a person wrapped in a garbage bag? It is a testament to how good the decor is. 

The Real Crime Scene

Many of us don’t realize it or choose to ignore it because, of course, we need to survive, but we walk into crime scenes every day. Where else does one’s soul get harmed repeatedly, and where do one’s dreams get dashed each day? Yep, work.

image courtesy of mystic848/ Instagram

The emp[loyee who owns this cubicle had been working from home, and his co-worker decided to take it upon himself to show a little Halloween spirit and make wise use of the unused space. And we say, thank the Halloween gods he did. 

Doorway to Hell

If you want the kids to stay away so you can have all the Halloween treats to yourself and stop any pranksters from targeting your home, this is a perfect way to do it. It’s a simple but effective warning to anyone who dares pass the threshold. 

image courtesy of jbpawlak/ Reddit

The house itself already looks gorgeously spooky, and then you also have the creepy thing on the window. The sight of the guillotine would make us back off. Candy? Uh, no thanks. We love our necks attached to our bodies, thank you very much.