Not So Haute Couture: Fashion Fails That Are Not So Fabulous

By Jana I

This article was originally published on befashionly

People are rarely familiar with high-end fashion. Often, they don’t even comprehend what it wants to achieve. If you watched any show from past Fashion Weeks, you would know that brands like Gucci, Prada, Armani, Versace, and others tend to have an unusual way of expressing their fashion sense. Not everyone can understand it, and it’s not up to everyone to understand at the end of the day. Although high fashion is somewhat incomprehensible, what about your local clothing store’s fashion choices? We are confident that you have encountered an absurd clothing item at least at one point in your life. If you keep scrolling down this article, you will indeed find both hilarious and mindblowing shirts, jeans, socks, shoes, and more. We’ve compiled 45 disastrous fashion choices for you to enjoy!

Too Frozen

Whether you’re a child, teenager, adolescent, or an adult, you’ve most certainly heard of the Frozen franchise. Two beautiful sisters, princesses Elsa and Anna, are left on their own to rule a big kingdom in the North. Besides being a princess, Elsa also possesses the magic powers of ice and snow.

Image Courtesy of ItsDiana5454 / Reddit

This backpack is hilarious! We believe that Elsa’s face also serves as a mask, and as a result, you get this comical facial expression unaligned with the eyes. This is how we imagine parents look like when their children ask to see Frozen for the millionth time.

Love You From All Different Angles

It’s important to express our love to loved ones. It’s necessary to constantly remind them of it. Perhaps giving them a gift would be a perfect way of showing affection. This present can be a book, some flowers, a watch, baked goods, or even clothing.

Image Courtesy of Billysbilbolag / Reddit

The shirt in this image was a present from a grandma. We are positive she had the right intentions. However, those intentions are somewhat unclear. It took us a solid half an hour to decipher what she wanted to say. There are three ways to read love: from the front, in the mirror, and upside down. Skeptics would say LEL OVO VOV ELE, which won’t be wrong either.

You are Standards! Yeah!

Sometimes, the clothes we wear can make us feel confident, strong, and independent. Those are the best type of clothes one could wear. They say dress to impress, or rather dress for the life you want, not for the life you have. Preach!

Image Courtesy of hellomafd / Reddit

Understanding the intention of this saying above is a mystery. They probably wanted to say, “Come as high as your standards.” However, English grammar was of no acquaintance to them. People often mix up you’re and your, and we assume that’s what happened here. Nonetheless, “you are standards.” applies equally. Let it be known!


Sometimes, you know, there is no ill intent. Someone might use the wrong tone to talk to you, they might sound too harsh, too disinterested, or whatever the case might be – the point is lots of things are misunderstood due to different factors.

Image Courtesy of DarkColorimetry / Reddit

The equivalent of tone while speaking could be the font when writing. Numerous things depend on the font, like whether something is professional, serious, goofy, interesting, etc. Depending on how long you spend your time looking, the words on the shirt above will morph. All we have to say about this is: it’s not what you might think at first.

Taking the Pavement Home

One of the most annoying things would be when you feel something is stuck to your shoe, but you are either in no position to get it off, or you can’t do it in passing but must stop for a minute and solve the issue.

Image Courtesy of maowang99 / Reddit

If this ever happened to you, you know exactly how it feels. While you’re walking, you might scrape the rocks on the pavement, and it creates the most awful sensation. If you’re a rock collector, you might enjoy these sneakers. Automatic pebble collector! Let’s go!

A Bone in Your Leg

Socks are the most amazing invention in the world! They keep people warm, cozy, and they serve as a perfect gift, especially during the winter holidays! Everyone loves a good pair of socks. If you need a last-minute gift, pick up a cute blanket, a nice, soft bathrobe, and a pair of socks.

Image Courtesy of Beckandrews

However, sometimes even socks manufacturing can go wrong. We don’t know how this happened. These socks are made for a person with four legs. The bones should’ve been perfectly aligned with the legs and feet, of course, but that didn’t happen. Either way, it’s hilarious! Sometimes fails work for the best!

Spring Sprang Sprung…Sprong?

Spring is an amazing time of year. Trees, flowers, and plants are in bloom. Everything is floral, bright, and almost ethereal! Coming out of a long winter hibernation can seem so refreshing, and it makes spring so much more endearing.

Image Courtesy of clumsy_flamingo / Reddit

What this T-shirt wants to say exactly, though, will remain a mystery. Is this a strong squad, sprong squad, or spring squad? Considering the colors, cuteness of the bunnies, and the tiny kitten, it is not likely it’s necessarily a strong squad.

She is a…Well, Girl

Nowadays, it’s challenging to address someone in any way, whether that be their gender, their preferences, pronouns, or something else. People are much more comfortable with who they are due to the exponential growth of social media and the availability of different social media influencers worldwide who speak on important issues.

Image Courtesy of StubbornFay / Reddit

Is this tummy girl, hunny (honey) girl, or funny girl? This fantastic image surfaced from Reddit, and it made us think to ourselves about all possible ways of addressing a person, describing a person, and suitable adjectives to use while doing it.

False Advertising

We’ve all encountered at one point in our lives that the thing we purchased was either of less quality or completely different than the product that was advertised in a commercial or on social media. When that happens, it’s extremely disappointing.

Image Courtesy of gvinpi / Reddit

However, this just made us laugh out loud because it’s so unbelievably silly. Someone made a shirt with the New York City skyline and marketed it as Los Angeles, which is on the other side of the country. The Empire State Building is a symbol of New York and the United States as well, but definitely not a symbol of LA.

Just Terrible

When we look at something, sometimes there is no other thought rather than: it’s just terrible. Some things are just so wrong. They should be illegal. They feel entirely unlawful. While scouring through Reddit, we’ve found a perfect candidate for the most awful shirt ever.

Imagine Courtesy of hanzhog / Reddit

It just feels wrong. This T-Shirt looks like someone used it in a mustard fight or while cleaning up. We can not imagine anyone wearing this unironically and thinking it’s a perfect outfit piece for a coffee date, going to the movies, or strolling into the classroom.

Let it Go!

We’ve mentioned Elsa once in this article, but unfortunately, it’s not the last we see of her today. She’s taken the world by storm! Children are obsessed with her, and all the elements are there: beauty, brains, magic, kingdom, enemies, goofy animals, and inanimate objects that speak and sing (Olaf).

Image Courtesy of Zuzufatcat / Reddit

Here are the most fabulous Frozen-themed cowboy boots of any girls’ wildest dreams! If your kids have a costume party, maybe these shoes are exactly what’s missing to complete the look. However, we don’t know about that gaping hole in the back. Perhaps it’s intentional: frozen theme, frozen feet? Who knows!

Legally Blind

Our eyes get tired easily throughout the day. We are glued to our screens, phones, laptops, notepads, computers, and TVs. These devices became essential in everyday work or study. That’s the reason many people wear glasses or contacts nowadays.

Image Courtesy of chaseywoot / Reddit

If you can read this easily, you are one in a million! The font color is too similar to the color of the T-Shirt itself. When we tell you what it says, you’ll realize how ironic it is: always choose kindness. How is this kind?! Making us lose our sight because you didn’t choose a contrasting font color. How inconsiderate!

With All Due Respect, What?!

Abstract art has its perks but also its setbacks. Sometimes, it’s fun and interesting to look at the shapes and try and uncover the meaning behind them. However, at other times, it doesn’t make any sense. It’s just a few lines pointing in different directions without any coherence.

Image Courtesy of blueizcold / Reddit

On this sweatshirt was supposed to be an eagle. At least, that is the conclusion we came to. However, we are uncertain about where the head is, what happened to its torso, and such. The wings are there, that’s given. Nonetheless, we like it! What do you think?


While we’re on the topic of eagles, let’s stay there for a while. Scrolling through Reddit, we’ve found another gem where a perfect opportunity was missed, and instead of that, another fashion monstrosity was created. Well, okay, maybe not a monstrosity, but a fail.

Image Courtesy of Little-Coin / Reddit

Let’s say a few nice things about it first. The color – amazing! The contrasting font colors – excellent! The fit – okay. That pocket is interesting and quite useful. However, why is an eagle’s shadow replacing the letter O instead of the letter V? That is such a missed opportunity!

Whose Toe?

Sometimes, foreign countries love printing their clothes with English words, expressions, and sayings. While doing so, they can unintentionally write something absurd, incomprehensible (as we’ve already seen), or undoubtedly funny. Let us show you another example.

Image Courtesy of umbrellapokedeye / Reddit

If you’re a nonnative speaker, looking at this hoodie might not disturb you in any way. “Camel toe, so what?” You might ask yourself. However, if you google what camel toe means in day-to-day conversations, especially between women, you will realize why this is so cringy.

All Mouth and No Trousers

When we say someone is “all mouth and no trousers,” we want to emphasize that this person likes to talk, and talk, and talk, but never does anything they are promising or going on about. In a way, they are inconsistent and untruthful.

Image Courtesy of / Reddit

If you look closely, you will see that Marge has a double mouth on these official The Simpsons pajamas. If you’ve watched The Simpsons at one point in your life, you’ve noticed how Marge is a reluctant and insecure character, talking a lot but not succeeding in her actions or career.

Feet Squared

We talked about socks already, and we established that almost everyone loves them! However, let’s focus on those people that don’t like them! Socks can sometimes be a bore. They suffocate the feet, can be too thick for certain shoes, or they are so thin that they rip apart, and then you might get blisters. Ouch!

Image Courtesy of smodanc / Reddit

Now, look at this cheeky design! These socks are in a shape of a square. No one is sure why since feet are not squares, but rather ovals and socks are usually the common sock shape, so they follow the line of the toes. What kind of sorcery is this?!


These fashion fails sometimes do hold an important message to help build up confidence, to make someone feel and act stronger, more capable, important, and such. They could motivate you when you look in the mirror. Too bad the message is seldom conveyed well.

Image Courtesy of Fuj_san9247 / Reddit

So, how should we read this first at first glance? Strong because HATO people are RDERKILL; Or, strong people are because harder to kill; Or because stronger people are harder to kill? The last one seems the most plausible, but why is there a because?

Sport Elegance

Our favorite type of clothing is sport elegance! It’s comfortable, nice, easy to transition between casual and professional, multipurpose clothing that can make you seem confident and good-looking on various occasions. If this style is something you like, look at this picture.

Image Courtesy of Andrei399 / Reddit

These Nike heels/shoes are roaming around Reddit posts. They are perfect for sporty and elegant looks. The heel makes them fancier, and the Nike symbol makes them seem like streetwear. Some people despise them, whereas others think they are cute in a way. We are leaving it to you to decide.

What’s the Point?

Women’s clothing is…strange. Let’s start with the positives: it’s usually beautiful, fashionable, nicely colored, and it can help women express themselves however they might want. Big high fashion houses mainly cater to women: designer bags, shoes, coats, etc., are always mesmerizing and eye-catching!

Image Courtesy of Iwantmyteslanow / Reddit

However, sometimes, women’s fashion can be infuriating! Dresses without any pockets, and then pants or jeans with pockets like these?! What’s the point of a pocket if it’s not going to hold your phone or keys at least? Women’s jeans make pickpocketing so much easier. Fashion brands, wake up!

What Was the Reason?!

Some things just shouldn’t exist. They have no point, and they don’t make people’s lives easier or better in any way. They are completely unnecessary. Therefore, when we show you the following picture, you’ll realize the frustration of this buyer.

Image Courtesy of Epicjoedogg721 / Reddit

Remember the pockets for women’s jeans? Well, this is one step too far! When you open up this zipper, you’ll be very unpleasantly surprised to find out that there is no hole after all. It’s a waste of space and a waste of material. We ask ourselves: what was the reason?!

And Another One!

We’ve had it with these pockets. It’s not fair. People should not be deceived like this. Why do they manufacture jackets with something that looks like pockets but is not? The sinking feeling of unzipping your zipper to put gum or keys and discovering that there is just fabric and nothing more – AAAGH!

Image Courtesy of PhilosopherStriking1 / Reddit

No wonder humans have evolved and can hold multiple objects in their hands, starting from coffee to car and house keys, phones, and purses. It’s a waste of material simply putting a zipper without purpose. No wonder there is so much pollution on Earth.

Is That a Hoof?

So, we’ve already talked about unnecessary objects floating around a design or replacing a letter, which makes it confusing or absurd. Just remember the eagle extravaganza a few images above. However, sometimes, things are just put on a piece of clothing with no purpose whatsoever.

Image Courtesy of Saychopath87 / Reddit

“This Happy Is My Place?” Or, “This Hoof Happy Is My Hoof Place?” No. “This Is My Happy Place?!” Yes! But, why the hoofs? Perhaps they are supposed to represent quotation marks, but oh dear, what an unfortunate way of using them.

Flamin’ Goals

Birds are wonderful animals. They are free, they have feathers, and they can fly, which in itself is an amazing ability humans wish they had. However, fashion fails related to birds don’t cease to exist. There were a couple of eagles but now prepare for a flamingo.

Image Courtesy of possessedsockpuppet / Reddit

There are a few mistakes here. First, we all assumed the flamingo’s body would represent the letter ‘i’ or letter ‘l,’ for example. However, we must realize that’s not the case upon closer inspection. Another mistake is improper spelling: flamingoas nor flamingoals are neither correct.

Hot as Heck

Some people love summer, and then some hate it to its core. When you think about it, summer has its perks. However, it can also be unbearably suffocating. Heat can usually cause drowsiness, dehydration, sleepiness, and overall unproductive behavior.

Image Courtesy of firowind / Reddit

If you take a look at this hat, you might think it says ‘hell’ summer, and some people would agree. Upon further inspection, you realize that the sun was supposed to represent the letter o, as in, “hello summer.” Seems like a children’s hat, very sweet.

You Left the Rest of Your Sweater at Home

We can all agree that sweaters are a must during the winter season. The knitted goodies make us feel warm, comfortable, and taken care of when the weather is freezing. So, when you look at the sweater below, you will be mind blown.

Image Courtesy of 1AbbyRoad / Twitter

Abby Barr shared this picture on her Twitter page, and we can’t help but agree with her question, Is Zara okay? We get it. It looks sort of inexplicably cute and fashionable. However, its wearability is a mystery. Someone might find it easy to work with since there won’t be any bulkiness in the lower part but will provide coverage on the arms and shoulders.

Dog is the Boss

Many people have pets, and they are usually a very important part of their lives. They buy special foods, feed them with what the vet prescribes, change their water regularly, take them on walks, buy them toys, so they don’t get bored or sad, and so on.

Image Courtesy of Gedj / Reddit

They love their pets so much so that they would bend the rules and oblige to their wishes. Whatever the dog goes says… or wait: Whatever the dog says goes… We are confused. Another fashion fail—this time, including a bossy dog. We love to see it.

Cursed Pedicure

Both men and women like getting a good manicure and pedicure. It makes us feel special, clean, tidy, and as if we did something so significant for ourselves, even though it’s just a simple cosmetic excursion. However, some people might find it awkward to sit at the nail salon and get their feet touched by strangers, so that’s why these exist…

Image Courtesy of pkkballer22 / Reddit

These stockings are just are too disturbing to be allowed. They don’t seem realistic at all. They are wanky, cheap-looking, and overall bad. It’s better not to have neither them nor a pedicure. Everything in between is deeply uncomfortable and awkward.

Like a Breath of Fresh Air

The best type of clothing makes you feel comfortable in your skin. Sometimes, it’s loose and flowy like a summer dress. That way, even though it might be hot outside, there is still a gentle breeze cooling us down and a breath of fresh air to dry out the sweat.

Image Courtesy of SpookyVoidCat / Reddit

Now, this pair of shorts or swimsuit, whatever it might be, sends so many wrong messages. The colors and the artwork are nice. Pastels are in season, and the contrasting colors are there. However, they have made a huge mistake with a girl pouting her mouth and blowing something of her palm, it seems.

GPS is Lost

When traveling, people often need assistance, like Google Maps, IOS Maps, and software or apps that help them find directions easily. Usually, they have audio assistance as well and tell you whether to turn left, right, or continue straight ahead.

Image Courtesy of faiqelite5 / Reddit

Now, people that were making these slippers had the right intention. They wanted to be silly but helpful in a way because some struggle to tell directions in adulthood as well as childhood. However, they must have made a tragic error. Although, we think this way it’s much more interesting.


Sometimes using a completely unknown, unrecognizable language is better than using any other incorrectly. Somehow, it makes it less cringe and more so interesting, or simply so weird it’s entertaining. Making up a language that doesn’t exist is an art form in itself.

Image Courtesy of Mandala_tattoogirl / Reddit

These pajamas or pants are adorable. The drawings and the colors give off a very positive, vibrant vibe. They seem as if they would put people in a good mood once they wear them. However, what the foods are saying, we don’t know. There is something insidious about that, to be honest.

We Are Lost

Sneakers are probably one of the most comfortable shoes anyone could wear. They are soft, bendable, perfect for running, walking, doing any sports, or just going to the grocery store. You can put them on quickly and take them off equally as fast.

Image Courtesy of chemicalsNme/ Reddit

What happened to these sneakers and shoelaces? We have no clue. It seems like the lace broke off completely. How strong would the tie have to be for this to happen? Perhaps it’s just a manufacturing error. However, upon further investigation on Reddit, we’ve found out this often occurs with this Adidas sneakers line. So be careful out there!

Split Personality

We love love, and we support love, whatever shape it might take, as long as it’s allowed under the eye of law and morals. We don’t judge when two legal adults love each other because they should be together no matter what the world says. However, we must judge this:

Image Courtesy of emmaf08 / Reddit

This sweatshirt has a strong message; it wants to show that there is nothing wrong with these women being in love with each other, and that’s fine, but the execution was not so successful. The faces are somehow split on the armpits, creating a funny picture. Someone might say: another unrealistic beauty standard for women, and we agree!

Dirt Compilation

It’s interesting to observe big high-end fashion brands coming up with the most absurd ideas and selling them for a few thousand U.S. dollars. Well-off people have no other hobby than to spend money on hilarious and out-of-this-world designs. Nothing wrong with that.

Image Courtesy of / Reddit

These $1,200 Gucci jeans have taken the world by storm! The 70s are back in style, and this amazing model can pull this whole look off. The jeans look like they’ve been dragged across a freshly mown lawn. You can DIY this if you’re desperate enough. Take your father’s old jeans and press them on cut grass. Let us know the results!

One Step Further

Now, if this didn’t shock you enough to stop scrolling and ponder on how far people go in hopes of a reaction, then this is your lucky day. If you scroll down, you will find another pair of jeans. This time from Nordstrom.

Image Courtesy of / Nordstrom

If you’re at a loss for words, then you’re not alone. Why is it fashionable to look like you’re working hard outside in the cold and dirt instead of doing this excruciatingly difficult work without any apparent reasons is beyond us! Btw, they are a whopping $425! We can make a mess out of your jeans for free!

Peeping Tom

There is nothing worse than when people uncomfortably stare at you without any apparent reason, but just to be rude and make you feel unpleasantly exposed. These jeans we’re about to show you have the potential of creating unwanted exposure.

Image Courtesy of HM_AshKetchum / Reddit

We’ve already mentioned problems we have with certain pocket designs, but come on! What in all actuality is this! First of all, people could see more skin than necessary, and secondly, if you put something in your back pocket, better say goodbye to it right away, because it’s falling right out!

Dog’s Favorite Treat

Dogs, especially puppies, are prone to chewing everything! Their teeth are growing, therefore they need constant stimulus in their gums to encourage growth and make the whole process less painful and easier. However, sometimes, the victims of these teeth attacks are your favorite shoes.

Image Courtesy of / Neiman Marcus

Remember the Nordstrom pants and the beloved aesthetic of a tough life? Now take a look at these sneakers. No, they are not destroyed, at least not by a dog or any animal. This is how these sneakers were sold, and if you thought Gucci jeans were expensive, you don’t even want to know the price of these.

Groot is That You?!

The next thing we will show you will most certainly shock you or entertain you. It resembles tire marks in the mud, an old soccer ball used for generations, and a peanut shell. Some might say it looks like Groot from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Take a look and decide for yourself:

Image Courtesy of dionnebytdionne / Instagram

So, we don’t know what to think of it. It’s kind of cool, different, and underground. However, it’s also confusing and unnecessary at the end of the day. These can’t be comfortable to be in. They look itchy and too artificial. Perhaps artists like performers could benefit from this unique design. To each their own!

Questionable Design

All of the designs were questionable. Let us not lie to ourselves. However, this one might take the cake on the weirdest, cringy, most confusing design ever. If you were a fan of Twilight, you would probably really like these. And if you weren’t… you’re in for a treat.

Image Courtesy of NkBasya / Twitter

The color and the lace resemble an older person’s underwear, and that somehow makes this even more uncomfortable than it already is. Someone said that the only thing that could make this better is if it sparkled in the light. Only the real ones will understand that reference.

They Said What?!

Do you know this feeling when you’re listening to someone speak or ask you a question, and you politely ask them to repeat it a couple of times, and you still can’t understand it, so you just awkwardly nod and look down as not to offend them or seem stupid? Well…

Image Courtesy of GayStorkLord / Reddit

This fabulous shirt in the picture feels just like the description above. Keeping in mind, it’s obviously for children. You know how sometimes they speak complete gibberish, incomprehensible stories that only they know and understand. It seems like a perfect fit.

Sul Omte A

It’s so wholesome when people find their particular person, the one they’ve been dreaming about their whole life. Sometimes, we call it their other half. Other times it’s the love of their life, their twin flame, or simply put: a soulmate.

Image Courtesy of KoheFish / Reddit

After this hilarious picture, what else is there to say? We were at a loss for words. It’s so bizarre yet so effective. It’s ironic, clever, sarcastic – overall a gem among millions of memes. Someone took this cheesy couples’ picture and turned it into something amazing everyone can laugh about.

Care Bears

To steer away from cringe fashion combos, incorrect grammar, or simply unreasonable fashion choices, we’ve decided to present to you a cute pair of shoes, or rather slippers you can jump into and wear around the house for the ultimate cozy weekend staycation!

Image Courtesy of / Sneakers Brook 18

Although it’s so sweet to the pure-minded folk, it’s also kind of sinister. If you put them on, it looks like you’re stepping into little bears’ intestines. That isn’t such a pleasant sight after all, is it? We are sorry to put that image into your minds. In the end, it seems like this is just another stylish fail among many others.

You are Just as Sane as I am

If you’ve watched any Harry Potter movies, or even better, read the books, you might recognize the title of this picture. This is a famous quote from Luna Lovegood, who is prone to being absent-minded, lost in her peachy bubble of imagination, so much so, she reads the newspaper upside down.

Image Courtesy of / Gucci

When we saw these Gucci glasses, Luna was the first one to pop into our minds! These are made just for her. These glasses look unusual, and despite that, they are sold out on Gucci’s website. They just make this girl look sad for some reason.

These Shoes are Made For Walking

We’ve seen some dirty jeans and pants, and we’ve looked past those hideous torn-up sneakers that look like a puppy bit them to shreds. However, we’ve still hadn’t talked about the infamous Gucci shoes that are trying to hop onto this trend of making homeless aesthetic in style.

Image Courtesy of / Gucci

Besides being unreasonably ugly, these shoes cost more than $800 a pair. They look like they hadn’t been washed in over a year, and we’d imagine they smell horrible considering their looks. This is something they call the homeless chic trend, and it’s been circling for a while now.

Left Holding the Bag

We talked about shoes, shirts, pants, jeans, sweaters, socks, slippers, and glasses. What is possibly left for us to talk about that we hadn’t discussed yet? Well, bags, of course! If there is something Michael Cors or Luis Vuitton are famous for, it’s their designer bags!

Image Courtesy of / Bored Panda

Well, what if your brand new Balenciaga designer bag looks exactly like a tote bag you can get at Ikea for less than a dollar? This bag was a whopping $2,145, and we are unsure why. It doesn’t look expensive, the blue resembles a middle schooler’s backpack color, and all in all, it doesn’t seem like a wise investment. At least you can bring it to Ikea and blend in perfectly!