40 Comics That Perfectly Show The Ins And Outs Of A Millennial Relationship And Life Struggles

By Jana I

This article was originally published on ComicSenz

The internet is rich with super talented and creative artists and graphic designers. We talked about some of them already. Today, it’s time to introduce another funny, witty, relatable queen of online comics, Ms. Mary Park (otherwise known as Murzz) herself!

Murzz loves to show her life and daily struggles as a woman. Her comics are binge-worthy, intriguing, entertaining, and highly relatable. We are certain that all of us could relate to Mary Park at one point in your lives.

One thing to know about her: she never misses! Her comics and comebacks are always spot-on! For those reasons, we chose her as the topic of our article on this fine day. We hope you are ready to indulge in some fantastic illustrations! Let’s go!

All comics in this article are courtesy of @murrzstudio on Instagram.

When Romance Dies

Don’t get us wrong: staying in love with your partner for a long, long time is possible. Maybe even for an entire lifetime. What’s not plausible is to stay romantic and wear rose-colored glasses for longer than a year into the relationship.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

This is precisely what happens to couples once they move in and spend more than a year together. Okay, some keep the romance going for a bit longer, but you can’t avoid getting annoyed at each other’s loud breathing and knee kicks during the night.

Never Talk About High School

This is something everyone debates once they find their person. Somehow, you always wish you had met them earlier. Not even that, as early as possible! However, some of us were really awkward in our high school phase. Teenage drama and all that.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

What happens more often than not, girls tend to grow up and wise up before boys do. That’s why they end up much taller and interested in boys a year or two older than them. Boys stay looking like boys for longer. Both in physical and mental terms, let’s be honest. No offense, though…

Your Morning Affirmations

Morning affirmations and counting blessings can help if you’re not feeling your best. Life can drain your energy every once in a while. Sometimes all we need is a little break. Now, that’s not always possible. What you could do, is give yourself five minutes each morning.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

Murzz talks about that, too, in the comic we put above. Sometimes, all your inner child needs is a pep talk. A few minutes to count your blessings and give yourself that much-needed push towards conquering the day. You got this, queen; we are rooting for you!


We don’t know what comes to your silly mind once you read this subtitle, but it’s probably not what you imagined. The boomer finger is something we first saw in this artist’s comics, and we were in awe! We don’t know how we hadn’t noticed this phenomenon before.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

We introduce you to the boomer fingers! You love them, but then again, you hate them. All of our parents suffer from this syndrome. Unfortunately, you can’t cure it. It’s a life-long disease, torturing the boomer and everyone around them. One eternity later…

Ew, That’s So Cringe. GUILTY!

We will forever remember this iconic TikTok sound everyone and their mother used at one point in 2022. It is one of Kim Kardashian once she was on Saturday Night Live in 2021. She is dressed like a judge and says: ew, that is so cringey. GUILTY!

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

That is how we feel after looking at this comic. It’s freaking cringe, spending that much money on a vet visit, but we are so guilty of it. The most important thing for us is our pet is in perfect health. Forget about savings; how’s the cat doing?!

Well, Okay…

If the post about morning affirmations, blessings, and the calmness of coming to peace with life doesn’t motivate you enough, maybe you are a chaotic soul that needs this type of energy in your life. Well, we’ve come prepared for all kinds of people!

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

Murzz really knows how to captivate her audience! She is phenomenal. Well, this comic is a bit much, to be honest with you, but that’s why we love this hectic queen of illustrations! You do what the comic tells you. And you do that unapologetically!

Not Today, Satan

UV rays are one of the most harmful things for humans. If you don’t look at the weather report on your phone, you are probably unaware of how high they go. During the day, they are almost always critically high. Sigh…

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

We are exactly like Mary when it comes to ‘loving’ the sun and the heat. We absolutely hate it. To be honest with you, we are not the ones to talk about sunbathing, spending a whole day at the beach, etc. Fall is the queen of seasons! Period!

I…Luh You Du Beb…

Sometimes, love hurts. People betray us left and right. Finding those precious gems that would never stab you in the back is difficult. However, once you find them, take good care of them. Let them know how much they mean to you.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

When we said let them know how much they mean to you and hang on to them, we didn’t exactly mean strangle them and suffocate them with your love. The artist must feel so loved and lightheaded after this interaction.

Would You Still Love Me If…

This is a game we all played at one point in our lives. “Hey babe, would you still love me if I was an insect?!” “Well, you know, babe, probably not. I mean, you’d be an insect…” “How could you say that?! You are so insensitive. Leave me alone, Stephen! I don’t wanna talk!

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

Mary Park went through the same rodeo we all did. Her boyfriend didn’t like this game at all. We figured he knows where the discussion is headed. The things were just getting worse. Good thing he ended it on time…

Slow Fat Breathing

If this ain’t us… Let us dissect this situation. You came back from work. You were on your feet for 8+ hours. Finally, you got to unbutton those tight pants, take off your shoes, socks, and makeup, put that hair in a bun, and scroll on your phone for hours. That right there is heaven.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

This is how we feel when we stalk someone online. Especially if it’s an Instagram or Pinterest model. We all compare with others, and even though it’s not good to do that, it’s easier knowing we are not the only ones, right?! Eat intuitively, queen!

Picasso’s Self-Portrait

Do you know how Picasso painted his self-portraits once he entered his cubism era? Well, to keep it simple, they were all over the place. It was all combined out of blocks, squares, and lines. It didn’t look realistic, but somewhat disturbing and in fragments.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

We feel like pictures on our documents, such as government-issued IDs, passports, or driver’s licenses, always look wonky and weird. We don’t look like our real life selves at all! No wonder Murzz and her boyfriend exchanged these insecure looks.

Yin and Yang

Do you know how they say opposites attract each other? Or is it like that only with magnets? The truth is that people who are completely different might be intriguing to one another, but we don’t see them keeping their relationship in the long run.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

Girls and boys are different; no point in denying that. As we can see, the girls mostly used quarantine to work on keeping their skin clean and makeup-free, whereas boys focused on growing that unkempt beard they always dreamed of.

No, Get Off!

We all have that one friend that always wants what you’re having, whether it is your juice, water bottle, snack, chocolate, chips… it doesn’t matter. Sometimes, it’s fine; we can share. But when they are all messy and grimy… heck no.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

Look at how perfectly Murzz portrayed those kinds of people. Look at his foul mouth. We could never. We are gagging at the thought of giving him a straw with our drink. Imagine all the germs and food residue he’d leave behind. Ewww, we made ourselves sick.

When You Have to, You Have To

When nature calls, you can’t hang up or put it on hold. Well, you can, but we won’t be held accountable for the consequences that follow. Murzz sure knows how to appreciate beautiful nature and all its amazing and breathtaking sights.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

She is right. In this comic, nature looks mesmerizing. The colors, the sunset, the breeze on the grass… it’s so perfect. Her fart isn’t, though. The green cloud, spreading from her bottom, is not a sight for sore eyes. Look away, dear reader…

Stop Staring

Men and women have their off days. Off days are ones when you are not feeling like your usual self. You are a bit under the weather, and you don’t feel like putting in any effort to improve how your skin or under-eye bags look like.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

Murzz’s boyfriend knows how to make her feel better, that’s for sure. Well, not necessarily feel better, but feel seen. Whether that’s a good thing or not depends on Mary Park and Mary Park only. Her bra-less look of the day has left him speechless.

A Professional Yogi

Yogis and their sacred antics. We wonder how they stay so motivated, jolly, clean, and fit all the time. They have that well-known clean aesthetic everyone is ranting and raving about. We wish we could be like them, but the truth is far from that.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

We are glad at least Murzz relates to us and our struggles. She is a devoted yogi, or she at least attends some yoga sessions with her cute yoga mat and yoga pants. Although Adriene, her yoga instructor, remains calm even if her students are trembling and shaking.

Cancel Culture

We love inclusivity and equality, but we are against cancel culture. We think it’s important to stress that enough and separate it into two different categories. Although equal rights must be for everyone, we can’t silence those that disagree with the majority.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

As we learned with daily internet usage, cancel culture is highly toxic. You can’t possibly act upon destroying someone’s social and private life just because they are saying all kinds of ignorant shenanigans. Just ignore it and move on, or try to help them see why their ignorance is hurtful.

Mask On – Mask Off Trick

Oh, goodness, do you know that super popular trend on Tik Tok right now?! Mask on, mask off – and then show your perfectly dolled-up face, makeup, and hair?! It’s so good and so repetitive at the same time. Like, we love to see it, but we are kind of over it now.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

Isn’t the world sick of masks anyway? It was such a big part of the last few years we never wish to hear about it or sing about it. Murzz had quite a good laugh out of this trend, it seems. But she took it literally. Faces with and without a mask can look hella different!

Crypto Ignorance

If you know nothing about crypto, bitcoin and stocks, raise your hand… Could you feel our hand raising? Yeah, you are right. We know absolutely nothing about this, yet we enjoy living in ignorance and bliss. It’s nice here and we don’t feel like changing.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

Although Mary knows nothing, she is still super enthusiastic and wants to contribute to this whole thing. It’s endearing and cute. But it could never be us. Who knows, maybe we will change overnight and decide to invest. Until then, Netflix and snacks, please!

Good Question

We can’t judge people that decide they don’t want to have kids. We can understand where they are coming from, especially if the sentiment is a consequence of living in the past few decades. It’s not looking very nice out here.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

The artist posed a very good question. Is it now selfish to bring kids into this world, considering everything that is happening in the world at the moment?! We will ponder a bit about this. However, it’s best not to overthink everything like millennials and Gen-Z tend to do.

Toot Juice

Significant others can be so annoying at times. One time they are loving, patient, and calm; the other, they are a chaotic mess, running all over the place and disrupting your perfect peace. We’d love to hear which one you prefer.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

Imagine this happening to you. It’s not like we never experienced it. Imagine living with someone whose comedy peek is farts and funky smells. It’s childish, yet we still stay with those individuals. So what does it say about us, really?!

Been There Done That

We read something very interesting the other day. It said: “it’s not all men, but every woman I know has a story to tell.” The saddest part is that it’s one of the most real things we have read in a while. Not all men are abusive and uncultured, but most girls have a story.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

It can be as ‘simple’ as this. A woman is going to the gas station to get some energy drinks, and she is watched and sniffed by this awful hobo who’s roaming around looking for trouble. For women, this is a highly stressful situation. It’s a story to tell.

Makes Sense

If you haven’t cycled in a while, going to a cycling class is equivalent to having a death wish. As we get older, riding a bike is not something we practice regularly. Therefore, a certain part of our body gets sore once we hop on the bike again.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

These classes were a big hype a few years back. They were the exercise influencers were doing left, right, and center. We tried it a few times too, and it’s a killer! It’s excellent for burning fat but, goodness gracious, is it straining!

Sweet, Sweet Sin

The one who says they never did anything wrong is a liar! We all make mistakes, and that is what makes us humans. It’s okay not to be perfect. No one is a picture-perfect husband, wife, child, or parent. We need to accept that.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

Murzz is sinning for two reasons. First of all, she is awake even though her boyfriend is sleeping. Some people take that very personally. And secondly, she is reading some spicy 18+ webcomics! How dare you, Murzz?! We would never…


Ah, this is all too familiar. When you protect your peace and strive for a calm life, it can get boring and monotonous. That’s the harsh truth about leading a sheltered, peaceful, and tranquil life. We are guilty of that.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

As a kid or a teen, you love the chaos! It’s fun, and it’s diverse, and entertaining. But, as you get older, you start to wish for a more balanced out life. If not, then what can we say? You will never wake up to your life being too calm and peaceful!

Do You Ever Feel…?

When this song came out, it was an absolute banger! We loved it, we hated it, but most importantly: we sang it every opportunity we got. Who wouldn’t?! “Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?” is such an iconic line! Come on!

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

There is nothing worse than a friend that overhypes you when you feel like crap. Like, “Mickey, let me be grumpy and sad in peace!” Sometimes, we need that; chill days. Days when we feel like doing nothing and rewatching Friends for the 238th time.


K-dramas are all the hype right now! People fake their IP addresses just so they can watch the newest, juiciest k-dramas at the moment! We never really got into it, but we still know too much. You just can’t escape it online.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

The extent to which they’re going is humorous and almost absurd. It reminds us of telenovelas that marked our childhoods forever. We were prohibited from watching them, but whenever we were at grandma’s house, it was telenovela time!

Just Go With The Flow

When you are growing up, the world seems to make sense. Or at least you don’t overthink it. The part of being an adult where things get tough is when you learn your actions and lifestyle definitely have consequences—long-lasting ones.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

The thing about adulting is we are all doing it for the very first time, and we are all just trying our best. The undeniable truth is you are getting wiser, but not fast enough. By the time you’ve figured it out, you are about to turn a century old!


We hate those literary and movie tropes that everyone and their mother use, especially in contemporary literature and the film industry. The excessive production is a real and very annoying thing. We don’t need that many similar books and movies!

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

Mary Park noticed that, too. In this movie, it’s obvious the man will die, one way or the other. He is the good-looking protagonist, born to protect his girl and family. He will either die very soon, or he’ll be the only one to survive for 15 seasons.

BTS Army

The BTS “Army” is the most powerful thing online at the moment. No army can compare to their power and strength. The strength here is in numbers! They are completely obsessed with their idols, and if anyone doesn’t like them, they will destroy them.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

As we were not much into the k-dramas, the same goes for the BTS group. We know these boys are really attractive and talented, and that is all we care about, to be honest. Murzz loves them. Maybe we should give it a go?!

Saving Queen

Sometimes even the slightest change or action to protect the planet can make us feel like absolute royalty! Choosing a tote bag and bringing it instead of buying plastic bags at the store? Who is this eco-friendly, conscious, and woke queen?!

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

She’s a savings queen, that’s who! Her name is Mary Park, and she does everything in her power to keep the Earth clean! Be like Mary Park! But for real, this time, recycle your trash, don’t use plastic bags or bottles, save water…you know the drill.

It’s Like Russian Roulette

Scratching an itch might be the most satisfying thing ever! Although you are not supposed to scratch mosquito bites, it’s too difficult to resist the urge… A good replacement for that is picking at your scalp and dead skin follicles.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

However, sometimes, you underestimate the pimple situation on your head and accidentally scratch on a fresh, juicy, and red pimple. This will make you spend the rest of your day in pain and tears. It’s the worst, most unsatisfying feeling ever.

So Good

If you don’t own a cat, consider getting one. We hope this will make you seriously think about that possibility. Cats have a very nice smell. We can’t even explain it until you try it. They are much cleaner than dogs, of course!

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

The smell cats exude comes mostly from the top of their heads. It’s like a slight stink, but nothing too overpowering or foul! It’s perfect. Furthermore, it releases dopamine right through our nervous system, which is why it makes us feel so good! Try it out!


We already discussed how awful and ugly we all turn out in our government-issued IDs! It’s so annoying. However, did you know they discovered a method on TikTok on how to look beautiful?! Just search for ‘passport makeup look’ and you’ll see.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

Too bad the trend still didn’t exist when we needed to make those documents… Now, the awkward moment of getting your ID or passport is here, and other people look at it, then back at you… It’s such a humbling experience.

Asian Glow

The world romanticizes Asian cultures and people because of all the anime cartoons and manga comic books they read. There are some other industries that use this type of art style for their own purposes, but we won’t mention that here…

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

This is an Instagram vs. Reality type of situation. How they think Asian glow looks like vs. how Asian glow really looks like. It’s not the adorable, slightly pinkish undertones. It’s full-face red, from your neck to the roots of your hair…

Does Anybody Have Any Probiotics???

We don’t know how we would live without probiotics! With all the junk food we eat, the fast food, the instant noodles, and endless amounts of ice cream, no wonder we have bowel issues! The good thing is, we still don’t have diabetes…

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

Romanticizing the past, how more natural things were, and how people lived in the moment is not anything strange or unusual. People have always done that! This wise man concluded Murzz’s fantasy in a heartbeat, and he probably didn’t exaggerate how it felt to live in ancient times. We love him!

Spooning Hack

Spooning is our favorite activity with our significant other! It’s so precious, comforting, and simply perfect! It doesn’t matter if we are the little or the big spoon – we just love all about it. Here is a spooning fact we found super useful!

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

A man being the little spoon can be a hard pill to swallow because they are usually much bigger than a woman. If they are watching TV, she can hardly see anything. That’s why this position is so great! Prop your head on your palm, and leave some space between your cheek and arm. Perfect.

Dark Masculine Energy

What women like, and we came to a conclusion through TikTok…Ahem… by doing thorough research on Google Scholar… is that they love the bad guy. But not because he’s a bad guy for real, but because he has strong masculine energy.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

We can understand why Mary Park lost all her clothes at the sight of this man. He is, for one, an authority figure. He has black clothes and cool white hair. What she loves most, we believe, is his mysterious aura and energy.

Tiring Dreams

How often do you have super realistic dreams and wake up feeling like they happened in real life?! We experience that very often. When it’s a good dream, we wake up disappointed, and when it’s a bad dream, we wake up with a pit in our stomachs.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

Dreaming about beating someone up would be a very tiring dream in our books. It would make us fatigued and drained. We relate to Murzz. She went through hell, and we are sure she fought like a hero. We hope her boyfriend comforts her today…


How do you even expect to succeed in life when your own brain is against you?! There should be some kind of service you can talk to when your brain makes you think of some silly things… oh, wait, there is. Never mind.

Image Courtesy of murzzstudio / Instagram

Losing weight is difficult, and you only realize that when you gain a few pounds. That’s fine, though. Some people don’t want to lose weight; others struggle with it. It’s all a learning curve. If your brain screams for ice cream, you get some ice cream, girl. Life’s too short.