Exploring Eccentric Bedrooms That Take Beauty Sleep To The Next Level

By Aakash M

When thinking about some well-needed rest and relaxation, the first place that comes to mind is none other than our very own bedroom. At the end of a hectic day at work, school, or even after an intense workout at the gym, the best place to unwind is cuddled up snug as a bug in a rug. People have always loved to decorate their space and make it their own, whether that’s by adding a few photos on the wall or, in some cases surrounding their bed with an entire pool of water for a quick dip! The following bedroom decorators got that memo and took their designs to the utmost extreme! The sky is the limit for these designers, and they’re here to make all of our wildest bedroom fantasies come to life! You’ll see everything from Little Mermaid-inspired clam beds to beds in the middle of a tree. Even the fab five from Queer Eye would be impressed with what these sleepy heads managed to create!

Not So Royal After All

Having a bed literally fit for a king or queen sounds like a dream. Although this bed might fit the dimensions of a king-sized bed, it truly isn’t suitable for one to lay his head to rest. We wonder if Dracula might be interested in giving it a try!

Image courtesy of Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

Although the bed and room design are indeed quite exquisite, something tells us that this just isn’t right. However, we will acknowledge that this bedroom does a great job giving off a medieval vibe if that’s something you’re into.


We are all familiar with mousetraps. It’s simple. We put a tasty treat on the trap to entice the mouse; once it is lured in, it will get trapped. Now, doesn’t this bed seem like some sort of a human trap?

Image courtesy of Eggwater/Imgur

Well, we can’t risk sleeping here. A wooden stick simply holds up the “wooden box” hanging above the bed. It doesn’t even look so comfortable, so we don’t think any human would be foolish enough to get lured into this trap.

Summoning The Dark Knight

If you love bats, or more specifically, Batman, you’ll love this next bed. The headboard was carved into the shape of everyone’s favorite flying mammal. Can you imagine sleeping in something as cool as this? (Even if you’re more of a Spiderman fan!)

Image courtes of LifeCheating/Twitter

Almost everybody has watched Batman, or at the very least, everybody knows about it. The creator definitely did a good job making the Bat-SignaI for this frame! Batman fans are most welcome to camp out here for the night; let us know how it goes!

Oyster Bed

Have you ever wanted to hear the sound of the ocean? This may be considered a bed of pearls, but honestly, who wants to sleep in an oyster? It might be a genuine pearl, but we genuinely don’t want to rest here.

Image courtesy of Best Furniture

For starters, the all-white angelic color is a bit odd. There’s no clear explanation why, but we know many of you can relate to that sentiment. Secondly, let’s mention the obvious. What if that thing shuts down on you? No, thank you!

A Creepy Bed of Angels

Here is another bedroom with a concept that sounds good on paper. When it’s executed, this space is just downright terrifying. Just look at this photo! Now, imagine sleeping on this bed with angels playing instruments. Not so great, right?

Image courtesy of Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

We didn’t have to give this last bed a second look. One glance was enough to decide that something super creepy about the angels at the end of the bed. Imagine it at night with the lights off, spooky! Did you notice the stuffed animals? Of course, they are clowns!

Disturbing Bear Bed

This bed is probably meant for children, which is what makes it even more alarming! Have a look at the next bed and focus on the bear’s face or even his enormous feet. Now, look at the amount of pink in that room. Isn’t it fairly unsettling?

Image courtesy of Sweetreatreatkids

Although we’re sure the intent was innocent, this bed looks like a bed used in a psychotic horror movie. Since that thought crossed our minds, we simply can’t imagine children peacefully napping here. The Bear and The Bed, a new horror movie, is coming to theatres near you!

Is It Floating?

At first glance, this bed looks fly, pun totally intended. It’s really neat that it seems like it’s floating above the ground. But, when we take a second to think, how is that happening? Well, we don’t know. We know that turning off the lights would make things spooky.

Image courtesy of EveryonesFavoritePolak/Imgur

The best possible explanation we could come up with is that the designer used mirrors or something of that sort to make it look like the bed is floating. Now, it could be that, or a monster is holding the mattress up from beneath. Isn’t that every child’s worst nightmare?

Shark-Infested Bed

Babies are required to sleep most of the night, so you would think it would be necessary for them to sleep in a bed that provides them comfort and reassurance. EVERYBODY knows that except for the parents of this baby, poor child! Someone get him a standard bassinet!

Image courtesy of demilked.com

Babies should be sleeping in a pleasant and calming environment. Maybe a boat-themed bed, perhaps if you really want to get crafty. These parents put their baby to sleep in what can only be called a Jaws-themed bed. No wonder the baby is crying! Who wouldn’t cry in this situation?

Vampire Bed

Vampires were popular back in the day, but there has been a massive boost in vampire popularity ever since Twilight came out. We think that this person took his obsession to the next level by changing his bed into a coffin.

Image courtesy of Dacre Stoker/AirBnB

We seriously don’t think this bed is comfortable! We are not even referring to the fact that it looks eerie. It doesn’t seem comfortable because it’s made of hardwood. Curious to try it out? No problem! This bed is a part of a Dracula-themed AirBnB rental. 

Nursing Home

Before starting, we’d just like to say that hospital beds are always disturbing. It might be because they’re colorless or that hospital odor that never seems to go away; either way, they are terrifying. Why would someone want to create a similar atmosphere in their bedroom?

Image courtesy of Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

The curtains around this bed make the room feel like a ward in a mental asylum. That thought alone is enough to stay miles away from horrifying designs like these. We also don’t know the point of that much sheepskin on the floor is?

Jurassic Theme

This one is pretty unique, and we are all for individuality. Dinosaur beds for kids are pretty amazing. Sadly, the implementation wasn’t as amazing because this T-rex looks demented, damaged, and downright horrifying. Anyways, we definitely give it an A for effort.

Image courtesy of handimania.com

It looks like the most uncomfortable bed ever. The teeth that point out at the end of where your feet will reach while lying down make it off-putting. We don’t know how anybody that will be able to fall asleep in anyone’s mouth.

Creepy Santa Bed

Wow, there is just so much going wrong in one photo. Let us acknowledge that the worst part of this room is the sinister-looking Santa Clause. We can all agree that the bed is just as awful and tacky. We can’t imagine anybody opting for such a cluttered and overwhelming space.

Image courtesy of aworkstation.com

It finally makes sense! We now can understand what people mean when they say, “he sees you when you’re sleeping!” We hope Saint Nick doesn’t mind the color scheme as much as we do. It’s the first time we’re unhappy seeing that perfect Tiffany&Co. blue!

What’s Happening Here?

There is simply too much going on in this image. It is making it very difficult for us to start in one place. First of all, the walls are made out of rocks which seems pretty dangerous. Secondly, it has a vile color scheme, and what’s with the random door!

Image courtesy of ADirtyBlonde/Blogspot

We don’t even want to get started on the hideous patterns chosen for the bedspread, but it’s unavoidable. What is that? Also, what’s with the theme of this room? It feels like a few random ideas were put together when they absolutely shouldn’t have.

Aluminum Bed

Aluminum foil is very helpful to keep your food nice and warm. Packing your food in aluminum foil makes for a portable lunchbox! It’s not expensive and could always be found somewhere in your pantry. However, this bedroom takes the aluminum foil aspect way too far.

Image courtesy of Hello_457/Reddit

Covering up the bed, walls, and everything else in the room with aluminum isn’t the best idea. Imagine the amount of annoying sound it’ll make when you step on it. However, we are glad that at least the floor wasn’t also foil-wrapped.

Snake Cuddles, Anyone?

Many people like cuddling their pets and sleeping with them on their beds. But that mainly applies to cats and dogs since they’re pretty adorable and fluffy. We’re positive that nobody would want to sleep with the animal that can be found in this next bed.

Image courtesy of lipstickalley.com

If you sleep in a bed with an animal like that, you will get everything except sweet dreams. We hope that it’s a toy snake and not a real one. If it is, congrats, you got us! Toy snake or not, however, a night in this bed could still give nightmares to the bravest of people.

Sci-Fi Bed

This bed looks like it is fresh out of a science fiction show from the late 70s. For instance, take a look at those vast pillars! Those pillars would make it difficult for anybody to get in and out of bed. What material do you think they were made from?

Image courtesy of PopSop

We really can’t wonder why somebody would even think of doing something of this sort to themselves or their guests. The challenge that this bed gives might be thrilling, but it is undoubtedly an extraordinary bedroom with an even more peculiar decoration.

Sleeping with Shrek

The maker of this bed probably didn’t design this bed with bad intentions, but we really can’t stop thinking about how this weird headboard resembles Shrek. Doesn’t it, though? Even if it doesn’t matter to you, the curved lamps are really strange and give us antenna vibes.

Image courtesy of Vurni

We can’t deny that the antenna lamps are beneficial for reading in bed. The lights also brighten up the rest of the room. We can’t get over the fact that it still looks like Shrek. If you can move past that, then great!

Bed Bugs

If you want to spend some time in a garden, we recommend you go outside to do that instead of taking your love for gardens indoors. This bed is a terrible idea and an open invitation for bugs!

Image courtesy of Cepolina

This bed gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “bed bugs!”. The thought of that just gives us the chills! Anyway, sleeping on a grass bed can’t be comfortable because the blades of grass will cause a lot of irritation.

Confusing Bed

When you look at a bed like this one, you can’t help but wonder where you’re actually expected to sleep. Before we get to that, how are you supposed to get onto this thing in the first place? This has to be a bed for cats; humans just aren’t built this way!

Image courtesy of Mechant Design

Perhaps, this bed might be best for someone joining a circus. It might even be great for a small child who loves playing in a jungle gym. However, this bed certainly makes for a great topic of conversation at a social event. This bed is simply strange; no way around that one!

That’s Not a Bed

There are times while sleeping that no position feels comfortable. Sometimes, even the bed doesn’t feel right, and you can’t find that sweet spot no matter what you do. Haven’t we all been there? A quick glance makes it look like this person found the solution to that problem. Wait, are those air mattresses?

Image courtesy of Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

If we’re being sincere here, this bed seems like a colossal waste of money. It is not something we recommend trying. Now, if you have a lot of spare time, money, and equipment, then sure, go for it. If not, there are better things in this world!

Uncategorized Bed

Different types of beds are popular in different parts of the world. There are three-poster beds, hammocks, and even waterbeds. Although there are so many categories, we don’t know how to categorize this bed. What we do know is that it’s weird.

Image courtesy of Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

For starters, the bed is really low. It doesn’t seem like there would be that much difference compared to just sleeping directly on the ground. The frame also doesn’t look big enough to hold a comfortable mattress. After that, there are awkward posts framed around it.

Hanging On To The Ropes

We saw a bed that looked as if it was floating above the ground, but that was an illusion. This bed is definitely the real deal. It is actually floating. Well, it’s hanging from the ceiling with rope. We don’t know the concept behind this one, but it’s really spooky.

Image courtesy of Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

If you have motion sickness, vertigo, or anything of that sort, it will be best if you stay away from this bed. We don’t even want to think what would happen if the ropes snapped and broke while somebody was sleeping!


This bed is a real safety hazard from the start to the end. It’s covered in so many sharp objects. You need to be very careful because one of those spikes has the potential to gouge an eye out if somebody trips and falls on the pieces or rolls over in their sleep!

Image courtesy of HookedonHouses

Also, the furniture doesn’t go with anything at all. Not one piece matches or is part of the same set. The designer of this bedroom needs a lot of design tips. Not only do the furniture pieces not blend well, but it also looks really awful!

Sleeping In My Car

Many of you must know about the plastic race-car bed concept, especially if you have (or were) a kid who loves race cars. This next bed seems to be following that concept and making the dreams of many adults come true.

Image courtesy of Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

We don’t know any car fanatic that would not want to sleep in this bed at night. The colors are fantastic, and it takes “truck bed” to the next level! This old Chevy seems like it’s ready for cruising to the land of sleep.

Velvet Abuse

Velvet is a fantastic material that can be put to use in the bedroom. It’s great only if it can be used in the ideal amount, unlike this person who has overused it and turned this room into a nightmare for anyone in fashion.

Image courtesy of thehouseshop.com

This bedroom is another bedroom that looks like it came from the 70s or even earlier. That’s a lot of velvet! What’s worse is that this velvet is in a horrible shade, and it doesn’t complement the room at all!

Ugly Bed

Adult beds aren’t the only beds that can look really creepy. This bed is a perfect example. It is meant for a baby, but it is nowhere near peaceful or comfortable. Instead, it looks spooky despite the diamond details. What was the designer thinking while designing this bed?

Image courtesy of Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

We don’t even want to get started on that horrible shade of purple that the designer chose. It looks downright ugly, and making an innocent child sleep in this bed is just cruel. First-time parents, you’ve been warned this bed is a hard pass.

Transparent Bed

Theoretically, sleeping out in open nature sounds like a very calming and pleasurable idea. Practically speaking, it isn’t such a great idea because of all the insects that can creep you! Nothing compares to this next bed, though all alone amongst the trees.

Image courtesy of Imgur

We think tents are better than this structure because at least nobody can see you sleeping in them! This glass pyramid looks like a punishment area or a jail cell rather than a romantic getaway. If you’re brave, you should consider spending a night here.

Dodo Bed

We don’t know what’s up with people choosing to sleep in a bed that looks like an animal. These beds are among the creepiest of them all just because they look so ugly. Take a look at this bed, for example. Really zoom in on his eyes and beak!

Image courtesy of Jacques Dirand

We don’t know which bird it is, but we guess that it’s a dodo. We have to compliment these designers at least on complementing the rest of the room with the same theme. The claws under the bed make it really bizarre, though!

Disastrous Bed

Here is another bed that actually sounds like a great idea, but in reality isn’t a great idea at all. Well, who wouldn’t like spending a night in a tree? We all would, but we don’t know who’d like to spend a night in this specific tree.

Image courtesy of Treebonesresort

We can’t even imagine how many spiderwebs, snakes, or other creatures this tree might house. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, but who’d want to sleep in the middle of all that? We, for one, surely wouldn’t opt for a night here.

Jack In The Box

Till now, we have seen many different beds. They were all interesting because they were just too much. This one is very different because it feels like it is too little! It’s only a box! Have a look at this one!

Image courtes of Musicforbodies

Rolling over the bed would be hurtful if you get a chance to sleep in this bed. This bed can work as a punishment for someone because sleeping in here seems really uncomfortable. We wonder who’d want to sleep confined like that.

Unusual Bed

Most beds are made from wood. Some have metal frames, and we guess some use any other material they could find. We hadn’t seen a bed made out of stones and rocks before. This bed looks like somebody pulled it out from a video game.

Image courtesy of Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

Sleeping on this bed must be really painful, but it seems like that won’t be the only problem. For instance, how will you clean under this bed or move it? Wouldn’t this pile of rocks be too heavy to move around?

Ugliest of Them All

We saw an oyster bed earlier, but here is another oyster bed that’s probably uglier than the previous one. It’s sharp, creepy, and has a horrendous color combination. This bed would win the award for the ugliest oyster bed! 

Image courtesy of The Peak of Chic

Those sharp edges on that bed could be pretty painful and annoying to your arms and legs in the middle of the night while you’re sleeping. The designer might have been trying for The Little Mermaid, but he ended up creating Saw.

Breaking Bed

We have looked at so many beds, and although most of them were creepy, none of them were actually dangerous. But, this one really brings the pain. It looks like this bed was made to hurt the person sleeping on it. What’s the point of this bed?

Image courtesy of Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

We don’t have the slightest clue about why anybody would want to sleep with that amount of barbed wire right above their head. It would be so dangerous if you got up too quickly! You’d definitely get yourself into some trouble!

2000s bed

These wavy mirror beds look like they had to time-travel to be present in modern times. If you don’t know this style, they were huge back in the 2000s. These throwback beds are indeed lovely for an elderly couple, perhaps.

Image courtesy of amazonfurniturebed.com

We can’t really say if these beds are trending now. But, if your bedroom setup is something like this one, it’ll give your bedroom a pretty vintage vibe. Just look at that candle-shaped chair! This one seems like it’s straight out of a classic Hollywood movie!

80s bed

Here is a bed to take you back in time, probably to the 80s. If you weren’t alive in the 80s, here is your chance to witness the designs of that era. The designs then resembled this one. This bedroom does a great job of depicting that time.

Image courtesy of The_80s_Interior/Instagram

This theme for a bedroom could be considered acceptable, we guess, but this design for an entire house would look overwhelming. Matching has always been in style, but this is too much even for us. We were wondering where to get that cool lamp, though.

Hunter’s Bed

We have certain people in this world who love the classic and woody look for their bedrooms because of the vibe it gives off and the aroma in the air. We love going to a log cabin and getting a whiff of fresh wood or, even better a bonfire!

Image courtesy of Tiffney Marechal

We really don’t know why anybody would go for this particular bedroom. Although it seems like it came from a fairy tale, it certainly looks like it was a sinister tale. Those twisted branches could belong to an evil character. Cruella, are you interested?

Sleeping In My Car Part 2

When we thought one Chevy bed would be more than enough, here we are with another one. We thought this concept was odd, but it looks like it’s on-trend! In fact, this person has done a lot of modifications to make his car bed more realistic.

Image courtesy of Aqiblqbal/Imgur

We think that these lights could be really annoying when you’re trying to sleep at night if you don’t have a way to turn them off but they look great! Furthermore, did you check out those wheels? How nifty is that?

Shabby Bed

This one is by far the weirdest room we have seen today. Not only is this bed really shabby, but it has some kind of strange wooden faces sitting on top of it. Although those look like art pieces, they certainly don’t belong cuddled up alongside you!

Image courtesy of basmldphotos.com

We really don’t know what those things are, but they are impressive yet freaky. Those things would give us the chills even if they were on the walls and not on the bed! Perhaps this person needs to rethink his design (and iron his bedsheets!).

The Motion Of The Ocean

Water beds were a huge thing in the 90s. Sleeping on a bed filled with water provided a whole different comfort level. But, it seems that this person got the entire concept wrong since he’s sleeping on a bed surrounded by water instead.

Image courtesy of Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

Isn’t the water supposed to go in the bed and not next to it? With the bed this way, what would happen if somebody rolled over in their sleep. That’d be a pretty dangerous situation! Is there a lifeguard on deck?

A Rather Small Bed

We don’t know if this bed is that tiny or it looks that way because of the magic of the camera angle. Either way, this bed seems both royal and quirky! We are actually quite curious to know who sleeps in this bed. Could it be a baby prince?

Image courtesy of Furniture Styles

Take a look at those giant curtain rails next to the bed! We don’t know why anybody would want them to be that humongous! The person living here must have a powerful personality and likes to command the room’s attention!