Artist Shares Relatable Snapshots Of Everyday Life In Her Webcomics

By Jana I

This article was originally published on comicsenz

When you think that adulthood is easy and just happens one day out of the blue, you are greatly mistaken. Adulting is hard, complicated, and messy, but luckily, there are people like Amby Vaingankar, an Indian comic artist, that make it funny, entertaining, and more bearable overall. Her witty commentary and clever spin on things that are part of adulting 101 will make you feel understood, appreciated, and at ease.

She uses her Instagram page @gotta_sketchum_all, which counts more than 129k followers, as a space to share her lovely comics. They include her ordinary life, her mom, her relationship, and her friendships. We’ve collected some of her comics that made us laugh out loud and wanted to share them with you to make you laugh, relax, count your blessings, and not take things for granted.

All images in this article are courtesy of gotta_sketchum_all on Instagram.

Ordering In Saves Lives

We’ve never appreciated food delivery more than in the past few years. It might not come with a defibrillator, but let’s be honest, it did save lives… in a way. And it still is today. It saves you a trip to the restaurant, to the store, to the pharmacy, etc.

High-priority vehicles are ambulances, police, firetrucks, and such, but Amby included a recent hero. We couldn’t agree more with her decision to add the delivery guy to this list. Delivering that fresh, steamy, cheesy pizza to the house is of utmost importance!

It’s a Dentist Thing

Going to the dentist in itself is a stressful ordeal. Someone entering your mouth, poking around, and criticizing your flossing habits is something we all dread. On top of that, you’re worried about your breath, you feel the saliva pooling in your throat, and you feel like you might choke.

Dentists don’t make it any easier. While they stuff your mouth with cotton and pull at your cheeks, they ask you questions about your life. It’s a tactic, to make you focus on something other than the pain, but, oh dear, it’s not working!

Truth Be Told

Millennials and Gen Z are especially guilty of this. Has it ever happened to you that someone is calling you, and you just don’t want to answer at that moment, so you rather ignore their call until it stops ringing? Cause… same.

1 Missed Call—haha, girl, she hasn’t missed anything. She chose this life; don’t get it twisted. That wine sip was personal. Whoever this was, it’s not someone you want to talk with in your free time, and that’s completely viable.

It’s a Mom Thing

We all know those songs for kids that teach kids the different sounds animals make. They’re a universal classic and they’re always a hit. But, no one talks about this verse, someone needs to make a song about what moms say.

“You will realize when you have kids of your own! Don’t sit on the cold pavement! Don’t sit next to the open window! You need to eat something with a spoon once a day at least!” and many more. Gotta love moms, though.

Well, That’s Unpleasant

Going to the gym is a great decision for your health and well-being. It improves your cardiovascular health, strength, and endurance. However, sometimes, getting embarrassed at the gym feels a lot worse than in any other place. It’s like the gym is our emotional kryptonite.

So, they are congratulating her on her form and strength, but what she doesn’t understand is why they call her Batman while at it. Our girl is confused af. We feel so bad knowing the real reason. What you don’t know can’t hurt you, girl.

Girls Gotta Serve

Girls just love flexing and showing off when they feel like they look good in something. It’s a natural thing. They need a guy to gas them up and make them feel better about themselves. Be supportive of your gf!

She is like: awww, my guy, you’re so cute; you have nooo idea what girls are like, do ya?! He has just accepted his fate at this point. Well, as he should. You gotta love your woman and support her for who she is.

Getting Fat For Nothing

Whenever you go to a nice restaurant and order a high-calorie, fatty meal, you expect it to be a guilty pleasure of some sort. Something that will touch all your taste buds and overwhelm you with how good it is.

Unhealthy meals have one appeal: they are tasty! That’s the whole point. That’s why people are willing to gain some pounds. They want to enjoy their life! So, dear unhealthy food, please be freaking delicious, or she will lose her mind.

Red is Her Favorite Color

Ya know what they say: “I couldn’t see the red flags, because red is my favorite color.” Well, that’s what her favorite color is as well. Red flags seem just a tad more appealing when you like red in the first place. You can’t break a toxic cycle.

The red flags are always there, but sometimes, people use them as blindfolds. That is so true! When you are not ready to face the truth, you will use different methods to cover it up, until you are ready to face them.

It’s a Mall Thing

There is nothing more embarrassing than walking out of a store in a mall only to have the security system start beeping. You know you paid, and are eager to get home to try on your new clothes, but there’s a crowd of judgy people standing in your way.

Those security systems are often faulty, or they react to some tags that the clerks forgot to take off. Now, because of them, everyone thinks you are a thief. What a pain in the neck! Now, lady, go tell everyone loud and clear that it was a mistake!

The Hunger Games

If there is one last slice of cake in the fridge, it always belongs to the girl! Even though it might be there for days, she calls dibs on it automatically, since she is a woman. We didn’t make the rules. It is what it is.

Her strength is unmatched! She approached him all calm, nice, and loving. But that hug was a ploy to get her arms around him, ready to throw down. Thought the last slice was yours? Silly guy, let her teach you the rules again.

Liked By Me

This comic got us thinking. Why is there a like feature on your own photos and posts if you are not supposed to like them?! It’s embarrassing, they say. So what! If you post a photo, that means you like it. So why not just like it?!

She got furious! Look at the change of her whole character in that last block compared to the previous two. It’s hilarious. We’d say social media is just not that deep. So, let people do what they want to do and stop being a jerk.

It’s a Room Cleaning Thing

Cleaning your room can be either taxing or relaxing, depending on the day. If you are not feeling it, you will procrastinate for a whole day and get it done by midnight at the earliest. If you are in the groove, you can speed-run it in a couple of hours.

Getting distracted can be cool, though. You do waste that whole day, but at least you are having fun, right?! You can discover so many clothes you forgot about; it’s crazy what’s hiding in the back of your closet. Spring cleaning time is approaching, guys. Get ready!

The Differences

People react differently to anxiety, stress, and love, and eating habits are almost always affected. Some overeat to indulge and take control over something in their life. Others stop eating or eat less because of the nausea that these states can produce.

Take a look at the example: new love and a gf made this guy do better and focus on his physique and health, so he can at least control his body if not his emotions. The girl let go completely and stopped doing anything productive besides talking to him. We relate to both, tbh.

Just Out There Guessing Wildly

If a girl is on her period, you can usually guess it if you know her well or live with her. If she is suddenly pretty emotional, or irritable, she is either approaching it or is deep into it by the time you notice. It’s not easy.

Accepting cookies doesn’t actually give you any, which is kind of disappointing when you think of it. However, what is even crazier is how her expression changed from the third to the fourth block. She was ready to cry, and then, she was lmfao-ing all the way.

Gapegive Girlboss

If you have heard of the expression gatekeep, you know you shouldn’t do it. Instead of gatekeeping, do gategiving. Don’t hide your little discoveries because you don’t want to see others happy, thriving, and living their best lives. Share those joys with them.

She knows this all too well! Someone probably gatekept around her, so now, she knows better. She wants to share the things she has, and make this world a better place. Be more like her. Don’t keep secrets; share, and be generous.

Hard on Apologies

Some people find it really hard to apologize and admit their fault. It probably comes from their childhood and the feeling they had when their parents reprimanded them for something they did. Even if they’re working on it, that interim time is still annoying. Not that we’ll tell them.

“I’m sorry, but you’re wrong” is not an apology, ya know. It’s an excuse for an apology. It’s embarrassing, and never do it to someone if you hurt them in the first place. Her boy is not giving her the time of day, as he should.

Only 3 Bucks, Guys!

Whenever you buy something for cheap, you feel like you are on top of the world! It’s the best feeling ever. If you ever felt this way, you know you want to share it with anyone and everyone you know or come across.

This is especially precious when you share the same destiny with your best friend forever! OMG, the excitement, the happiness, and the absolute willingness to share the details with anyone that asks is unmatched. Rocking the same outfit is already amazing, but doing so on a budget is the dream!

He’s Cute Too!

Do you ever wonder if your (male) significant other ever feels left out if you get heaps of comments on how cute, beautiful, or gorgeous you are?! They’ll never say it out loud, but some of them probably do. Look at this guy:

Just look at him! He is so desperate for some attention too! Give him a few compliments, and it will be enough for daysss. He could live on them for weeks; he is so easy to please. What a cutie. We hope his girl got him covered.

Butt Mask

When you take time to remember the pandemic years, you might remember the pimples, acne, and skin problems you had during that time. We hate to say, but it’s not a coincidence that they started showing up when you started wearing a mask.

This guy has a point, ya know. Isn’t underwear just like a butt mask, and that’s why you sometimes get a butt pimple. It does hold some water when you think of it. Guess we’ll never know… Or maybe we will; science is unpredictable.

Coffee For Idiot!

We all understand the trouble of getting into an argument with someone you love. You want to get your point across and show them they were in the wrong. Even if you walk it off, you are still mad! This girl chose a funny way to do that, or so she thought.

Image Courtesy Instagram /gotta_sketchum_all

She didn’t think this one through, apparently. Her boyfriend might be an idiot, but she surely isn’t too far away from that… What?! We are just making conclusions based on her actions! Okay, okay, it was a joke. Chill out…

Every Mom Ever

Moms are always the ones that know how to manipulate others, or that teach you how to do so! It is because they themselves do it. You can’t possibly get mad at them for anything, but when you do something wrong, it’s the next world war.

Image Courtesy Instagram /gotta_sketchum_all

They are absolutely fuming when you do something wrong, but, when they are in the wrong, it’s all “he, he, hi, hi, sorry, you know I didn’t mean to, why are you so angry… I’m just a silly, cute woman… Innocent, oh so pure…”

Black Eye

This is not the type of black eye you are expecting to see when someone says “black eye.” You expect someone to have been in a fight. Even if they won, that punch to the face is sure to leave a mark. However, with girls, it’s a different story.

Image Courtesy Instagram /gotta_sketchum_all

She just had some eyeliner she forgot about and smudged it with her hand. It’s as innocent as that. The guy was ready to throw freaking hands! We support him for that. You have to be there and protect your queen as she deserves.

Oof, That’s Awkward

These bikinis today really do look like small pieces of fabric that resemble those masks we all love and appreciate. That was sarcasm, in case you weren’t aware. Who in their right mind could love masks? They’re stuffy and are a pimple’s best friend.

Image Courtesy Instagram /gotta_sketchum_all

We can’t blame the girl for confusing this upper bikini set with a mask. It’s the right size and shape. However, imagine the situation. It’s super awkward. Or, perhaps the woman at the store had a field trip with it and a good laugh.


Everyone and their mother knows that it’s so much easier to get angry at a person that you love, care for, and are emotional about, than a stranger or acquaintance. So, making up and resetting that relationship is mission impossible sometimes.

Image Courtesy Instagram /gotta_sketchum_all

Accepting apologies from someone you don’t care about as much is so much easier than accepting it from someone you adore. You trusted this person and now they hurt you. It is only natural. Next time your s/o gets mad, buy some snacks and be on your best behavior.


Mood-o-meter should be a thing that exists. How else are people supposed to know how anyone is feeling?! Oh yeah, you can read their facial expressions and gestures, but that’s just too complicated and unreliable. Take a look at this:

Image Courtesy Instagram /gotta_sketchum_all

First, she was late, then, she slammed the door, and then!!! She dared eat in his clean, precious car! To top it off, she guided him 20km in the wrong direction. This is not gonna end well. He is about to lose his mind when he learns this…

Embarrassed For No Reason

Ghosting someone and not replying to their messages on social media, pretending like you don’t exist, but then, posting your newest selfie you are super proud of—it can get awkward. You feel like you want to disappear from the face of the Earth…

Image Courtesy Instagram /gotta_sketchum_all

Especially when those people then comment under your post, or send you another message in the DMs. Eeesh, it’s so cringe it hurts. The girl is just dipping out from the situation and covering her face in embarrassment. We feel ya, girl.

Smells Like Fear

Moms can smell when you did something you shouldn’t. They say they smell fear, but, there must be more to it. It’s some kind of mother’s intuition. Amby’s mom managed to smell fear because her daughter went and did some damage.

Image Courtesy Instagram /gotta_sketchum_all

She just couldn’t hide the truth. Look at her sweating and shivering! Her face is saying more than a thousand words. Mom is ready to burn her with some laser eyes or whatnot. Leave the poor girl alone. She is trying her best…

One-Time Entry Only

We love this life philosophy. If someone wants to leave you, and stop being a part of your life, let them. However, if they try to come back, just send them back to where they came from. Easy as that. If someone is willing to leave, they must be willing to never enter again.

Image Courtesy Instagram /gotta_sketchum_all

It’s not true that she doesn’t care; she just knows they will come back and try to enter again. However, it won’t be possible anymore. Once you get out, you can never come back again. She respects herself enough, and she should!

Movies vs. Real Life

Doing a long-distance relationship is extremely difficult. Even with video chats and unlimited messages, it’s never the same. And movies make it even harder with their rose-colored glasses approach and false advertising of the long-distance relationship lifestyle. It is a painful, straining, dreadful experience.

Image Courtesy Instagram /gotta_sketchum_all

So, it’s not enough to just decide to pick up your suitcase and passport and go. Sometimes there are other things you need to take care of: a visa, applying for leave at work, booking tickets, spend lots of money, etc.

The Couch is Hers

This is why it’s essential to take care of your stuff and clean your apartment before you leave. When you come back, it’s not going to be an easy task cleaning it all up. You are going to be twice as tired, after all. Work smarter, not harder!

Image Courtesy Instagram /gotta_sketchum_all

Good for her; she claimed the one clean spot before he could process the mess. Now the guy has to clean their whole mess just to find a place to sleep. But, quote us on this, we bet he won’t clean it; he’ll just use the pile of clothes as a blanket.

When You Broke As Heck

You have probably found yourself in this situation before. Your friends invite you to go out, grab some lunch or dinner, have a few drinks, etc. You know you’ll have FOMO, you tag along. Unfortunately, you’re also broke as heck.

Image Courtesy Instagram /gotta_sketchum_all

Now, you don’t want their pity or money to pay back later, so you have to pretend as if you are not hungry when your tummy is speaking its own language and alarming the whole group. It’s super relatable, and Amby once more nailed it!

It’s an Email Thing

Sending emails is a real struggle. Emails are always super formal, so you have to be straightforward, yet not too pushy. It’s especially stressful when you are writing for someone that is a higher-up in your company, university, social groups, etc.

Image Courtesy Instagram /gotta_sketchum_all

So, once you send an email, after all the contemplation and rereads, now you have to open your ‘sent’ inbox and read it from the receivers’ perspective. It’s crazy the extent to which people go when it comes to this.

Screenshots Don’t Work Like That

Sometimes, we all say something so stupid, it makes our whole body cringe from embarrassment. It’s normal. Look what she said. This alone would be enough for us to just give up and go home, but she stood there and owned up to the words that came out of her mouth.

Image Courtesy Instagram /gotta_sketchum_all

She felt so ashamed that the only way she could describe and depict it was through drawing this funny little comic. The character is leaping from a cliff, emotionless, expressionless. The other girl is confused af. She hasn’t moved a muscle. Hilarious.

Traveling is My Life!

We all know someone like this. They state something online, but they have a persona that doesn’t match their real-life personality and opinions. It’s fine. You can present yourself as whatever you want and like irl. That’s fully up to you.

Image Courtesy Instagram /gotta_sketchum_all

As long as you have sincere relationships in real life, with people that actually know you, getting crazy on social media is just the adult version of playing make-believe. You can do with your profile what you please, as long as it isn’t harmful in any way. Oh, Amby.

It’s a Younger Sister Thing

Having younger siblings is not easy. It’s something that teaches you love, responsibility, and anger management. If you want to be a normal human in society, and you have a younger sibling, that is automatically an impossible task. There’s no recovering from that childhood trauma.

Image Courtesy Instagram /gotta_sketchum_all

Look at what she did. And this is just a tiny piece of everything they make you go through as an older sibling. If you don’t react in any way, you are to be respected, appreciated, and congratulated. Well done! You just beat the system.

Educational Cheating

There were always those classmates that didn’t let you copy from their tests or homework notebooks, no matter how insignificant it was. They pretended like they couldn’t hear you, see you, or understand you when you asked for help. That is a real pet peeve.

Image Courtesy Instagram /gotta_sketchum_all

This comic is hilarious. It shows how these people, that hate cheaters, are often at fault for something themselves. There’s more than one type of cheating, you know. No point in acting so pure, preppy, and picture-perfect, girlie. Everyone knows your dirty secrets. Smh.

A Spin On Not Knowing When to Quit

This phrase has become a cliché. “My biggest flaw is not knowing when to quit.” That is so wishy-washy. We love how the creator used it to make fun of it, essentially. It would be so funny if that really happened.

Image Courtesy Instagram /gotta_sketchum_all

Instead of it meaning “I never quit” it means: “I really don’t know when is the appropriate time to quit, so I quit whenever I get the urge to. Which is often. Hehe.” The expression on her face is priceless. We can feel the horror on the interviewee’s face.


Exposing your love life to your parents is never something you truly enjoy doing. On a rare occasion, people are very chill about it, but in this instance, it is very unpleasant, to say the least. If looks could kill, Amby would be a murderer.

Image Courtesy Instagram /gotta_sketchum_all

The presumption is that her mother is very strict and traditional, therefore, doesn’t want her daughter sleeping around until marriage, or a more exclusive relationship and year-long partner. He got away from the situation, but Amby has to explain herself now.

Nothing is Better Than a Free Pizza

Your girlfriend will never let you compliment something or someone more than her. She is always and must always be the center of your world and attention. Don’t you dare say nice things about anything else in her presence, and don’t follow it with a grandiose compliment for her.

Image Courtesy Instagram /gotta_sketchum_all

The only thing she might cut you some slack on is freaking pizza. It can be any food that you both love, for that matter, however, pizza is universally loved and appreciated all around. Amby is willing to accept this one.

Salsa? Ohhhh Salsa!

There has been a misunderstanding. She expected salsa, but instead of that, she got salsa. The dancing salsa, not the dip salsa. She was disappointed to an extent. However, this comic is super cute and hilarious. And, we’re glad to say, not too relatable.

Image Courtesy Instagram /gotta_sketchum_all

When you are food-focused and love to munch on something, it’s hard not to think of a sauce when someone says salsa. It’s the onion, tomato, garlic, and parsley goodness we would take any day instead of the dance. Sorry sly man.

It is a Ghost Thing

Have you ever felt as if you certainly did something, and in the morning, it turns out it was not done after all? Like you put your phone to charge, and when you wake up, it’s not plugged in and your battery is at 20%.

Image Courtesy Instagram /gotta_sketchum_all

It is the ghost! The creator so clearly shows this. Gotta sketchum all (Amby) really knows how to depict life as a cute, little story with fantasy elements. Do we believe this; do we not? It is inconclusive for now. But, we love that ghost! So cute!

Paranoid 101

During the unspoken, difficult times people went through in 2020 and 2021 (and 2022, to be honest), people were paranoid, and for a good reason. We don’t want to get into in this wonderful article, though. Speaking of, Amby’s mom had it hard.

Image Courtesy Instagram /gotta_sketchum_all

What she did here (which we kind of believe happened) is so hilarious. We love everything about it. If it wasn’t funny, it would be quite depressing. So, let’s laugh about it, instead of crying about it. Life is one giant adventure, friends!

Well, That is Dark

The whole concept of this comic is extremely insightful. Life is like a giant slide ride. You go down, and at some sections you go faster, at some slower, but in the end, the same destiny awaits us all. It does go dark really suddenly.

Image Courtesy Instagram /gotta_sketchum_all

It is also important to note how her facial expression is changing after each life stage. It goes from excitement and fun, to skepticism, to horror, and, in the end, to the inevitable. Amby is always there to shock you and slap you across the face. Gotta love it.


The way Amby describes her bank account is “laughable.” But, isn’t that every average adult on this planet?! There is never enough moneyz you can have. You always need more—for the bills, the mortgage, the car, the clothes, the hairdressers, etc.

Image Courtesy Instagram /gotta_sketchum_all

This came as a good reality check after a fun night out. She didn’t have to wonder for too long as to why she doesn’t do this more often. It’s pretty clear. Amby, everyone can relate to you, and it only gets worse. Good luck!


When your boss gives you a task or asks for a favor, it’s very difficult to refuse. Amby didn’t do that. Of course, she didn’t. She accepted the task. However, she made sure to remind him of something he might’ve forgotten.

Image Courtesy Instagram /gotta_sketchum_all

Happy Diwali! But also: give us that bonus you promised! What a queen. The boss seems confused, though. Was this only Amby’s imagination or he actually offered them a bonus? No one will ever know. Congrats on your courage, girl. Hope you didn’t get fired.