Five Times People’s Brains Stopped Working

By Stephen M

As much as possible, we all try to be in the best state of mind and act sane all the time. However, we sometimes can’t help acting as though our brain has gone into hibernation. In such moments, everything you do is strange and questionable and people around you begin to question your intelligence. Even if you are lucky to be alone, you can’t help but question yourself after such a crazy incident.

Unluckily for these people, their crazy and questionable acts happened in full view of other people. As if that wasn’t enough, there were enough recording devices to capture their ‘oopsie’ moments for the world to witness. Now, let’s enjoy some of the dumbest things some people resorted to when their “brains stopped working” for a moment.

What was the UPS delivery guy thinking?

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How are they going to turn the doorknob? In this photo, a UPS delivery guy accidentally uses the package he was delivering to practically lock clients inside their room.

How are the wheels going to move?

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I guess this driver thought he was being very smart and innovative in utilizing his hubcaps to anchor his ATV. Sure, it looks neat, but wait until he tries to push the gas.

No cutting!

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“The hurrier I go, the behind-er I get;” our hero here has really taken that maxim to heart. Next time, they should probably just wait in line.

Junk in the trunk?

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Were these ladies thinking they were driving a truck or something? How did they ever think their car’s trunk could fit this huge package?

Nice try, but you need a truck!

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Sir, you may want to call for some help, because we’re pretty sure that thing isn’t going anywhere. It doesn’t matter how much you go to the gym.