‘Escape artist’ Tortoise Reunited With Owner After Three Years On The Run

By Doreen R

A tortoise hailed as an ‘escape artist’ has been joyfully reunited with its owner after a remarkable three-year disappearance. The African Sulcata tortoise, typically found in the southern region of the Sahara desert, was discovered leisurely plodding around Interlachen, Florida, attempting to traverse a state road.

Image courtesy of Florida’s Wildest Animal Rescue/ Facebook

In a truly unbelievable turn of events, the remarkable tale of the tortoise’s reunion is a testament to hope’s enduring power. Just yesterday, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office handed over a stray Sulcata tortoise they had found in town to Florida’s Wildest Animal Refuge. The refuge, no stranger to heartwarming reunions, had shared the tortoise’s story, sparking a social media frenzy with hundreds of shares and interactions.

The tide turned when one of their followers forwarded a post from April 2020 featuring a strikingly similar Sulcata tortoise that had disappeared from the very same area. Astonishingly, upon closer examination, the team at the refuge confirmed that the newly discovered tortoise was indeed the same one from the original post. The tortoise had been missing for an astonishing 3 1/2 years, turning up approximately 5 miles away from her initial escape point.

Despite the toll of enduring several cold winters without adequate warmth, the tortoise’s resilience shone through, even as she showed signs of weathering. Given her challenging journey, the refuge promptly recommended a trip to the veterinarian to ensure she received the necessary care and attention.

Image courtesy of Florida’s Wildest Animal Rescue/ Facebook

This heartwarming conclusion to the tortoise’s unexpected adventure serves as a beacon of hope, underscoring the vital role of collective efforts in reuniting beloved pets with their families. The team at the refuge expressed their profound joy in playing a part in this heartening reunion, emphasizing the significance of community support in such inspiring tales of perseverance and reunion.