45 Times Dedicated Delivery Drivers Went Above And Beyond To Get The Job Done

By Aileen D

People who work eight to twelve hours shifts always try to find little ways to make their working day more exciting, and this includes delivery drivers. Trekking from house to house every day hauling packages to and from people’s porches may not seem like the most exciting job in the world, but the delivery men you are about to see on our list sure know how to keep it interesting. From having to give dogs treats, riding on horses, or simply checking in on their customers, they have gone above and beyond to provide the best service possible. After seeing some of these dedicated workers, believe us when we say you will start choosing delivery over the pick-up option any day!

Regular Help

Every time this mailman delivers packages to this house, he meets this furball who lives in the tree in the front yard. Some days, this squirrel greets him from the tree’s branches, while on other days, it heads to the van to help him carry the load.

Image credits: teh _ booth _ gawd /Reddit

What is this mailman carrying? Does he feed him peanuts every day? We’re sure that no matter what, this little cutey would gladly accompany the UPS driver up the porch steps any day. It takes a long time to gain a squirrel’s trust if we might add!

Call Of Duty

Like we said, sometimes you have got to go above and beyond for your customers. When this mailman arrived to deliver this family’s package, he noticed a pair of rabbits hopping outside of their cages. He knew he had to do something.

Image credits: Seizya Music/Reddit

He quickly put the package down and put up a barrier for them so they wouldn’t go out on the road. The two weren’t too happy about the abrupt stop to their escape, but we are sure the family was so thankful that he took it upon himself to do something!

That’s A Dealbreaker

When you are a delivery driver, you must ensure that the package arrives at the customer’s front porch. It doesn’t matter if there is hail, snow, or sleet. You have to brave the weather and other circumstances to get the job done… except for this situation.

Image credits: M Fane/Twitter

Twitter user @IamFane was irritated that she hadn’t received the package that was due to be delivered that day. But the mailman had a good excuse that kept him from even exiting his truck. A bear got to the front porch first. So, he rescheduled.

Who’s This Imposter?

Fur parents know that even dogs have their favorites. We can’t blame them. These furballs are used to a handful of yummies every time the UPS Driver comes by to visit. They rush to the van with their tails wagging frantically and press their noses against the treat-filled palm of this driver.

Image credits: sly con/Reddit

Unfortunately, the driver called in sick on this day, so he had someone else fill in for him. He had no clue that these dogs expected some treats. The expressions on their faces tell us precisely what they are thinking! Who’s this imposter?

Best Buds

Now we have a mailman-doggy success story! This mailman built rapport with this German Shepherd. Sure, at first, they were at odds with each other. But that slowly dwindled as this mailman consistently started to hand out treats for this furball.

Image credits: irkp/Reddit

Not only is this homeowner excited to receive packages from the mailman, but the dog is, too. Both eagerly dash to the front door to claim the packages. While Reddit user irkp signs the receipt, this dog slathers the mailman with a bucketload of saliva as his form of gratitude.

You Too, Carlos. You Too!

Carlos is quite the celebrity around the neighborhood. He doesn’t have to have a surname, and it doesn’t matter if someone else shares the same name as him. When people speak of Carlos, they are referring to this mailman, recently turned postcard model.

Image credits: Wasnt _ Me/Reddit

He wanted to send warm wishes for the holiday season. He had someone take a glam shot, and he fashioned it into his personal postcard. Women across the neighborhood couldn’t help but be smitten by his almond eyes and genuine smile.

That Quick?

Reddit user g3tyasum thought he had seen it all. He has lived on this block in this city his entire life. He knows everyone in this neighborhood and even those who come in passing. But this is the first time he had ever received a note like this from the neighborhood mailman.

Image credits: g3tyasum/Reddit

Reddit user g3tyasum always thought Michael Raymur was special. You would see him tipping his hat, nodding at you, or even waving hello as he left the package on the front door. But he understands that every chapter must come to an end.

To The Rescue

These townsfolk have the utmost faith in this UPS delivery man. He has never missed a day, and his customers have never filed a complaint against him. It didn’t matter if the snow was knee-high. You can bet that this UPS deliveryman would come through!

Image credits: ball bingo/Reddit

Sure, he might have arrived a couple of minutes late at certain times, but no one could complain. This superhuman has to brave the cold wind as he flies out to locations and drops packages off. These folks equally wish warmth and kindness this holiday season.

Got Priorities

On a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest, how organized would you rate yourself? We would go for a seven. But we bet that no one would come across a ten, unlike this pizza delivery guy who knows how to get his priorities straight.

Image credits: Suby Will/Reddit

He obviously chose correctly! Forget the car. The company has loads of those. But only a handful of customers stay loyal to the brand. This pizza delivery guy has to serve that pizza steaming warm in the cardboard box, all under 30 minutes. Now that is a true hero!

You Got It!

To customize the experience, clients are encouraged to leave a note to their couriers – whether it be simple instructions or directions where to leave the package. This particular customer planned to arrive late that night, so he had the deliveryman place the package under the doormat.

Image credits: deleted user/Imgur

This deliveryman couldn’t help but scratch his head. He reads the message twice and looks back at the package. Then he mutters under his breath. Okay, then. He sets the package on the floor, picks up the doormat, and then gently places it on top of the box.

They Take Their Job Seriously

It doesn’t matter if a person is tasked with a seemingly unimportant job. What matters is how well they perform it. Take the United States Postal Service, for example. They claim that neither snow, rain, heat, or any other weather condition will keep their couriers from completing their appointed rounds. Apparently, neither will theft.

Image credits: Great Bevo/Reddit

It’s a shame that this mailman had to drop off a beaten box. But it’s the best he could have done under the circumstances. Reddit user TheGreatBevo couldn’t help but applaud the United States Postal Service for taking its job seriously.

Get Yourself A Handyman

Remember how we said that deliverymen have to be multi-talented? Well, you can tell that this guy is quite the handyman at home. He couldn’t find a safe space to leave the package on this homeowner’s porch, so he secured them just above the door.

Image credits: Mona _ Cabbage/Reddit

He was certain that it wouldn’t fall, and even if it did, he had checked that the package wasn’t fragile. He made sure that no one was looking when he secured it by the frame and then left the homeowner a note with specific instructions.

Eager Fella

You have to be a very patient person to be a successful mailman. Sometimes, you will bear the brunt of insults, screams, and even bites from dogs. This day wasn’t any different for Reddit user Tsume24’s mailman. He could tell that the customer had been waiting for this special delivery the whole day.

Image credits: Tsume24/Reddit

Fortunately, this dog stayed calm. It disappeared for a moment’s notice where it sniffed the Chewy box from the front door, and then it went back to the couch where it surveyed the deliveryman until he got back into his van and drove off.

Just Checking In

It’s funny how one harmless habit has led this deliveryman to care for Ollie. Ollie is Reddit user cturn3r‘s watchdog. A week ago, he was diagnosed with a stomach bug. He wasn’t allowed to eat much, including the treats from this mailman. Today, the mailman received good news, and he asked if Ollie had been feeling better as he had hoped.

Image credits: cturn3r/Reddit

This homeowner couldn’t help but smile at the sincerity of this mailman’s note. He got a pen and then checked yes. Yes, he is, sir. Thanks for asking. Then he left the note on the front porch where he was confident the mailman would see it.

Buried The Hatchet

How quick are you to forgive someone? When you are a postman, you have to bear undue harassment as part of the brunt of the job. By the end of the year, this mailman had forgiven Alfie, the dog. He had even gone so far as to send the furball a card.

Image credits: Tails – 92/Reddit

As you guessed, Alfie had chased Kevin across the front lawn and back into his van a couple of times. But Kevin barely got in the front seat in one piece. For the next two days, he walked with a limp from a nasty bite Alfie had given him. However, the two have made amends!

Heard You Were A Professional

Some mailmen enjoy the drive because it puts them in a state of calm, whereas others poke fun at their customers every once in a while. When mailman William Newby Jr. found out that he was due to deliver a package to Psychic reader Barbara, he figured he didn’t have to identify himself.

Image credits: William Newby Jr./Facebook

Yeah, right, Barbara. What a professional. He hears the faint scuffle of Barbara’s slippers against the wooden floor and then tells her, you’ve got a delivery, miss. He hands over the package as she opens the door and hands her the receipt to sign.

Why Are My Cheeks Wet?

Courtney had been living in this neighborhood for most of her life. They had moved in when she was about six years old and had come to know the mailman, Harry, ever since she learned how to play hopscotch. Today, she found out that Harry was retiring, and she felt her cheeks dampen with tears.

Image credits: Courtney/Twitter

I’m not crying. You are! She quickly dabs the tears and decides to buy Harry a parting gift. She notes the day of his last delivery and makes sure to tell everyone in the family that it will be Harry’s last day on the job.

Spent Fifteen Minutes

This family trusts their mailman so much that they had told him to retrieve the key to the front door, let himself in, and then place the valuable package anywhere in the living room. The mailman did as he was told. In fact, he had done it too well that the homeowner spent 15 minutes wondering where he put it.

Image credits: death by brownies/Imgur

It suddenly dawned on him that he was standing in front of the package all along. He tears the tape off and then rushes to place the contents on the desk. Thanks, mailman! You did a superb job. But you might want to tone it down next time.

Saw What You Did There

If you’ve worked in the customer service industry, then you might have performed your job with a personal touch. This mailman sure did. After putting two boxes on this homeowner’s front porch, he decided to arrange them so anyone who laid eyes on them wouldn’t help but smile.

Image credits: cslice marie/Reddit

We saw what you did there, UPS driver! And just as he had hoped, this homeowner couldn’t help but grin when they saw it. When she placed the cartons inside the house, she was careful to arrange them the same way the deliveryman did.

Ho Ho Ho You’ve Got Mail

Two of the most awaited events of the year are Halloween and Christmas, and it seems like this mailman prepared for both. While handing out mail to residents in this neighborhood, he bellows a Merry Christmas and then laughs ho ho ho.

Image credits: Jean sie cle/Reddit

As you can imagine, kids were perplexed that Santa managed to ditch his sleigh. Where had the reindeer gone? He calmly told them that there was no need to worry. He will send the gifts on the eve of the 24th with Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Cupid, and Donner with him.

Cheeky Mailman

It has been a month since Reddit user muzunguman celebrated Christmas with his family. Now, he was scheduled to take all the decorations down and haul the tree out of the house. But it seems like the holiday cheer lives on in this mailman’s mind.

Image credits: muzungu man/Reddit

He saw the discarded Pine tree and decided to place the package there. It was perfect! No one would be able to see the package from the street, yet it would be safely within reach of this homeowner. It’s never too late to wish folks a Merry Christmas!

Only Room For Love

Reddit user kyle_farmer15’s dog is a hater like no other. Poncho the chihuahua barks incessantly at the poor guy without the mailman doing anything. He won’t let him get anywhere near the porch, so his fur parent has to close the door behind him before taking the mail.

Image credits: Kyle_Farmer 15/Reddit

Instead of reciprocating those feelings, the mailman decided to bring Poncho a bag of bacon treats for Christmas. Poncho couldn’t resist. It was the first time he hadn’t barked at the mailman, and the smell of meat solely riveted his attention.

A Day In The Life

Being married has its perks. You get free massages whenever you need them, and you have someone who will bring breakfast to you in bed. You also have someone to build a family with. But that doesn’t mean every day is filled with marital bliss.

Image credits: JaketheSnake134/Reddit

She doesn’t want her husband worrying about their savings. Or maybe she wanted to keep this gift as a surprise. Unfortunately, this mailman wouldn’t play along. He had done the best that he could to keep the man of the house from knowing about this package, and that was that!

Thanks, USPS

Reddit user sashslingingslasher has big goals for himself. He’s barely making ends meet, but he is hopeful that he will be able to move out of the neighborhood and buy a house somewhere where he and his family can live comfy. Until then, he has to work with this.

Image credits: sashslingingslasher/Reddit

He explains that he doesn’t live in a great neighborhood. So, he has USPS stash the packages inside the bush, where he is sure that thieves won’t be able to find them. This isn’t the first time USPS has done this, so this mailman is used to this routine by now.

Just In Case

Remember that movie in the 2000s about the engineer who gets cast away for four years? At first, the overweight engineer struggles to brave the tropical weather and catch fish. Over a couple of months, he learns to get by with the resources at his disposal and befriends a volleyball to keep his sanity intact.

Image credits: Evan1016/Reddit

Well, this FedEx driver has prepared for that. He finds himself isolated elsewhere, and he has a Wilson Volleyball on the dashboard of his truck to keep him company. You will see him speaking to someone, but not to worry, he hasn’t lost his mind.

Wise Words

Sometimes, all it takes is a few kind words from someone to lift your spirits. We don’t know how this deliveryman knew, but he wrote Reddit user pepelepieu a note after placing the package by the door. It made his day, as we are certain it would make yours.

Image credits: pepe le pie u/Reddit

Aww, thank you, Joey! Now, don’t you wish you had someone check in on you like this? That day, Reddit user pepeliepieu claims that this note was the one good thing that happened to him that day. When pieced everything together, it was more than enough to filter out the negativity.

Access Denied

This couple was certain they would receive their package within the day. They had canceled their meetings, hoping to unwrap the parcel once it arrived. But the day passed idly without a knock on the door or the sound of the alarm. The following day, they found out why.

Image credits: ajl5991/Reddit

Try as he might, the delivery man couldn’t get an answer using the intercom that he had a package for the couple. It seemed like a good neighborhood, and that was more than enough for him to place the package by the front gate and secure it with a branch.

Sounds Like A Date

It has been quite some time since Reddit user vapidboy had gone on a date. He hadn’t been feeling like it. After all, you had to dress up, smell nice and be mindful of the topics you bring up. It was too much work. But today, that was going to change.

Image credits: VapidBoy/Reddit

He wasn’t at home to receive the package from the UPS driver. But seeing that it had to be delivered within the day, the UPS driver left him a note claiming I’ll be by Burger King. Now, is that a date or what?

Got Your Back

One other thing we love about delivery men is that they are good team players. It’s you and them against everyone and everything that could possibly damage and deprive you of your package. So, this deliveryman had to stash it someplace he was certain this house owner could find it.

Image credits: unknown/Imgur

A passerby wouldn’t so much as give this paper a second notice. And neither would this homeowner had he not seen the note asking him to look up. The moment he did, he couldn’t believe his eyes. That was one neat trick this team player pulled.

Making Light Of The Situation

Despite the number of hours you put into planning, something will almost always go off track. When this man had charted his route on the map (before they had GPS on phones), he had left out the crucial detail which homeowners owned a dog. Well, he found out soon enough.

Image credits: pam_poovey/Reddit

He was nearly torn into bits by a guard dog one time. But by his retirement, he couldn’t help but feel that he was going to miss seeing that guard dog snarl at him. By this time, running across the yard almost seemed like good exercise.

Out Of Options

Reddit user Rockhopperpenguin asked his deliveryman to leave the packages by the porch. He had always received his orders, except for this one time. He wondered why. He browsed at the receipt card and chuckled. Well, that would leave anyone out of options.

Image credits: RockHopperPenguinReddit

He eyes the raccoons and makes sure to enter the house through the back door. He waves his hand for his family to follow him so they can pass through unscathed. The snarky mama raccoon guarded them from the corner of her eye and then visibly relaxed when the last kid rushed to the back.

Setting A New World Record

Ever wondered why mailmen are dressed the way they are? It almost looks like they are going to trek in the Sahara. Couple that with a map, and they might pass for tourists. They have to wear thick rubbered shoes because, as this mailman claims, having to walk 11 miles a day is not easy.

Image credits: posananer/Reddit

He had worn out the new pair of shoes by January. That pair should last us about two years minimum. But without even six months having gone by, those thick rubber soles ended up on their last legs. Would you ever consider walking that far on any given day for a job?

Goes Well With Salt

It may not look like it, but working as a mailman is pretty exhausting. You should stack up on vitamins and electrolytes to get the job done. And what better way to get a serving of these if not from fruits? So, this mailman asked these folks if he could have some Guava from their tree.

Image credits: careslol/Reddit

He saw them dangling from the branches, and he couldn’t help but imagine what they tasted like. Oh, those would go well with some salt and water. If you’re lucky, you could throw those in with crushed ice, mango, and passion fruit for a tropical punch! But we know he doesn’t have time for that!

Gave You A Heads Ups

When a mailman tells you to do something, you ought to follow. Whether it’s putting your dog on a leash, filling out the box in the app for directions, or clearing out your mailbox, you can make their work much easier. Otherwise, they will take matters into their own hands.

Image credits: deleted user/Reddit

Take it from this Reddit user who didn’t pay his mailman any mind. He was told to clear out his mailbox, but he never got around to it. By the next morning, the mailman secured all unopened mail by the front door with loads of tape.

Perfect Helper

Pizza Hut has come up with several ways to rebrand itself. They swore by oven-fresh pizza to be delivered to your doorstep in less than 30 minutes. In case they delivered late, it was free. And just recently, this store branch sent their cutest delivery worker to deliver customers their merch.

Image credits: Staffy29/Reddit

Now, who’s cuter is debatable. But one thing is for sure. You wouldn’t be able to scream at these deliverymen even if they arrived at your front door an hour late. Some people even go so far as to give this cute doggo a free slice and a belly rub.

Clear Dislike

There will always be some people who will dislike you. It doesn’t matter if you did something or hurt their feelings. They will make sure to communicate their disdain. This Reddit user holds some degree of grudge against mailmen. Just like you, we also wonder why.

Image credits: dancing-greg/Reddit

It brings him great satisfaction to see mailmen tiptoeing across the lawn or showing the slightest bit of hesitation. Upon closer look, you will see that it is impossible for any pet to live in that doghouse. And that enormous chain is just an illusion.

No Breaks

Most homeowners regret not being able to tell their mailmen how thankful they are. They are almost always at work when the packages arrive at their homes. And even if the weather is freezing cold and the snow is up to their shins, these mailmen find a way to brave the harsh conditions.

Image credits: thinksecretly/Reddit

A simple note would do wonders for these mailmen. Just think about it. They spend most of their lives handing out letters and postcards for other people. It would mean the world if they received a letter that was meant for them. Their brave acts should not go unnoticed.

Turkey Whisperer

I have had it. This mailman looks at himself squarely in the mirror. Today is the day, son. Today is the day you will put that guard dog in his place. He rounds up the gang, travels 30 mph in his delivery van, and then carries the package with his squad towards the house.

Image credits: Frikk/Reddit

You guessed it. Not even halfway through the match, and that guard dog was whimpering back to his dog house. This rafter of turkeys gobble by his side and make sure that the mailman reaches the front porch untouched. From that day on, that canine never bothered this mailman again.

Joy Ride

This doggo had always wondered where mailmen came from and the places they traveled to. So, one fine afternoon, it escapes from its leash and then trails this FedEx deliveryman to his truck. The delivery man asks him who he belongs to, but this canine simply looks off into the distance.

Image credits: akd7791/Reddit

Just one day! And just like that, this canine travels around the whole community with this FedEx driver handing out packages and having people sign receipts. By the end of the shift, he showed the driver whose home he belonged to. All he did was bark loudly.

We’d Like To Report An Accident

You can bet that the day will go smoothly in this part of town. But when something unexpected happens, you can bet your horses that it will reach the outskirts of the community in less than an hour. This caused quite a sensation on the local news.

Image credits: arch_Mail boxes/Reddit

Although the US Postal Service and UPS are civil towards each other, one can’t deny the friendly rivalry between them. And to make light of the matter, this UPS driver pretended to have been run down by the former. The USPS driver scratched his head and put both hands on his hips. Are you done now?

Avid Fan

Never underestimate the value of small deeds. Reddit user eli809 took to the internet to thank the UPS deliveryman who gave her son his own UPS truck. The delivery man left it on the front porch along with her other packages, but she had no clue what the man’s name was.

Image credits: eli809/Reddit

She claims that her son has autism and has always had a fascination with cars and trucks, especially UPS trucks. She would have asked for the driver’s name, but she had no clue who to ask. So, she thanked UPS publicly, claiming this employee is amazing. And, we agree!

Loves Taking Selfies

We are sure that you have come across mailmen who are absolute eye candy, and there’s no shame in admitting that. Fortunately, this one has pictures of himself all over the internet. He knows his best angles, and he makes sure to pose with the package in sight.

Image credits: Deadleaf_Shrimp/Reddit

Reddit user deadleaf_shrimp states that he gets an e-mail every time he gets a package delivered to his apartment’s mailroom. Most of the time, the pictures show the package label, as it ought to. But this one guy takes photos of the packages like this.

False Alarm

Sometimes, failed deliveries are due in part to the homeowners’ forgetfulness. This couple wrote their Amazon driver an apology note. They missed the driver on his delivery run. They had forgotten to leave work earlier than usual and were hoping that he would make another round.

Image credits: SquareArch/Reddit

But this delivery man shrugs it off and tells them that he had delivered the package all along. It was simply stashed someplace safe. The two sprung to their feet and checked if the package was where the deliveryman had put it. To their relief, it was. This is the best guy yet!

Got Grass?

You can tell how much a person loves their job by the effort they put into it. For example, take this pizza guy. Brazilian gas stations had run out of gasoline. But that didn’t keep this pizza place down. This guy came up with a unique way to get the job done.

Image credits: JacksFaith/Reddit

Is this guy a genius or what? He couldn’t tell if his customers were happy for the timely delivery of pizzas, or for showing up to their houses mounted on this stallion. Unlike cars, this beauty didn’t run on gas. Instead, he asked the customers to tip him with grass!

Rick And Morty Mailman

So apparently, this mailman looks exactly like the one from the famous show, Rick And Morty. You know, the one that always says Look Man! We wonder how many times during a shift he hears this! We’re thinking is one too many!

Image credits: paulshnargas/Reddit

We think this guy should collect royalties from all the times people tell him he is a spinning image of this character! He’s definitely got the eyebrows and facial expression down. He even has the same exact uniform! This doesn’t happen every day!