45 Times People’s Misfortune Was The Star of The Show

By Bruna L

Misfortunes happen to everyone; that’s just part of life as we know it! But sometimes, things go wrong in such hilarious, unbelievable, or simply ridiculous ways. We can’t help but register that moment for eternity to either amaze our family and friends with just how unlucky we are or simply to warn the world of how many different ways things can go wrong for a single person! From having your dog licking the frosting off your freshly-baked cake to falling on some scary cacti, we all certainly have gone through some things that, if not making us scarred for life, will make an excellent story to tell around the table during family gatherings! Want to partake in other people’s misery? Here are 45 times people’s misfortune was the star of the show!

The sky’s falling

After a hard day at work, we can all agree that there is nothing better than getting home, taking a warm shower, and going to bed. Unfortunately for the unlucky person below, that’s not really how their day will end!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Imterrifiedofsharks

That’s right! Not only is there a massive hole in the ceiling, with drywall and insulation everywhere, but it also happened in the bedroom! You can’t just close the door, pretend it didn’t happen and find a fix for it in the morning!

There’s always a rotten egg

People say teaching is a thankless job, and most of the time, it is true! You spend most of your day with many kids of all ages and backgrounds, trying to impart a little bit of your knowledge to them, and no one seems to acknowledge you or how hard your job is!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Apprehensive-Ant8202

It is sad, of course, and even more heartbreaking when those same students you care so much about go and egg your house! And here you are, thinking they liked you all along! The thing is – they probably do! But teenagers are weird and don’t know how to express themselves adequately! What a situation!

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there

Have you ever heard the expression “it’s a dog-eat-dog world”? You probably have! This expression is used to describe an incredibly competitive situation. What you didn’t expect is that you could apply it for something as simple as dinner time!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Gumpyyy

Especially when you order food and either don’t pick it up as soon as it is delivered or the driver forgets to ring your bell! That’s exactly what happened here! This stray dog saw the food there and didn’t waste time eating it all up! Bad dog!

So many questions

To be considered a functional adult in today’s society, you need to know how to cook for yourself. It doesn’t even have to be fancy stuff, just simple dishes that will keep you from starving to death! Learning how to use a microwave is essential, but some people skipped those classes!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/aintx

These people here, for example! They decided to heat a jar of Nutella in the microwave for some reason, but it didn’t go as planned! Quite the opposite! Maybe they meant to leave it there for sixty seconds but left it for a whole hour? We have so many questions!

Autopilot breakfast

Look, we can’t help it, okay? We’re humans, and humans make mistakes. Especially when we’re used to doing the same thing over and over, every day. Our brains just start doing things independently, and we don’t notice until we’re either done or mess up the process!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/fatjoelapuma

That’s precisely what happened here! If you mix a sleep-deprived brain with a pretty common task that you can do on autopilot, you’ll 100% get raw egg stuff back on the egg carton instead of the bow! Maybe you can still save it? Oh well, there goes the breakfast!

When help is not on the way

What would you do if you ever got stranded almost five hundred miles away from home? No, this is not something out of a movie, but it happened with the poor guy below! Sure, he wasn’t stranded at sea, but still!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/ThrowingChicken

That’s right, his key broke in half inside the ignition the moment he stopped at a camping spot in the middle of a forest, about 450 miles from home! Hopefully, he still had a cell phone signal to call for help. Otherwise, he’s still walking home today!

A situation impossible to handle

It’s funny if you stop to think about it, but whenever we’re busy and running late on something important, the universe always decides to test both our patience and faith in ridiculous ways! You’ve been there, we’ve been there. It’s inevitable!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Lovesliesbleeding

This person here, for example! She was running some errands when she stopped at a gas station to refuel. Well, not only did the handle break off completely, leaving her locked outside, but the car was still running! Universe, please, stop!

Friend or foe?

Sometimes, people can do harm while trying to help even if they don’t mean to. We see that all the time on the internet, on the news, on conversations with our friends. There is a reason why the saying “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” exists, you know!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/razorburnoncrotch

And that’s what happened here! The car’s owner was sick, and someone volunteered to move it for him. The picture above is how he found his car the next day! There was snow all over the back seat as well. And the worst part was, that’s a brand-new car!

Beads galore

If you work with arts and crafts stuff, or simply enjoy the process as a hobbyist, you know just how important organization is. After all, how are you supposed to find that particular tool or item if they are not stored properly?

Image Courtesy of Reddit/elinamoo-hah

If you know what we’re talking about, you’re probably cringing very hard after seeing that image! Yep, hundreds of glass beads scattered all over! Imagine how long it will take to put it all back in the container, organized by size, shape, and color. No, thank you!

Next time, use a bowl

We’ve all been there: It’s night, it’s cold and we’re hungry, but we’re not really feeling like making anything. In these situations, the easier, the better, and we end up eating some pretty disgusting things we’d never admit in public!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Urbansaintchannel

Sometimes, we don’t even feel like washing the proper dish for whatever we’re eating! Thankfully, most of us are lucky enough and don’t have our drinking glasses breaking out of nowhere, spilling our secret snacks everywhere! RIP to that bowl of cereal.

No time to waste

It’s not hard to find older folks talking about how fast everything is nowadays. Everything must be delivered immediately, from the food we order to the news we read! Wouldn’t it be nice just to slow down a little bit? Enjoy the moment as if time itself has stopped?

Image Courtesy of Reddit/darthtankerous

Well, some of us can! You just have to be unlucky enough to have what happened above happen to you as well! What are the chances that a watch stops working because the handles got stuck in one of the numbers? Impressive!

Gotta be in Australia

If you think about it, Australia is a great place! It is full of friendly people, beautiful beaches, world-famous Opera houses… Unfortunately, it is also filled with nightmarish creatures that maybe won’t kill you but certainly will leave you scarred for life!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/El_Dief

For example, it doesn’t say where the picture above was taken, but judging by the size of that spider, we know it has to be Australia! That and the fact that it’s a huntsman, of course! Sure, it may be keeping other, more dangerous creatures away from the bus, but why does it have to be so menacing?

Self-plagiarism issues

If you have ever done any sort of academic writing, be it for high school or college, then you know just how proud one gets when their work turns out good! Nothing beats that feeling, and sometimes we feel like showing off online to our peers.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/DaniDan257

Be careful, though, or you’ll end up in a situation similar to the one above – Shortly after submitting their work, the person above posted it online. Unfortunately, the teacher found it and gave them an F on their paper, since they thought it was a copy! Not fair!

Hulk smash

If you have a house of your own, then you know nothing makes a homeowner happier than being able to fix their home by themselves. Not only does it save a pretty penny, but it also gives them a sense of accomplishment that not many other things in life will!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/BugsRFeatures2

Unfortunately, not everyone is cut for this kind of job! The person above is not used to house painting, but decided to give it a try anyway! He even remembered to wear his gloves! Yikes, at least he can cosplay as the Hulk now!

Not doing its job

If you are a person who suffers from allergies or just live in an overall smelly neighborhood, an air purifier is probably the best appliance you can buy for your home! They help with your allergies and strong odors, and they’re also good against mold and even airborne diseases!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/coloradopowpow

The man above bought himself an excellent air purifier with that in mind. Unfortunately, he didn’t think to check the filter and used it for a whole year with it still covered in plastic! At least now he has a brand-new filter, right? Money saved successfully!

No travel for you

If you have a job where you need to travel a lot, you know how hard it is to balance both work and home life. Your Wife, kids, boss, and co-workers are all counting on you to be present and active no matter what!

Image Courtesy of Reddit.com

No one misses you more than your dog, though! Sometimes, they miss you so much they have to rely on aggressive strategies to get you to stay at home! That’s what happened here! Now their human can stay around for a few more days! Yay!

Overcooked glasses

If you wear glasses, you’re probably well aware of the kind of problems that come with them. We’re not even talking about your vision here, but the hassle of searching around the house infinitely every time you misplace them! Have you checked the top of your head already?

Image Courtesy of Reddit/sh4ggyguy

This person here not only checked the top of their head, but they spent three whole days looking around for their brand-new pair of glasses only to find them half-melted in the oven! How does that even happen in the first place?

Left behind

What is your worst nightmare when it comes to traveling by plane? The answers may vary wildly from suffering an accident to missing your flight. Plane accidents are improbable to happen, though, and if you plan your time accordingly, you will never miss a flight in your life!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/DamnTheAdmiralty

So, what’s to fear? Well, many other things. No one wants to lose their luggage for starters, but it happens all the time! Just take a look above, and you’ll see! Somehow, the plane took flight, but those bags stayed behind. What a tragedy!

Don’t forget to clean the lint lines

If you think about it, many things can happen to ruin our days. Maybe your coffee was awful, the bus was crowded, and your work’s internet connection was slow! Terrible situations, of course, but nothing ever beats a lousy laundry day, that’s for sure!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Cannabace

And if you think you’ve had subpar laundry days before, you’ve never seen the picture above! That’s right, apparently, the dryer caught on fire while being used! A bad day for both the owner of the business and the person using the machine!

Clumsy workers

There is nothing worst than having your internet cut off for reasons beyond your power, primarily if you work from home! Accidents happen, of course, but when the service is constantly being botched by the so-called professionals responsible for it, you got to ask yourself what’s wrong!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/McBlumpkin-

This occurrence here, for example. It happens many times per day, all over the world! How hard is it to install your fiber lines without cutting off the internet for your neighbors? Apparently, super hard! Honestly, just train your workers better!

A prickly situation

Golf is not known as a hazardous sport. Sure, you need to keep yourself hydrated and wear lots of sunscreen, but usually, that’s it! Unfortunately, golf courses still have some traps here and there, as we can attest by the picture below!

Image Courtesy of Twitter/bricateo

These are not your average cacti either! Those are teddy-bear cholla cacti and if you have never heard of them, consider yourself lucky! They’re the most painful species in the desert and their spikes are barbed backward, which means they’re easy to go in, but super hard to remove! Ouch!

Not-so-good doggo

There’s a reason dogs are such a big part of human life, both as home companions and as work animals. Yes, they are messy, stinky, and loud, but they’re also extremely cute and loyal no matter what! Or are they?

Image Courtesy of Reddit/gwarfunkle

The person here discovered in the most unfortunate way that, while you can trust dogs to guard your house, they’re not reliable in protecting your food! The owner only had time to grab a single piece of cake before the dog attacked and licked half the frosting away!

No more itchy teeth

There are a couple of reasons why sleeping well is essential for us. It allows our body to rest and replenish its energy for a new day, but it also does the same for our brains! That’s why we don’t act normal when we’re sleep-deprived!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/788tiger

That’s how we end up doing pretty silly things like brushing our teeth with anti-itch cream, for example! That’s what happened here, and it took the person a few seconds until they noticed their mistake! At least they won’t have itchy teeth anymore!

Nutritious dinner

We all have been there – we’re teens, we don’t have any job yet, and all of our uncles and aunts have kids younger than us. What is there to do but babysit them? As long as we’re getting paid that’s okay, right?

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Kandiblu

Well, let’s hope your family is not like this! The teen here went to babysit her cousins and was told dinner was in the freezer. There was nothing there but a pack of frozen broccoli and a battery! Yummy yummy!

Domino effect

Have you ever heard of Murphy’s Law? It says that if there is a chance of something going wrong, it will go wrong no matter what, sometimes in the most spectacular way! Unfortunately for this homeowner, that’s what happened here!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/joshuambrose

If you don’t quite understand what’s going on in this image, well, the woman went to close the dishwasher, and the cabinet above it fell, opening its doors and causing this whole mess. Not really the nicest domino effect, is it?

Married-single relationship

Ever since cell phones were invented, cheating on your spouse has become ten times harder. Before, people could have two families living pretty close to each other, and no one would suspect a thing! But today, we have social media, real-time notifications, and a multitude of trackers. Things aren’t so easy anymore!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/forum4um

That’s exactly how this man discovered his wife was cheating on him! She was texting with her lover and forgot that the Cloud existed – It was synchronized with his smartwatch, and he got notified of these messages! Suffice to say, the marriage was over pretty quickly after that!

DIY gone wrong

With so many house renovation shows airing nowadays, it’s no surprise people get the drive to work on their own homes even if they don’t have the proper training for that! Sometimes, that works out just fine. Other times, though, we end up with botched jobs like the one below!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Saphhiroth

No, this isn’t an improvised climbing wall someone decided to build on their house, but actually, a chunk of the wall covering that decided to unglue itself! At least it exposed those really nice bricks, right? Talk about a self-renovating house!

Super expensive disappointment

Many people may not understand it, but the state of your hair is closely connected to your self-esteem. Especially if you’re a woman who grew up believing your image is what matters the most! That’s why some people are willing to spend a ridiculous amount of money at a hairstylist!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Vegemiteonpikelets

Unfortunately, not everyone has the skills necessary to do their jobs properly, and that’s what happened here! This horrendous haircut and coloring cost $400! Can you believe that? Hopefully, this lady got a refund and went to a better professional afterward!

Cheap boots

Not many people like motorcycles. They say they’re expensive, it’s dangerous to ride them, and your lifestyle needs to be adapted to this more compact way of transportation. Of course, they’re not wrong, but how can we resist motorcycles when they look just so dang cool?

Image Courtesy of Reddit/ginger_bredman

Take a look at the Harley Davidson, for example! Just some raw power on two wheels, yeah! Unfortunately, not everything in their brand is top-notch quality. The boots above were brand-new when their heels simply fell off. What’s up with that, Harley?

Xtra onions

If you think about it, humans are all very similar. Sure, we may have different heights, weights, skin colors, religions, cultures, tastes in music, and opinions. The list goes on. But, deep down, on a biological level, we’re all the same!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/apple-sharpie

In general terms, we basically eat the same as well! For example, you can appreciate a burger in South America and Europe. Of course, when we order a burger with extra onions, that’s not exactly what we mean! This guy must be an alien!

Do not disturb

When you go on vacation trips to exotic locations, you usually expect to eat food you have never tried before, enjoy some paradisiac sights, and have an experience you wouldn’t have back in your city! Unfortunately, this kind of trip is not always a bed of roses!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/NanoArowanaTank

This tourist here demonstrates just that! He was trying to get back to his hotel room at the end of the day when he was surprised by dozens of sleeping sea lions! Maybe if he waddles his way through, the sea lions won’t notice he’s human?

Fake friends

There is nothing sadder in life than realizing the people you’ve chosen to trust with your friendship don’t really care about you! It’s devastating to go through this sort of heartbreak, but sometimes they come exactly when you need them!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/erokitel128

This person here, for example, was moving across the country and decided to throw a farewell barbecue, but none of his friends showed up! Incredibly sad, of course, but at least he has the opportunity to start over somewhere else and hopefully get better friends!


If you think about it, the number of people buying and playing video games nowadays is much more significant than before! Everybody and their mothers – sometimes quite literally – have a console at home and spend most of their free time having fun alone or with friends online!

Image Courtesy of Reddit.com

Unfortunately, scammers have caught up to that already, and it’s no surprise that stuff like what happened above is becoming more common! That’s right – They shipped a rock instead of a brand-new PS5! Not only is the birthday ruined, but good luck getting a refund too!

Nasty surprise

Birds are amazing creatures. They truly are! Not only do they look super pretty and sing marvelous songs, but they also help spread seeds and eat harmful bugs and insects! The only problem with them is that they poop everywhere!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Nordic_Plant_Lover

Scenes like the one above are familiar in certain seasons, depending on where you live! You park a bike or a car under an otherwise inconspicuous tree for a couple of hours, and next thing you know, you can use your vehicle to make compost for your farm!

Stealthy disappointment

There is nothing better for a scorching hot summer day than a big batch of ice cream, especially if you live in a warm country where things get so hot you could probably fry an egg on the pavement! Unfortunately, life is painful, and things do not always go as planned!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/benznhoj

It doesn’t matter where you’re from; you probably went through this disappointment at some point, especially if you grow up with a thrifty mom around – no one would throw away a perfectly good ice cream Tupperware, after all! Frozen chilis, anyone?

You’re a winner, baby!

Have you ever thought about how it would feel to win the lottery? Go to sleep poor and wake up with the means to turn your life around and start it all over? We all have, of course! Unfortunately for this employee, that’s not exactly what happened here!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/broadwayguru

They didn’t try their luck with the actual lottery, but they got a scratch card from work and won the main prize there – The fantastic chance of having some unpaid time off all of their own! What kind of reward is that?

Pedal to the metal

Some people just love to drive their cars. Maybe they have a superior model that drives smoothly, or perhaps they like to see the lights pass by and feel the power and speed under their control. Either way, they sure wouldn’t enjoy being the driver in this situation!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/GardenGnome25

That’s right, the accelerator just up and snapped in half! Apparently, in some countries, only the brake pedal needs to be made out of metal; everything else can be plastic. A stiff, durable plastic, but still! Definitely a scary situation no one would like to find themselves in!

Destructive puppies

We’ll never stop being amazed by the kind of services offered nowadays. For example, did you know you can rent nice designer clothes for everyday wear pretty cheaply online? That’s true! You get a new set of clothes every month and return the older ones to be rented again.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Mckinzel

Cool, right? Well, most of the time, it is! Sometimes, though, you’ll get unlucky and end up in the same situation as the girl above – The deliveryman threw the package over her fence, and her puppies destroyed it! There goes a brand-new Marc Jacobs bag, yikes!

No snacks for you

Imagine the situation: You woke up way too early to go to work and forgot your lunch at home. When it comes to your lunch break, you don’t have the time to go to a fast food place and choose, instead, to grab a couple of snacks from the vending machine.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/mistermorrisey

Well, guess what? You can’t have those either! If it happened to us, we would probably cry our eyes out. No chocolate after so much misfortune? No, thanks! Since this didn’t happen to us, we can’t do anything but laugh and sympathize with whoever took this picture!

Watch your fingers

There is something anyone who works with electric tools can tell you – never, ever get complacent around them – That’s how accidents happen! Remember, it’s imperative to have a nice amount of respect for your tools and understand how they work!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Cheezeryc

Because if you don’t, you’ll end up in a situation similar to the one above! The baker here allowed their brains to go into autopilot while using a hand blender—bad idea. Thankfully, no fingers were lost, but they’ll still hurt for a good while!

Exotic sea creature

It’s almost impossible to exist in today’s world without a cell phone! Not only do you need them to call and send messages to other people, but they also store pretty personal things, such as your pictures, bank information, addresses. The list goes on and on!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Rav99

Now imagine you’re walking on the beach on some beautiful sunny day. The tide lowers, and you notice something close to the water. Is it an exotic creature? Nope, just a good old cell phone! Someone had a pretty bad day, that’s for sure!

When the employer doesn’t care

If you think you’ve seen enough gross stuff on the internet for a lifetime, think again because what we have here will rock your entire world with how disgusting it is! Imagine working somewhere where both the kitchen and the toilet share the same space!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/vachon11

This is incredibly unhygienic, but it is also highly illegal pretty much everywhere in the world! Forget about the spilled ravioli, and give OSHA a call asap! Your employer clearly doesn’t care about your health, but you should!

Modern art

Similar to many things in life, art styles also evolved with time. Art sure has come a long way, from the rustic paintings on cave walls to the beautiful frescos at the Sistine Chapel! Modern art is no different, despite being a bit controversial!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Mane420

It doesn’t matter if you believe modern art is valid or not, though. The picture above sure looks like a mix between something from Banksy and Jackson Pollock! Oh, the things our brains can do with nothing but a spilled cup of coffee and a bus floor!

“Those sure do look like batteries”

If you don’t want to get scammed out of your money when buying goods or services online, it’s important to do thorough research to make sure the product you’re getting is top quality and that you can trust the seller!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/cascassian

Sometimes, though, that still doesn’t guarantee you’ll receive a good product at home. We’re pretty sure someone just looked at those batteries, went “yep, they’re batteries alright” and packed them up for delivery! Or maybe they were damaged during transit. Either way, you better apply for a refund asap!

Explosive glass

We don’t know about you, but we never really trust anything made out of glass, especially when it comes to tables. Sure, they look clean and modern, but the chances they’ll just up and explode one day are just too high for us to relax!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/beejers30

And that’s exactly what happened here! One day this guy’s coffee table just decided it had enough and smashed all over his living room! That’s super common with tempered glass, too, and there are even scientific explanations for that, but we’re not taking any chances either way!