Bizarre Reasons That Caused The Simpsons Movie And Two Other Flicks To Be Banned

By Goodness M

1. Christopher Robin

Winnie the Pooh is a cute cartoon character loved by children, but China’s government doesn’t see it that way. The Chinese Communist Party resents the cartoon character because people on social media use it to symbolize resistance against the government.

As a result, the character was banned on social media in 2017. However, the government did not stop there; it proceeded to ban the 2018 live-action movie Christopher Robin from being released in China. This crackdown on Winnie the Pooh was for political reasons.

Image courtesy of Raul Pongasi Berame / Shutterstock

2. The Simpsons Movie

This 2007 blockbuster was number 2 on the list of highest-grossing movies in its category. Among the pomp and fanfare in celebrating the movie’s success, the government of Myanmar felt that the film was not of good taste and banned it.

Of all the reasons they could find in the movie, the government chose to ban the movie because it used yellow and red colors. It was later discovered that the colors were used in the flag of the National League of Democracy opposition party. As a result, the Myanmar government found this unacceptable.

3. Shrek 2

While dumb political reasons played a part in banning the Christopher Robin and The Simpsons movies, the Hebrew version of Shrek 2 was banned in Israel because of a joke. A singer from Israel, David D’Or, was offended by a joke that suggested that he was castrated.

The statement “Let’s do a David D’Or on him” uttered by a character in the movie offended the singer. It was spoken while cutting particular body parts. He contested the matter in court and won the case resulting in the film being banned in Israel. The filmmakers later changed the dialogue.