Behind The Scenes Images For Every Movie Lover

By Anthony K

When watching a movie, you may be eager and enthusiastic to catch a glimpse of realistic scenes. You may find it hard to differentiate between fiction and reality in due time. You should see what happens behind the scenes before applying movie scenes in real life. This piece explores behind the scenes of top-grossing and popular movies you ought to see now.

Popular movies using CGI, green screens, and other forms of technology include;

  1. Space Jam
Photo Credits: BackyardCinemas/Twitter

Every lover of basketball and Michael Jordan should have watched this movie at least once. While the fast-paced and action-packed film gives the feeling of watching live games, most parts are made possible by CGI and special effects allowing MJ to play cartoon characters.

2. The Titanic

Photo Credits: Emma Cox/ Pinterest

History lovers are always intrigued to discover more about the Titanic before and after its sinking. Titanic portrays most of what transpired while focusing on Jack and Rose. The movie is realistic. Unfortunately, you will be disappointed to learn that the crew never made it to the ocean.

3. Game of Thrones

Photo Credits: BehindScenesPic/Twitter

After eight seasons, the Game of Thrones fanbase was left wondering what to watch next. The show includes mythical creatures, conspiracies, stories of families, and constant drama. You will be surprised to learn that ‘The Mother of Dragons’ used a green stick and fabric wrappings in place of real dragons to conquer the seven kingdoms.

Final Thoughts

Movies are meant for entertainment and educational purposes. Creators may go beyond the normal to deliver a perfect example and feeling in each film. If you aren’t adequately informed, the effects and choreography may convince you of a different life. Considering the effects on specific scenes, you should refrain from trying the stunts at home.