Beefy: The Cat Who Loves His Owner’s Shopping Trips 

By Francis Tunwase

They say a dog is man’s best friend. BEncountering this small feline could potentially lead to a shift in your perspective. A cat named Meatball – or Beefy – has become a virtual internet sensation after its owner shared clips of her. And there’s definitely no denying that Beefy is incredibly cute.

Source: @answer603/Unsplash

Beefy is not just a fan of her owner, Candace – apparently, he almost isn’t able to function without her. Wherever Candace goes, so does Beefy. Even a dog won’t be this close to you, don’t you think? 

Candace is an animal rescuer and colony cat caregiver who lives in Canada. She claims that Beefy enjoys the company of humans and is fond of being in their presence. She doesn’t mind being on a leash, although Candace also explained that Beefy lives and plays unlike any of the other cats around.

She has a simple lifestyle, which includes a love for traveling and being around people. Meatball also loves being around Candace when she shops, so you can imagine how excited the little guy gets once shopping season comes around.

Source: @cottonbro/Pexels

Beefy has also been touted for his electric personality and bubbly vibe. He lights up any room he enters, and he is also kind and gentle in every way. The little, fearless guy loves to travel, and he’s also pretty intuitive. 

It’s almost a rarity for you to see a pet become so close to its owner. Find someone who’s obsessed with you the same way Beefy is with Candace.