Bedtime Adventures: 35 Funny And Odd Sleepwalking Stories

By Bruna L

Sleepwalking is a fairly common condition. It’s so prevalent we are sure either you or someone you know has it. However, did you also know that it can be hereditary? That’s right; entire families can pass it from generation to generation! The good news is, it’s usually not that serious. Also, it can be pretty amusing to be around someone who sleepwalks.

There is always something new going on in the middle of the night in a household with a sleepwalker—something funny, weird, or maybe even creepy. Being the roommate of a sleepwalker is not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure! Want to know more and have a little laugh with some hilarious sleepwalking stories? Look no further. Here are 35 daring sleepwalkers and their funny stories!

Of Invisible People And Scary Prophecies

Most of the time, talking in your sleep directly results from stress during the day. You’re supposed to be completely unconscious when you’re asleep, not giving a speech to your furniture, especially when the things you say are super scary.

Image courtesy of Areafatheruk/Instagram

Take this story here, for example. Apparently, this poor girlfriend had to endure her boyfriend talking in his sleep and being super creepy! Who’s the man in purple? Why won’t we survive the night? What’s even going on here? Yikes!

Substituted For A Machine

You probably grew up watching TV daily, depending on how old you are. Cartoons, kid’s shows, sports—you could watch all that with the help of a couple of taps on a remote. That’s why we kind of understand where this situation here comes from.

Image courtesy of lindacphotography/Instagram

This boy was just a young child when he started sleepwalking. Nothing memorable happened for the most part, but one time he did say, “Goodnight, mom,” and hugged the TV. Imagine the confusion on his mom’s face! We would definitely be reevaluating his screen time after that!


Many people think that sleepwalking affects only the person who suffers from it, but that’s not exactly the case if you think about it. Parents, girlfriends, boyfriends, and roommates all have to deal with the consequences of sleepwalking at some point.

Image courtesy of Miele_canada/Instagram

In this case, the whole family had to deal with the consequences of somebody else’s sleepwalking, all because one of the brothers decided to get a head start on everyone’s laundry. While sleeping, he washed everyone’s blankets at the same time!

Caught On Video

One of the worst things that can happen to you is for someone to catch you doing something embarrassing. It’s always shameful and humiliating, and if there is video proof, you can’t even go around denying your part in it!

Image courtesy of Hiladots/Instagram

The woman above learned that the hard way. She wasn’t doing anything serious, just sleepwalking to the fridge and eating apples. The kicker is that she hates apples when awake, which proves just how mysterious the mind is. We’re sure the daughter appreciated the video more than anyone else.

One With Nature

No matter how similar we are to each other in terms of biology, we can act entirely differently in our day-to-day lives. Some people love living in the city, for example, while others prefer the peace and quiet of the country.

Image courtesy of Emmamaar/Instagram

We’re pretty sure we know what kind of life the man above prefers considering what he did while sleepwalking. Not only did he climb out of his window, he decided to become one with nature and sleep in the bushes outside. Imagine if he lived in an apartment in the city.

Confusion All Around

There is nothing quite like a midnight snack if you ask us. The thrill of the hunt—tiptoeing in the dark into the kitchen and grabbing your favorite snack from the fridge—is too good to ignore! The problem is that sometimes you can’t find everything you want there.

Image courtesy of CookingwithAlisha/Instagram

When Mom caught this guy stealing food from the fridge, his sleepwalking self decided it wasn’t snacks but friendship he sought. It’s safe to say everybody was extremely confused that day. On the other hand, we hope his conscious self has plenty of fulfilling friendships.

Fancy Meeting

It doesn’t matter how old you are; if you like fancy stuff, you probably also like going to fancy parties. Sparkly drinks, well-dressed people, and good music—who wouldn’t enjoy something like that? Even little kids would have a great time.

Image courtesy of Okashitsukuru_hibi/Instagram

Now, this is one classy kid! Hopefully, his parents were okay with his wasting all that ginger ale. We would certainly love to know if they still carried these preferences into adulthood. They were probably the early makings of a boardroom master.

Strange Way To Clear Sinuses

If you think about it, it’s incredible how much humanity has evolved. Without our sharp instincts and big, powerful brains, we wouldn’t be where we are today. However, all of our self-preservation goes out the window the moment we start sleepwalking.

Image courtesy of The_aire_plot104/Instagram

This person here, for example, woke up one night extremely confused about what was happening. He was holding a can of spray paint and had a burning sensation in his mouth. It didn’t take long for him to connect the dots. What was his brain thinking?!

Sleeping Pills And Sleep Eating

Taking medication to sleep sucks; we all know that. Not only is it a sign of more significant problems in your life, but the meds can also cause some wild side effects. The story below is a case in point.

Image courtesy of Tarrinpippin/Instagram

Looks like when you sleep, so do your taste buds. How would you feel if you found out you’ve been eating butter and jam in your sleep? That’s exactly what happened here, much to this poor woman’s chagrin. At least she has a funny story to tell in the future.

Ruined Thanksgiving

Holidays are the perfect excuse to get together with family you haven’t seen in a long time, especially when that holiday is Thanksgiving! Delicious drinks, food, and the company of those you love the most are all reasons you can count us in.

Image courtesy of Clairsgoodeats/Instagram

Here’s a Thanksgiving memory this person will probably never live down. Not only did he kick in his grandparents’ door screaming about nonexistent ravioli, but he was also naked and cursing left and right! Family reunions for a long time afterward were probably quite awkward.

Minty Burn

It’s commonplace to hear about people doing stuff while asleep. They usually don’t remember any of it, so it’s always a surprise when they wake up with things done around the house. The person below is no exception to this rule.

Image courtesy of Olga Miltsva/Shutterstock

He didn’t clean the house or take out the trash. Instead, he removed his contacts and put them in their container. The problem is, he didn’t use contact solution on them; he gave them a nice coat of toothpaste instead! Ouch!

When You Invite Robbers In

If you notice you suffer from sleepwalking, you better have it checked out before you end up doing something ridiculous in your sleep—for example, inviting a suspicious guest into your house! That is exactly what happened to the man below.

Image courtesy of Ytha7/Instagram

Apparently, he got out of his house while sleepwalking and invited a complete stranger in. He got robbed blind, of course, but couldn’t remember how. Only when he asked his neighbor about it did he uncover the whole story. Scary!

Suburban Dr. Dolittle

The mind of a sleepwalker is definitely a strange place to visit. It’s nigh impossible to tell what’s real from what’s not in the moment, and you can end up doing some pretty bizarre things. Take this dog owner, for example.

Image courtesy of Cvssign/Instagram

His girlfriend caught him leaving the house to buy the dog some snacks. The problem is, he was only wearing a t-shirt and underwear and was still asleep! Also, the dog had apparently asked for the snacks itself! As hilarious as that is, we can’t help but admire his love for his pet.

Not That Harmless

It’s hard to break certain habits, especially when you’re young and whatever you’re doing is pretty harmless. However, even the most innocuous of practices can become a problem if you mix them with dangerous situations like our next sleepwalker, who completely floored us with their story!

Image courtesy of Irisanthuenis/Instagram

When they were younger, they would leap the last few steps of the staircase from their bedroom to the living room. Pretty harmless, right? We’ve all done it. Problem is, one day, they did that while sleepwalking! Here’s where we all wish we were cats because of the whole landing on their feet thing.

Au Naturel

There are certain freedoms, such as eating a whole bag of chips or playing video games for as long as you want, that you can only have if you live alone. You could even sleep naked if you felt like it.

Image courtesy of Ella.kay75/Instagram

If you’re a sleepwalker, though, you’d better watch out! You never know what sneaky ideas your sleeping brain will come up with, and if you’re like the person above, you may end up roaming your yard in the nude! Think of your neighbors!

The Workaholic’s Brain

When you work a stressful job, it can be difficult to pause and think about other things in life. Even if you’re on vacation, it usually takes a while for your brain to stop worrying about the office and actually relax.

Image courtesy of Jonathan Adato (Photographer)

That’s definitely what happened here. This man and his wife went on vacation, but she was so stressed about everything that her brain couldn’t stop working for the first night. Hopefully, her brain caught up with the rest of her body, and she got to enjoy the rest of the vacay!

Kids Do The Darndest Things.

We were all kids once, but in general, kids are still a controversial topic. Some people love them, and some can’t stand them! They can be pretty annoying, but they’re also entertaining. There are many pros and cons to having them around.

Image courtesy of Homestyly_bycarly/Instagram

It seems if you mix a five- or six-year-old with sleepwalking, you get some pretty hilarious stories to tell your friends in the future. We’ve all heard of a midnight snack, but a midnight bath? Now that’s a new one!

2 AM Meeting

The human body doesn’t know how to process stress very well. Between our jobs, family life, and just existing in general, we live pretty stressful lives. Since that’s not really how we were meant to exist, our brains can become a bit confused!

Image courtesy of The_manju6/Instagram

This confusion often shows in our dreams. They can say a lot about us and the things we’re going through. Because of that, we completely understand how the story above came to be. Hopefully, this man managed to reschedule the clearly important meeting.

Midnight Comedy

Living with a sleepwalker can be pretty challenging at times. It can be scary, too, if they decide to do something dangerous or creepy in the middle of the night! Thankfully, the situation below is perfectly harmless and very amusing.

Image courtesy of El_huerto_de_teresa/Instagram

Although what her husband said didn’t make any sense, it was super funny to the wife listening! Who knows what her husband’s dream was about? Not us, that’s for sure. It’s a great memory that she will never let him live down!

Sparkly Clean

Some people absolutely hate messy houses. They usually go out of their way to ensure every little nook and cranny is sparkly clean and can’t truly rest until they’re satisfied with the cleanliness around them. However, it’s not always fun; unless you’re “Monica Geller.”

Image courtesy of Dreamydesigns_bydiana/Instagram

That problem is how we end up with stories like the one above. The woman was asleep, but her brain couldn’t stand how messy the house was, so she cleaned everything up sleepwalking! Imagine the surprise she felt once she woke up. Or was it relief?

Must Have Been A Very Sad Dream

No one bats an eye when a sleepwalker does something funny or weird. If it is harmless, most people think nothing of it. Sometimes they’ll laugh or be slightly annoyed, but that is it unless things start to get creepy.

Image courtesy of Holeriks87/Instagram

What would you do if you found your brother dead asleep in the garage, playing roulette with a tennis ball and an upside-down frisbee and crying softly? We definitely wouldn’t be laughing in this situation! Creepy is not even the word!

Blueberry Yogurt

There’s very little anyone can do to stop you from enjoying your favorite foods, especially if you have free access to them right there in your fridge. You better watch out, though, because sometimes things can get out of control.

Image courtesy of Foodieberrie/Instagram

That’s exactly what happened here! Mix teenagers with sleepwalking, and you’ll end up in some pretty weird situations, especially if you add food into the mix. Imagine loving blueberry yogurt so much you couldn’t stay away from it, even in your sleep. It must have been quite the dream!

Not As Funny As You Think

Imagine you’re in your bedroom, deeply asleep after a long day at work, when suddenly, you hear a kid laughing like a maniac beside your bed. Even if you did manage, in your groggy state, to remember you have children, it would still be a terrifying situation!

Image courtesy of Yatta104/Instagram

That’s probably how the above writer’s parents felt on this particular night. Not only did the kid wander into his parents’ bedroom and start to pour cereal on the floor, but he was also laughing out loud while he did it! Parenting is no joke.

Desperate Measures

Did you know sleeping is just as crucial to your body and brain as eating? It’s true! A person who has trouble falling asleep has a lower quality of life than someone who sleeps well every night. That’s why we don’t judge the person below.

Image courtesy of Jenny_nt/Instagram

Desperate times call for desperate measures, after all. Sleep deprivation is torture. We’d also ask for a knife to help with our sleeping issues if we were exhausted enough. However, this person was asleep the whole time this conversation happened!

Dangerous Adventure

When you’re a kid, everything is an adventure. This one, though, was super dangerous. This girl was only five years old when she sleepwalked outside her apartment and started knocking on strangers’ doors two floors up! The reason? She was looking for her way back home.

Image courtesy of Ricardo Ferrando/Shutterstock

Thankfully, an elderly couple brought her back home before anything terrible happened. If you’re a parent, ensure the front door is locked, and the key is out of your child’s reach before bed. You never know if they’re going to sleepwalk!

Philosophical Sleepwalker

Growing up, we can have some pretty deep questions about ourselves, who we are, want we want from life, and so on and so forth. Robyn here took it a step further. She also asked, “Where am I?” But not in the way you’re thinking!

Image courtesy of Krista_worth/Instagram

She was not lost or anything like that; she was actually at home having a sleepover. She ended up sleepwalking and, for some unexplainable reason, started looking for herself! Probably weird for those involved, but also philosophical in a way.

Food For Thought

When we’re deep asleep, our brains are usually pretty active doing random things. However, logic is not exactly something that applies during that time, especially if you sleepwalk or talk. This woman and her friend learned that the hard way.

Image courtesy of What_nicola_eats_88/Instagram

Food, in general, has to be refrigerated, so it’s only logical that the dog food has to go in the fridge as well, right? We’re pretty sure that was the thought process here. We just hope the friend appreciated the organized fridge in the end.

Chores, Chores, And More Chores

The human brain is a wonderful thing. Our ability to think deeply and creatively is what separates us from other animals, after all. With that said, it can be a bit perplexing, too, especially regarding our sleep. And we’re not talking about our dreams here.

Image courtesy of Mintymomentss/Instagram

In another fridge story, the person above discovered, most unusually, how much putting away their clothes meant to their brain. They went to sleep, but their brain couldn’t stop thinking about it. This could have been the perfect surprise in the morning if not for the fridge part.

Accidents Happen

There is a reason why your parents taught you to go potty before going to bed. It was to avoid certain stinky accidents when you’re sleeping. Apparently, not everyone learned this lesson, as the guy below can undoubtedly attest to.

Image courtesy of Master1305/Shutterstock

Sure, he was sleepwalking and ended up answering the call of nature somewhere he wasn’t supposed to, but if his tank were empty, none of that would’ve happened in the first place! We guarantee he won’t ever make that mistake again. Not consciously, anyway.

Is This A Disney Movie?

No matter how fun it is to imagine what your life would be like if you were a Disney princess, it isn’t possible to have singing animals or talking furniture in real life. Which is absolutely crushing and disappointing, to be honest. This next one sounds like a scene from Beauty And The Beast.

Image courtesy of Yoogi_and_friends/Instagram

This woman’s brain, though, had different ideas. It created its own world where the sewing machine was not only alive but also throwing up inside the closet! We would have loved to see the look on Mom’s face upon hearing about that.

Wrong Storage

For some reason, our imagination always decides to kick in at the worst possible moments. For example, imagine you’re at the doctor’s office, and then you start imagining some funny scenario. You can’t help but laugh and lead everyone to question your sanity!

Image courtesy of Jonathan Adato (Photographer)

As the story above shows, another scenario is when you’re asleep and decide it’s a great idea to put your clothes away. Except this person thought the toilet was the storage bin and tried to flush everything down the drain!

Faking It

It’s scary how good some people are at faking for those around them. Usually, people lie about how good their life is going or how happy they are, but sometimes they take it one step further, and it becomes dangerous!

Image courtesy of Michael_in_a_fod_coma/Instagram

The father here, for example, was so good at sleepwalking that no one noticed he was actually asleep when he went to pick up some Chinese food for dinner! How insane is that? Thankfully, instead of an accident, all that happened was he got annoyed thinking he didn’t get to eat.

Late For Work

Hyperrealistic dreams are only good if we’re having a good time in them; otherwise, their only purpose is to leave us stressed and distressed. It’s even worse when you pair realistic dreams with sleepwalking. That’s how the strangest sleepwalking stories come about.

Image courtesy of Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

Imagine being so stressed about getting to work on time that you even dream about it. Not only that, but you sleepwalk and run around your house shouting at an imaginary bus to wait for you. That should be a sign that it’s time for a vacation!

Make It Rain

We love the idea of good things simply falling from the sky onto our laps, no matter how unlikely it is to happen. Now, what if it did occur at some point, but instead of being a supernatural event, it was just a kid sleepwalking?

Image courtesy of ElenaR/Shutterstock

That’s exactly what happened here. For some reason, this kid knew where his parents kept the family savings, and one day while sleepwalking, he grabbed the money and threw it out of their window! We’re not sure we’d be as chill as his parents were in this situation.

Hold The Door

The things our brains make us do when we’re asleep can be pretty nuts. Maybe you talk nonsense in your sleep, perhaps you go dancing in the middle of the living room, or maybe you start preparing for the zombie apocalypse. You know, funny stuff.

Image courtesy of

That last one is exactly what this woman did. She got up in the middle of the night and started to barricade the bedroom door using her boyfriend’s furniture. He wasn’t amused when he woke up and saw her doing that, though. Hopefully, she didn’t make much of a mess.