Balloon Art: Meet The Artist Who Creates Amazing Balloon Animals

By Anthony K December 5, 2022

Balloons are simple multipurpose items you can use to redecorate or create a new design. Masayoshi Matsumoto uses balloons to recreate various animals he shares on his Instagram page, @isopresso_balloon.

Most people can create simple animal shapes using these balloons, like dogs or snails. However, Matsumoto takes the concept of balloon art to a whole new level. Instead of sticking to the good ole dog, he creates rare animals that we don’t see very often.

Below are some of the artist’s most notable creations.


The quokka is a micro pod mostly available in the size of your domestic cat and is a sole member of the genus setonix. They feed mostly on shrubs and grasses and can store fats in their tails.

Photo Credits: isopresso_balloon / instagram

Masayoshi Matsumoto uses balloons to create the perfect quokka in shape and size. You can include the unique piece on your coffee table or gift your kids the brown quokka on their birthday.

Red-Eyed Treefrog

The red-eyed tree frog is available in southern Mexico’s tropical lowlands. The nocturnal animals wander mostly at night but are unique night hunters with adapted eyes.

Photo Credits: isopresso_balloon / instagram

A startled red-eyed frog quickly pops their red eyes in defense to deter predators. The artist gifts the frog with enormous red eyes giving the balloon more life and meaning.

Black-Crowned Crane

Foreign and domestic tourists visit designated parts of Senegal and Gambia to interact with the black-crowned cranes. An in-person or online visit to eastern Africa may have inspired Masayoshi to recreate a version of the endangered black crown crane.

Photo Credits: isopresso_balloon / instagram

He uses the available tools to prepare a black-crowned crane making the bird stand out among similar feathers. It is best for locations like the tabletops, bedside, the car, or a special gift for your kids and lovers of black-crowned cranes.