A Group Of Cats Invade Istanbul, And It’s Just Incredibly Cute!

By Francis Tunwase

Cats make everything better. There’s an argument to be made that dogs are the more popular pets, but having a group of cats around you definitely brightens your day in a flash. But what if you could instead have an entire group of cats just lazing and relaxing around the city?

Source: @berdnika/Unsplash

Well, look no further than Istanbul. The capital city of Turkey has recently played home to a group of literal cool cats, and it’s safe to say that the entire country of Turkey – and even the world at large – should be grateful for this. 

Recently, a video shared on YouTube has made the rounds, showing a group of cats in different landmarks around Istanbul. The compilation vise, titled “A normal day in Istanbul,” shows different cats inserting themselves into regular, daily activities around the ancient city.

From a group of cats sitting on someone’s car as they try to get in – to a cat laying on the food aisle at a grocery store and another just laying casually at a restaurant, Istanbul is pretty much “Cat City” at this point. 

Source: @ezz7/Pexels

The video also shows a set of cats laying down on a set of jeans and towels being put on display at a boutique, as well as another one that stood on the checkout desk at a store. Need to make a payment for an item? Make a request from Mr. Furry before proceeding, please! 

All in all, it’s not a weird thing for you to find a cat in one or two locations around Istanbul. And, if you find these furry friends anywhere close to you, feel free to give them a pat.