A Couple Rescues A Kitten Whose Fur Starts To Change Color Miraculously

By Anthony K

It is no news when you hear someone rescue a kitten or a puppy. When was the last time you heard about a special kind of rescue? Today, we will discuss how a cute little kitty went from being a rescue to a magical fur-changing cutie to a social media sensation kitty.

Image courtesy of Bruce the cat/Facebook

In 2015, on a stormy, rainy day in Auckland, New Zealand, a good samaritan named Kathryn van Beek rescued a tiny kitten on the streets and took it under her arms. Kathryn decided to adopt the little creature, give it a home, raise her as her own, and name her Bruce.

When Kathryn found Bruce, he was on the verge of losing his life; he looked helpless, drenched, eyes closed, and he couldn’t even meow.

Before Kathryn could take him home, he ensured that the mom was gone and the kitty did not belong to anyone. Wouldn’t you want to take a baby away from its mother or owner, right? We can all agree that was a smart call on her side. After taking Bruce home, she knew that it would take a miracle to get him healthy would be an upheaval task.

Image courtesy of Bruce the cat/Facebook

As the saying goes, “Two heads are better than one.” With the help of her husband, Kathryn decided to have a 24 hour Bruce watch to ensure he was fed, warm, and healthy. Seeing Bruce grow was one of the most heartwarming and happiest moments of this generous couple, and little did they know that their gray kitten would grow to have patches and then completely turn black.

This magical fur turning interested a lot of people on social media, and Bruce, who already had a Facebook account, grew to be an even bigger celebrity having accounts on Instagram, Pinterest, and even Twitter.