4 Memes To Get You Cracking Up On A Monday

By Anthony K

Humor can vary from person to person; what’s hilarious for you may not be what tickles someone else. We are in an era where everyone is so sipped into social media, and even tragedies are now being turned into hilarious pictures or video clips. These pictures are what we usually refer to as memes.

Well, it’s safe to say that people today are determined to create the funniest content on their socials. Look at how silly people can get on platforms like TikTok! However, at the end of the day, not everything is viral. So let’s check some funny memes that have had quite an uproar on social media.

Let’s be honest: adulting can get hard, but who doesn’t enjoy a paycheck after all those early-morning or late-night shifts?

Photo Credits: Stacker

Complain about your job as you might; you probably feel the happiest whenever you’re about to get that paycheck. Payday is literally the day that every single employee is in their best mood.

Worried about how much is in your bank account, and you know you haven’t received any money in a while? Well, there’s not much to do if you think about it, but why just not play a mind trick on your brain?

Photo Credits : Let’s eat Cake

Out of sight, out of mind, right? Well, if you don’t check your bank app, you won’t feel like you’re broke!

Sometimes memes can get really dark, and that is where the fun begins!

Let’s be real: dark humor is not for everyone, though. People are different and understand content differently. Now, just think about that parent who is always trying to run away from child support.

Photo Credits: Cheezburger.com

Well, you can’t actually throw your kid away, but it would be great if you could, right? We’re just kidding, of course. Kids aren’t mistakes, so don’t take this meme to heart!

People will always find something to make fun of. Somebody put this sticker on their car, and guess what the internet did? It made a meme out of it. Hilarious!

Photo Credits: zipperelli / Reddit

Life is pretty hard for most of us, so maybe the owner of this car is part of the 1% who are incredibly happy and absolutely love living.